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Sunni Online Quran Classes

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Learning Quran from a reliable platform is a blessing as many forums are misleading our youth regarding sects in Islam.

Sunnism is the most commonly practiced belief of Muslims that is adopted by the leading Amams. To differentiate between Shia Muslims teachings,  we at Quran Spirit welcome you to join our Sunni Online Quran classes that give you a new vision to focus on. Life with and without the Quran will prove to be very different.

Our Sunni Quran scholars are on board to lead and assist you. They will guide you from the beginning and make you a pro with relevant Quran teaching.

Best Sunni Quran Classes For All

We claim to be the best because of the way we deal with these classes. Our main focus is on Tarbiyah through Quran teaching. All the Quran categories such as; reading, reciting, comprehending, and memorizing is dealt with separately through various courses. These courses are articulated to cater to all Muslims, male and female, belonging to any walk of life.

The revision sessions at Quran Spirit are very detailed and we let all students revise and review whatever they have already learned. Audio of Sunni Qaris is played every day to let students imitate the voice of Arab-originated Qaris to excel in their voices.

Learning Objectives of Our Quran Lessons

Until the objective of each lesson is attained, we do not prefer moving on to a new topic. Our strategic teaching helps us achieve all objectives in time.

  • Helping understand and learn the Arabic language to read Quran fluently.
  • Developing a routine of revising rules of the Arabic language daily to get a strong grip over pronunciation.
  • Reading and reciting Quran with Tajweed to avoid and be conscious of mistakes.
  • Focusing on Tajweed rules even in salah and Azkar to get habitual.
  • Memorizing Quran with a proper understanding of verses according to Sunni Explanations
  • Revising hifz portions daily with a tutor to retain it forever.

Lessons We Cover In Sunni Quran Classes

We offer several courses on Quran in which we cover all the relevant content required to comprehend it.

Quran Reading Course

This course is basically for beginners who learn Noorani Qaida online to read Quran properly. This course aims to make students learn the basics of the Arabic language.

Quran Recitation Course

Once you are done with the reading course, you can enroll in our recitation program where you will learn how to beautify your voice according to the 10 authentic recitations. 

Quran Tajweed Classes

Learn the proper way of reading the Quran through our online tajweed course. You will learn all the rules that are necessary to apply to avoid any dire mistakes.

Quran Tafsir Program

This is a unique course for Sunni Muslims who want to understand and comprehend the words of Allah through the authentic tafsir done by Sunni scholars.

Quran Ijazah Course

Excel in your reading, recitation, and memorization to get the degree of ijazah that allows you to teach others and pass the knowledge that refers back to Prophet Muhammad SAWW.


Amazing Features Of The Online Sunni Quran Sessions

Interactive Sessions

Our Sunni Quran classes are very interactive as we have chosen this mode of teaching instead of didactic teaching where students are just all ears to listen only. Our students participate in discussions and learn in a healthy and motivational environment.

Question Answer/analysis Approach

Ask away whatever bothers you. We facilitate students to clear up their minds if they are confused about any topic regarding Sunnism. Quality learning only harnesses when students and teachers are on the same page. There should be no hesitation while learning Quran.

Tracking Progress

You can track your reading, recitation, and hifz progress through a daily, weekly, and monthly tracker. We generate a report card to keep you updated about your current understanding and grades. It will help you focus on the weak areas, and allocate extra time if required.

Open for All

Everyone can join our Sunni Quran Classes. Whether kids, adults, males, females, working people, job holders, teachers, or any other specification.

Tests and Assessments

All the Quran courses have a proper testing system. You will be assessed weekly, monthly, and annually (in long courses). These tests are preplanned when you reach the milestone already set in your planner. If you pass, you move on. If not, you repeat some of the lessons to get a clear understanding and then tested again.

One-On-One Talks with the Scholars

Other than the group classes, you can schedule your one-on-one class with the teacher also. Talk to them about the hurdles you have, or ask any question regarding Quran that you don’t have the answer to. 

Certification for Each course

You will get a certificate for the courses you will enroll in. Whether you learn a single surah or the whole Quran. Whether you learn some Tajweed rules or all, you will be certified for your time and dedication.

Qualified and Experienced Sunni Teachers

The tutors we have hired for Online Quran classes for adults are:

  • Native Arabs
  • Sunni Muslims 
  • Clear about their belief and knowledge 
  • Speak English, Urdu, and Arabic
  • Ijazah certified
  • Experienced in teaching online
  • Huffaz
  • Graduated from Al-Azhar University
  • Aware of the latest technology used in teaching
  • Soft-spoken and empathetic
  • Creative and innovative

Both male and female Sunni teachers are very well qualified and trained.

Final Thought

You can learn Quran under the guidance of Sunni Arabic teachers which was impossible in in-person classes. Get benefits from this opportunity and register for a test class with any male or female tutor. Check their profiles and let us know whom you would like to choose. Start your lessons right away without delay.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Who can join Sunni Quran classes?

Everyone can join these classes regardless of age and gender. You can even customize your plan according to your convenience.

2- What does the Quran say about learning?

The very first revelation of the Quran was the work ‘Read/Iqra’. The Quran and Sunnah have laid great emphasis on learning. It is important for moral cleansing and finding the right path.

3- How Can a Beginner Learn the Quran?

Beginners can learn Quran by:

  • Hiring A Tutor 
  • Starting The Arabic Basics 
  • Getting A Proper Schedule 
  • Revising The Lesson Daily 

4- What are the virtues of learning and teaching the Quran?

Many authentic Hadiths shed light on the virtues of learning and teaching the Quran. Prophet Muhammad SAWW,

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it” (al-Bukhari).

5- What does Allah say about learning the Quran?

Allah loves those who strive to learn Quran. The one who stutters will get double the reward. 



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