standard modern arabic is a simplification of the classical Arabic language and at the same time, it’s an elevation of the different Arabic colloquial languages.

Classical Arabic language is the source of modern standard Arabic and is the language used in Quran, and modern standard Arabic is currently used in formal occasions like conferences, lectures, curricula, and Arabic media platforms.

Now, we will get deeper into the beauty of the Arabic language, that the modern standard Arabic is the branches and the classical Arabic language is the original and permanent roots of them.

is modern standard Arabic useful?

standard modern Arabic is the formal language for countries talking in Arabic.

modern standard Arabic importance

1-it’s the simplified form of the classical Arabic language, this helps in spreading the standard Arabic and leaving the colloquial.

2-the standard modern Arabic has a complete linguistic structure with its particular pillars of grammar and other language sciences, but in a modern way to match the requirements of the present and future.

3-It removes the barriers between the Arabs due to the multiplicity of dialects, as it is a simple and understandable Arabic language in all countries.

4-A flexible version of the Arabic language, where it can be combined with different dialects, and this happens when translating from other languages, as the receiving dialects of those translations are taken into account, which achieves more privacy.

5-standard modern Arabic will make you understand Arabic news, documentary media programs,   announcements in public places and transports, literature, and educational courses.

6-for non-Arabic speakers learning the classical Arabic language is not enough to communicate with Arabs, they will have to learn the dialects also to understand the Arabs in the country that they live in.

And also learning dialects only won’t be enough for those who come in for studying or research purposes, but standard modern Arabic is the connecting link between both communication and studying purposes.

7-it could be a foundation step to learn different dialects if you want more communication skills in Arabic countries.

how to learn modern standard arabic?

Learning standard modern Arabic is a step on the way of learning and research in many fields aligned with Arabic countries and cultures, so searching for a way to learn it is very important, and now we will mention some of them:

Free modern standard Arabic lessons online

The advantages of this way are that it’s free and easy to learn

modern standard Arabic lessons applications

There are free and also with fees, according to your ability, also it will facilitate learning Arabic from your country.

modern standard Arabic scholarships

This scholarship provides learning in Arabic countries, the advantage of this scholarship:

 giving coverage that differs from one scholar to another.

  • It gives you chance to learn modern standard Arabic lessons from its source.
  • Exposing to different Arabic countries and cultures.

The disadvantage of it is that you will have to leave your country.

how long does it take to learn modern standard Arabic?

The actual time that you will take to learn Arabic and be fluent in depends on some factors and they are:

1-the previous language that you have, Turkish, Persian, and Urdu will make it easier for you to learn.

2-you will learn online or move to an Arabic country, this is because the more that you are exposed to Arabic in your life, the easier and faster you learn. 

3-the strength of the stimulus, and how far your passion.

4-your time management, and the seriousness of learning.

how do you say welcome in modern standard Arabic?

Saying welcome in standard modern arabic has more than one form:

1-for Muslims when you enter a place or meet someone the welcome way is “al salmu alaikom” السلامُ عليكم

2-Marhaban bek مرحباً بك

3-Ahlan wa sahlan أهلًا و سهلًا

what countries speak modern standard arabic?

The Arabic language is the fourth widespread language, in the form of modern standard arabic we can’t say about standard modern Arabic a language because it’s derived from the classical standard language.

The speaker of Arabic speakers around the world about 6.6% from the whole number of the world population.

All the members of the Arab League have talked the Arabic language and use the Arabic language as the primary language they are twenty-two countries:

Algeria and the Berber language





Iraq and the Kurdish language






 Morocco and the Berber language


Palestinian Authority


Saudi Arabia

Somalia besides the Somalian language




United Arab Emirates 


how does modern standard Arabic differ from Arabic dialects?

The Arabic language is a rich and complicated language, as we said before the are Arabic can be divided into three types:

1-The classical standard language

2-modern standard Arabic

3-Arabic dialects

So according to this, there is a difference between modern standard Arabic and Arabic dialects, and firstly we will talk about the Arabic dialects, and modern standard Arabic separately.

Arabic dialects

Dialects are a particular form of language related to a particular group of people, not only between countries but also you could find differences between cities and regions in the same country.

Here, it’s the verbal language that is used between community members to communicate, it’s not the form of language that is used in studying or politics, but it’s essential to learn and use if you want close communication with a particular community.

The reason for difference between the Arabic dialects is because of two reasons:

1- the first one is Isolation and boundaries that make each group of people has special characteristics that differ from others, the isolation may be because of natural factors, for example; those who live in the desert are far away from those who live beside the sea.

2-the second reason is due to imperialism, that the different Arabic countries suffered from, like Algeria, suffered from french colonialism, you could differentiate the Algerian dialects by the effect of the french language in it.

So, learning dialects is very important for communication and also for recognizing the different factors that different countries faced.

standard modern Arabic

As we explained before it’s the modern version of the classical Arabic word to be aligned with the world changes, modern standard Arabic alphabet is the same as the classical Arabic, but there are other differences like the acceptance of the modern standard Arabic the foreign punctuation, and symbols.

So finally the difference between modern Arabic and the dialects, is that the modern standard arabic is the form that is used in formal ceremonies, learning, and research, but the dialects are the verbal communication form of the Arabic language.


modern standard Arabic is the Arabic language in the modern form, the classical one is mainly used in the Quran and Islamic sciences, but the modern standard Arabic is used in politics, media, news, lectures, and others.

modern standard Arabic differs from the classical language to match the changes of the present world, 

It helps to raise the language of the communities and decrease the effect of the colloquial because it’s easier and more flexible.