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Learning the history of Islam, the 3rd biggest religion in the world is crucial for believers to connect them with their origin and foundation. Being a Muslim, it is our first and foremost obligation to study Islamic history, even when we are more focused on the problems of the present and the challenges of the future.

There are several things we can learn from history that can help us in the postmodern period of multiple societies and nation-states. In addition to discussing the origins of Islam, the crucial topic of human creation and the birth of Prophet Adam (P.B.U.H) are also covered in our course on Islamic history. The descent of Adam (P.B.U.H.) upon Earth is described in it. This course explores the lives of well-known prophets before concluding with a detailed biography of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

 Lets enroll at Quran Spirit best online Islamic history course that is designed to cater to not only adults but kids through its skillfully crafted syllabus that is made age-appropriate. The tutors of this course are adept at studying and examining history in great detail. They will make the lessons very engaging and will not let the students get bored.

Learning Objectives Of the Islamic History Course 

We have some objectives to meet before the course duration ends. We make sure to uptick all the learning outcomes so that what is intended is delivered accurately and fully. 

  • To make students understand the advent and the spread of Islam over the years
  • To make the civilization easily understandable through discussion of societies and their norms.
  • To differentiate between the period of Islamic invasions, popularity, identity, and civilization.
  • To consider the significant occasions that helped define early Islamic history.
  • To Learn about the many empires and how they moved, developed, and changed into several caliphates up to the Ottoman era.
  • To Examine the political and social interactions, as well as the cultural exchanges between Muslims and other cultures.
  • To Learn from the diverse responses and strategies used by early Muslims to counter growing European dominance.

Structured And Personalized Plans

We provide you with an opportunity to get a customised plan of the topics or time-period you want to study in detail. Your personalized plan will be articulated by the instructor after getting to know your interest and your knowledge about the subject.

The course syllabus is structured in a way that covers all the main topics that are mandatory to be learned in this course. Nothing is left to be considered. The main points ket in notice while organizing this program are:

  • The length of the course.
  • The time of the lesson.
  • The division of the topics into levels.
  • The major and minor milestones to achieve every day, week, and month.
  • The reports and testing required for this course every week.
  • The revision of the topics that hold more details.

Why Learning History Is Important?

Our legacy and identity are fundamentally based on our Islamic history. The absence of this subject in education is analogous to the absence of the skeleton in a body. Students who learn Islamic history are better able to comprehend the numerous ways that Islam has been incorporated into society and culture, as well as how it has changed over time. Therefore, it holds utmost importance and should be introduced to kids at an early age so they grow up learning the correct thing.

Understanding Muslim beliefs in various contexts, how Islam impacted not only the Middle East but also Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world, and how Islam is just as complex as other religions can potentially open the door for a deeper understanding of people and their beliefs


Amazing Features Of islamic history This Course

Qualified Egyptian tutors 

We have taken on board the best teachers who have studied and worked on researching Islamic History. They are qualified enough to teach you and answer your queries no matter what. They have degrees in the relevant subject and have learned history with passion. Our tutors are fluent in English and can teach students from the West very well. You will not face any language barrier while learning history from them.

Well-planned lessons with multimedia projection

All the lessons are very well-planned and pre-thought before the lesson is delivered online. Our teachers brainstorm as many points regarding the topic as they could and teach from different perspectives to make the topic easily graspable. They also use technology to show animations, maps, infographics, documentaries, and slides to the students. Such multimedia projection makes the class really effective and engaging.

Affordable pricing and discounts

You can take this course or get it personalised by reducing or increasing the number of classes, we have a very economical fee structure that will meet your pocket easily and you will learn many things in a budget-friendly way. We offer discounts for the family where parents and siblings enrol together to learn Islamic History. 

What do we offer you in Islamic History Course?

This in-depth Islam history course will cover the following topics:

  • the growth of Islam
  • the Umayyad dynasty
  • the Abbasid empire, and successor states
  • the emergence of classical Islamic societies and material culture including architecture, the arts, and literature
  • the Crusades and Mongol invasions and Muslim societies’ responses, trade and exchange in the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans
  • The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires.
  • the social and cultural customs of the medieval Middle East in addition to presenting the major political events in chronological sequence, from the sixth century until the Ottoman invasion of the Middle East at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The course provides a basis for understanding modern Muslim cultures and global Islam by giving a comprehensive study of Mediaeval Islamic history. We use the best book of Islamic history to provide our academic content.


Islam’s foundation is found in Islamic history. Despite our concerns for the present and the future, we cannot choose to ignore the past. Balance is the key to success in life. Our Muslim identity is based on Islamic history, which unites Muslims. Muslim culture has had its fair share of boom and decline because Islam has been around for well over 1500 years. These incidents are all documented in history and are used to inform and structure the current generation. Therefore, knowing everything related to Islamic History is extremely important so enrol today and book a free trial class for yourselves and your kids.



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