Surah Yaseen is distinguished by the characteristics of the Meccan surahs; In its content, it focuses on the belief and belief in both Heaven and Hell, and what precedes them of resurrection, recompense, and reckoning.

As It is considered one of the surahs that showed the greatness of the eloquence of the Noble Qur’an. To begin with torn letters, Allah Almighty challenged the polytheists with them to come up with a like of it, even if one verse.

Yaseen surah is also linked to the previous chapters. It is complemented by the two surahs Fatir and Saba; Surat Sheba dealt with the general and comprehensive form of the believer’s commitment.

To the assignment based on thanking Allah – the Highest – then came Surat Fatir, clarifying the manner and the beginning on which this assignment depends.

Surah yaseen equran talked about many important topics, and we will mention some of these topics as follows:

  • It talked about the source of the revelation of the Noble Qur’an and proved the belief that the message is from Allah – the Highest – alone.
  • The verses described the condition of many of those who lied and were exposed when they received the message of truth and religion.
  • The surah clarifies the reward of the one who believes in the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – and mentions his position in the Hereafter.
  • The verses clarified the consequences of the unbelievers and those who went astray from the message of truth and religion.
  • The surah mentioned the manifestations of the power of Allah- the Highest -; And that is because of his ability – the Almighty.

To revive the dead earth, Allah mentioned the phenomenon of the succession of night and day and the movement of the planets.

  • The surah told the story of the deniers of the people of Noah who worshiped idols other than Allah – the Highest -; And the verses indicated that Allah- the Highest.

Sent them Noah – peace be upon him – to call them to monotheism, But they disbelieved and lied, and only a few people believed him.

  • The verses remind the believer of the obligation to thank Allah Almighty for his great blessings.
  • The verses warned against the following polytheism and mocked the prophets.
  • The verses emphasized reminding the believer of his enemy that he is trying to mislead, namely Satan.
  • The surah denied all the bad words that were issued by the liars against the Holy Qur’an.
  • The surah emphasized an important ideological issue, which is the inevitability of resurrection and resurrection.

what juz is surah yaseen in?

Surh yaseen is located between the twenty-second and twenty-third parts.

what is surah yaseen good for?

The scholars unanimously agreed that  sura yaseen is like any other Surah in the Holy Qur’an, and the virtue of reciting it is the virtue of reciting the Qur’an in general, such as raising degrees and expiating sins, band among the spiritual benefits of sura yaseen are the following:

  • When reciting the surah, one feels psychological and mental comfort, and when reciting the surah, one must have a pure intention of repentance to Allah.
  • Sura yaseen has great merit, for whoever recites it in the evening and in the morning, Allah will forgive him for his past and future sins.
  • Recite the surah to the deceased, in order to ease the throes of death for him.
  • This surah was called the heart of the Qur’an, so the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said:

(إِنَّ لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قلبًا وقلب القرآن يس)

what is the meaning of surah yaseen?

Surah yaseen is a great Surah, because of the important topics that were mentioned in it that talk about monotheism and belief in the Resurrection.

In order to clarify the purpose of the secrets of this noble Surah, we must know the meaning of the Surah and the Tafseer of its verses:

Tafseer of verses from 1 to 32:

Allah Almighty describes the Noble Qur’an as being perfect, that no falsehood will come to it, and that Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Is one of the messengers to all people, and he is on a straight path and religion revealed by Allah Almighty, and his message includes; 

Warning people and warning them of the negligence that people had before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Tafseer of verses 33 to 73:

These verses are divided into two parts:

1- Reminding the blessings of Allah Almighty, such as reviving the earth after its death by raining down on it and bringing out all kinds of plants from it.

And among Allah’s blessings also created the night and the day and made them alternate, for the night removes from it the light of the day and replaces it with darkness, and Allah also removes this darkness and the sun rises.

2- Fear of doomsday

Allah the Highest tells about the infidels and about their exclusion and denial of the Day of Resurrection, so Allah – the Highest.

Will reply to them that the first puff will take them heedlessly while they are quarreling in worldly matters, so they cannot recommend it because of the hour when it will not allow them to do anything.

Tafseer of verses from 74 to the end of the surah:

Allah – the Highest – commands His Prophet Muhammad to address the polytheists and tell him who said to him: Who revives bones when they are restored? 

The one who revives it is the one who created it and created it for the first time. And Allah – the Highest – is the only One who knows best about His creation, for He is the life-giving and the mortal.

when to read surah Yaseen?

You can read surah Yaseen at any time, but the best time to recite surah Yaseen is the last third of the night.

when was surah yaseen revealed?

surah yaseen was revealed after Surah Al-Jinn.

why is surah yaseen so important?

There are many features and characteristics that came from reading yaseen surah, in addition to a group of secrets that made it one of the distinctive images in the Holy Qur’an, as this was shown through its effective impact on a person after reading it.

This was also proven by many hadiths of the Prophet that were received about the use of sura yaseen and its impact on humans.

In addition to the related topics mentioned in sura yaseen that illustrate scenes from the Day of Resurrection and the miracles that occurred in the universe, and the creation of the heavens and the earth.

So we will get acquainted with the characteristics of surh yaseen that made it so important:

  • surh yaseen is one of the Surahs that can be read for repentance, provided that the Muslim’s intention is pure and sincere to repent when he begins to read the verses of surh yaseen so that Allah Almighty accepts it.
  • surah yaseen has a psychological impact on its reader because it gives him a feeling of psychological and mental comfort and reassurance within the soul of a Muslim.
  • surah yaseen can be read when exposed to one of the crises and problems that make Muslims feel a lot of psychological pressure and extreme distress.
  • Allah Almighty has given its reader a great reward, in the event that he adheres to it in the morning and in the evening, when he will be forgiven for his past and future sins.
  • surah yaseen can be read with the aim of sustenance, blessing, and bringing good things.

what are the benefits of reading surah yaseen?

Yaseen surah is one of the surahs that contain many benefits when you read it, such as the following:

  • The surah works to break the knot of the tongue, not to fear or dread in the hearts, not to be afraid of autism.
  • Reading yaseen surah helps in getting close to obeying Allah Almighty.
  • Yaseen surah works to comfort people with madness or disorder and to solve psychological problems.
  • Yaseen surah helps to have goodness in the house.
  • When recited surah yaseen relieves anguish, peace of mind, and a sense of security and tranquility in the heart.


 surah yaseen has dealt with many topics, which it was mentioned the evidence of the oneness of Allah Almighty, and also the belief in the resurrection and the resurrection.

Moreover, surh yaseen dealt with a detailed hadith about the story of the people of the village, and sura yaseen is called the heart of the Qur’an, and the Prophet, peace be upon him, recommended reading it.

in addition to Many of the values ​​learned from yaseen surah, which we mentioned in detail within the paragraphs of our article.

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