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Best Online Arabic Course

The Arabic Language is essential for all Muslims to read & recite the Holy Quran correctly. Additionally, as a Muslim, you’ll be able to understand Islam better if you read the Qurān and understand its teachings rightfully, and the best way to do so is to read it in its original language.

Under the guidance of highly experienced and qualified Arabic teachers, Quran Spirit has designed a unique course that is undoubtedly the best one to learn the Arabic language online through one-to-one live sessions. It caters to all non-Arab Muslims to be able to read Quran accurately. You will learn how to identify and articulate the letters of the Arabic language and how to read complete Arabic words and sentences.

Qualified Arab Tutors To teach Online Arabi Course 

We are pleased to announce that the tutors who are keen to teach Arabic are highly qualified with the following qualities and distinct traits.

  • They have Ijazah Degree to teach Arabic.
  • They graduated from Al-Azhar University.
  • They are fluent in English and excellently communicate with Students from the West.
  • They are well aware of the latest tech-based teaching tools and ways. They creatively use them for Arabic classes.
  • They have excellent Arabic accents because they are natives and are speaking since childhood.
  • They have years of experience in teaching the Arabic language online with new and trending techniques

Our Variety of Online Arabic Courses

We have various online Arabic language lessons and courses that suit different ages, genders, and needs:

Classical Arabic

The language of the Quran and periods of The Umayyad and Abbasi Caliphs (7th to 9th centuries). You will need to take this course if you like to read books written in this ancient period.

Modern Standard Arabic

It is the literary standard across the Middle East and North Africa. Also, it is the Arabic language used in most printed books, newspapers, and official documents. Nowadays you need to learn this form of Arabic if you want to communicate with Arabs.

Business Arabic

This is the Arabic language form used in business communication and inside companies. It is used to write emails and other types of business dealings. It helps you to work in companies in the Middle is the most formal type of Arabic.

Learning goals of the Arabic Language Course

The syllabus is scheduled according to the following goals that are meant to be accomplished through activities and different interesting and engaging strategies. Small milestones are set to achieve these goals in the decided time.

  • To recognize, read, and pronounce Arabic words perfectly.
  • To identify how Arabic letters look in their various forms.
  • To read Arabic literature fluently in its naturally connected form.
  • Reading independent letters in the Quran smoothly.
  • Kindslent letters and their usage accurately.
  • To understand the difference between printings of the Quran.
  • Reading the Mushaf of Medina by analyzing the difference from other Mushafs.
  • To communicate in Arabic confidently.
  • To Learn Arabic grammar rules and keep them in consideration while communicating.

Features That Make Arabic Classes Exceptional

24/7 reachability

We offer services all the time 24/7 with a team of qualified and certified instructors who will conduct the classes round the clock. You can schedule your classes even on weekends with a double class service. 

Personalized Arabic Plan

You can enjoy a personalized Arabic curriculum plan if you want to understand and learn only a specific type of Arabic from our courses. Our tutors will assess your knowledge, ability, and capacity first, and then they will design a plan for you according to your wish. Your customized plan will be structured in a way that looks like a whole course in itself.

Structured Learning Classes

Once you have decided which Arabic level and form you want to learn, the plan you will get will be organized and structured. It will start with easy lessons and take you on a step-by-step method. Your classes will be pre-marked and the syllabus will be divided according to your classes per week. All the evaluations and tests will be planned.

Tests and Rewards 

We analyze and examine our students now and then with our scheduled tests every month. All the toppers and good performers will be rewarded with cash prizes or certificates of improvement. These tests are meant to help students revise their lessons and perform exceptionally.

Evaluation and Reporting 

Not only do we evaluate students after tests but also after every lesson. Teachers ask frequent questions to check their understanding. A report is generated after a week that sheds a light on the weaker areas and tips are also given on how to improve.

Arabic Learning Certificate 

After the course ends, the grand test is held that covers all the topics in detail. On passing the exam, the students will be certified with a certificate that is signed by the authorities. You can even join as a teacher if you are certified by us.

What will You Learn?

In all these programs You will learn the basics of conversing in Arabic through different lessons that contain workplace and real-life situations, such as meeting people, family, living, weather, body, health, etc.

By the end of the courses, you will have a hold over major topics of any discussion. You will be able to make sensible conversations with fellows and be able to understand the wordings of the Quran as well.

Moreover, you will be qualified to communicate with the Arab communities in your country, visit different Arab countries, learn about the Arabic and Islamic cultures, and increase your opportunities for a better career in today’s world. So, get yourself registered in the online Arabic language course and start communicating in Arabic.


Learning Arabic is super easy as it is the most common easiest language with the alphabets that are known to many other natives like Urdu and Persian. Through our easy techniques, activities, and revisions, you can get a hold of this beautiful language. Grab a free trial class to see how our program works and how our professional tutors make the lessons easy, engaging, and understandable.



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