Quran Spirit is a dedicated online learning platform to help Non-Arabic speaking from all over the world to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies through one-to-one online classes by native certified Arab male teachers & female teachers.

Quran Spirit was founded in 2011. We believe in the mission of Islam as a religion for the whole world. We are always looking for ways to help spread the mission of Islam across different countries, especially among those who do not speak the Arabic language. Hence, Quran Spirit Institute was born.

During the last 9 years, Quran Spirit’s teachers taught hundreds of students through thousands of hours how to recite Quran and how to speak Arabic. These students are males, females, kids, and grown-ups.

Our Tutors have experience in teaching Quran, Arabic, and various Islamic Studies. We have created unique techniques in teaching which motivate the kids and make it interesting for them to learn Quran online with professional tutors in the comfort of their own homes.

Moreover, Quran Spirit tutors are not only studied and graduated from Al-Azhar University, but they are also actively teaching online from Egypt. So, you guarantee to receive authentic knowledge from certified & verified Quran tutors & Arabic tutors.



Our Vision

What we seek to achieve in the future

Quran Spirit‘s vision is to teach the Quran and Arabic to all non-Arab speakers all over the world. We believe technology can play a vital role to reach people with different backgrounds. We also seek to create an endless chain of Quran, Arabic, and Islam learning by instructing everyone who gained this knowledge to transmit it to someone else!

Our Mission

What we are currently doing

Quran Spirit‘s mission is to teach 300 students each year. We will take these students from zero to hero in Arabic and/or Quran. Our students are those who want to learn the Quran and/or Arabic for professional or spiritual purposes and accept the diversity of others. We also provide the Ijazah certificate to those who are capable and ready to teach and transmit the Quran to others.



Featured Lectures videos

What our students saying

We can never repay Brother

We can never repay Brother Abu Ziad for teaching our son the Quran. He was patient and paced the lesson in a way which made Khayaan feel comfortable and gave him confidence. The lessons were well planned and structured. Brother Abu Ziad was very respectful, encouraging and took time to explain and didn’t rush Khayaan.

My Ustadh is an amazing teacher

My Ustadh is an amazing teacher. He had very good adab & lots of patience with me while u recited the Quran to him from beginning to end. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Alhumdulillah my kids and me

Alhumdulillah my kids and me are very satisfied. Teacher is very nice MashaAllah. She teaches my kids very nicely and patiencely. May Allah give barakah on all of your effort. Jazakumullahu khairan.

My teacher is great alhamdulilah

My teacher is great alhamdulilah. He works with me and helps me improve in ways I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. May Allah bless him and the whole organization. Ameen





meet our FEATURED teacherS

Sonousi Abdou - Quran Spirit

Sonousi Abdou

Graduated from Al Azhar University after finishing Islamic studies in English. Works as imam and khateeb in Masjid in Egypt and online Quran teacher since 2012. They also taught many students in Egypt Quran, tajweed, and English too.

Female Avatar Reading Quran

Walaa AlDososky

A female teacher of Arabic and Quran for Non-Arabic speakers. She graduated from Alexandria University, department of Arabic language after 6 years of studying the Quran, Arabic language, and all related fields.

Mostafa Saad - Quran Spirit

Mostafa Saad

Quran and Islamic Studies teacher from Egypt. Memorized the Qur’an with the 10 Qira’at. Have BA in Islamic studies in English from Al-Azhar University, faculty of languages and translation, Islamic studies department. Have a license (Ijazat) in Qur’an.

Female Avatar Reading Quran

Mina Elmesrade

I’m a native Arabic speaker. I’m teaching the Quran and Tajweed in Arabic in one of Cairo’s Masjids.

I’m fond of language learning and teaching. I speak English and French proficiently and like to connect with students from other cultures.

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