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Best Online HIfz Classes For Beginners

Starting a journey toward Quran learning might be a bit hard for beginners but not impossible. There is no age- limit to start learning and connecting to the book of Allah. The sooner you start, the better you learn. Beginners who are confused to choose where to start have landed on the correct page.

We at Quran Spirit have a very special course on the Quran for beginners where they can learn how to read, recite and start memorizing the Quran smoothly and easily. Our teachers are qualified enough to guide you through and make your journey exciting. We have selected the world-famous book Noorani Qaida to start teaching beginners from the foundation line.

Learning Objectives of Beginners Course 

For all the Online Quran classes, designed for beginners, we have clear and practical objectives that are supposed to be achieved in the course time.

  • Making Quran reading super easy for beginners through a detailed explanation of the basics of the Arabic language.
  • Helping them practice the letters more than usual to get habitual of the new accent.
  • Developing a routine to revise the pronunciation of each letter to get them accurate 
  • Learning to join and read letters without getting stuck.
  • Learning and applying basic Quran reading rules 
  • Practicing joining words and making sentences easily.
  • Revising the rules and applying them to Quran directly.
  • Getting to know Noorani Qaida at your fingertips.

Levels of Quran Lessons 

Noorani Qaida is split into 3 levels to help beginners learn each rule easily, with more practice and focus.

Level 1:  Step up to learn letters 

The first stage is to step into the language and learn the basic letters of Arabic with their exact articulation points. At this level, the beginners will get into the routine of learning and understanding Arabic with back-to-back practice. We will use 3D animations, audio, and practical demonstrations of the pronunciations to clarify the letters.

Level 2:  Practice the joining and other rules 

After Clearing level one with good grades and accurate articulation, this level will teach you how to join letters with the Tajweed rules of 

  • Fatha 
  • Damma 
  • Kasra 
  • Double movements 
  • Elongated movements 
  • Stressed and echoed letter

Level 3: Advance to learn more complex rules 

After passing the tests of level 2, the students will start this last level where they will learn all the advanced rules with practice on direct Quran reading. This level will end up on a grand exam that includes all the rules of Noorani Qaida. 

Who Will Conduct this Course?

This course will be conducted by our certified and qualified tutors who are native Arabs and fluent in Urdu, English, and Persian. They are trained to teach kids and grown-ups, especially beginners. Their experience in online teaching is high. They have maintained good feedback from their students and their student satisfaction rate is high. so get Quran classes for kids under the supervision of quailed native Arab Quran tutors. 

Personalized and Organised Curriculum For Starters 

Quran Spirit is adept at providing a highly-personalized and organized curriculum where students will get a roadmap of how these classes will go on and when they will finish the course.

The details of the course will be mentioned in the curriculum breakup. You can choose the topics you want to start with, and a customized plan will be prepared for you.

You will be assessed for your prior knowledge before the plan is made for you. It will be designed according to your learning ability, tendency, and level of learning.


Features of Quran Classes Beginners

Full-time Availability 

You can access your classes anytime 24/7 and reschedule the lessons if missed due to any reason. Our teachers and supporting teachers are always there to conduct classes.

Interactive & Technology Supported lessons 

We believe in evolving with the advancing world which is why we have designed all the classes with the support of technology. All the lessons are interactive and beginners are motivated to love what they are learning. Activities are all tech-based.

Free printable worksheets 

For all the lessons and activities you are not asked to pay for the worksheets. We provide free printable worksheets that you can download with ease and use or download again when needed.

Reports and Analysis 

Quran Spirit presents a report of progress every 2 weeks to help students track their progress and work on the problem areas. The report card has improvement tips too. 

Tests after every level 

You will be evaluated now and then and the grand tests will be held after each level of the beginners’ course. The tests are meant to bring improvement in the learning process and motivate students to work more passionately.

Quran certificates 

At the end of the beginner’s course, the students will be certified. We are credible in this regard and present a credential for even a single level you have passed here.

Final thought 

Motivation, passion, and correct direction are what beginners need to start learning Quran and we are here to help you to choose the correct platform and start learn to read Quran online from the very basics. Join our free trial and get started with a plan of your choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Do you offer weekend classes also for beginners?

Yes, you can schedule your classes 7 days a week. Our teachers have no issues conducting classes even on weekends.

2- How long does it take for beginners to learn Quran reading?

It depends on your abilities and the personalized plan you have chosen for yourself. The more you get engaged, the better you learn. The number of classes per week can determine the exact time of your Quran reading course.

3- Is it easy to Learn Quran?

Yes, Allah has chosen the easiest communication language that is ancient and we all can learn it to understand the Quran. Spare some time every day for Quran reading to become a pro.

4- Do you offer a female tutor option?

Yeah, sisters out there can hire a female tutor for their Quran lessons. We have a large number of female Qualified tutors to teach Quran online.



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