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You are invited to enroll in our Islamic history courses online. The reason why we should study Islamic history is now under doubt. He frequently disregards the value of learning about Islamic history. Being a Muslim, it is our first and foremost obligation to study Islamic history, even when we are more focused on the problems of the present and the challenges of the future.

As Muslims, our legacy and identity are fundamentally based on our Islamic history. The absence of history Islam in education is analogous to the absence of the skeleton in a body. Students who learn Islamic history are better able to comprehend the numerous ways that Islam has been incorporated into society and culture, as well as how it has changed over time and under varied climatic conditions. 

The sciences developed via historical context, and the golden age emerged. Different civilizations reacted to this differently and used it in a variety of intriguing ways. There are several things we can learn from history that can help us in the postmodern period of multiple societies and nation-states.

In addition to discussing the origins of Islam, the crucial topic of human creation and the birth of Prophet Adam (P.B.U.H) are also covered in our course on Islamic history. The descent of Adam (P.B.U.H.) upon Earth is described in it. This course explores the lives of well-known prophets before concluding with a detailed biography of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Kids are permitted to know relatively little about Islam in Western countries. As a result, both Muslims and non-Muslims miss the opportunity to learn about one of the greatest civilizations in human history. Additionally, Muslims themselves know very little about their religion and the well-known figures that are associated with it.

Students who take our Islamic history course will better grasp how Islam developed and spread. It provides answers to some of the most fundamental inquiries that young children could have.



There were 50 nations with a majority of Muslims in 2010, and Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group, according to the Pew Research Center. The Muslim population is making a positive impact on the global economy, financial markets, and medical fields. So taking the history of Islam course is very important. Understanding Muslim beliefs in various contexts, how Islam impacted not only the Middle East but also Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world, and how Islam is just as complex as other religions can potentially open the door to cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation as well as serve to provide a deeper understanding of a people and their beliefs. Judeo-Christian traditions have historically driven social and economic principles in many conventional first-world countries, but Islam and the Islamic world are becoming increasingly powerful movers in their own right.

What do we offer you in Islamic History Course?

This in-depth Islam history course on the Islamic Golden Age is being offered and will cover the growth of Islam, the Umayyad dynasty, the Abbasid empire, and successor states, the emergence of classical Islamic societies and material culture including architecture, the arts, and literature, the Crusades and Mongol invasions and Muslim societies’ responses, trade and exchange in the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans, the Ottoman/Safavid/Mughal empires.

The course will examine the social and cultural customs of the medieval Middle East in addition to presenting the major political events in chronological sequence, from the sixth century until the Ottoman invasion of the Middle East at the beginning of the sixteenth century.

The course provides a basis for understanding modern Muslim cultures and global Islam by giving a comprehensive study of Mediaeval Islamic history. We use the best book of Islamic history to provide our academic content.



When this Islamic history online course is finished, students can:

  • Consider the significant occasions that helped define early Islamic history.
  • Learn about the many empires and how they moved, developed, and changed into several caliphates up to the Ottoman era.
  • Examine the political and social interactions, as well as the cultural exchanges between Muslims and other cultures.
  • Learn from the diverse responses and strategies used by early Muslims to counter growing European dominance.


Islam’s foundation is found in Islamic history. Despite our concerns for the present and the future, we cannot choose to ignore the past. Balance is the key to success in life. Our Muslim identity is based on Islamic history, which unites Muslims. Muslim culture has had its fair share of boom and decline because Islam has been around for well over 1500 years. These incidents are all documented in history and are used to inform and structure the current generation. Therefore, knowing everything related to Islamic History is extremely important, and this is what you will actually find when booking this course with us, and as a result, you must hurry now to book.



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