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Best Online Quran Classes for kids

Every parent wants the best for their kids—both in this life and the one to come. Online Quran Classes for Kids are perhaps the finest gift you can give them in this life and the next.

We place a high priority on the Islamic upbringing of your kids through this program which is tailored to suit all ages and abilities. Our knowledgeable and trained Quran teachers are fully equipped to give the best and most engaging sessions that are fun-filled for kids. 

We are thrilled to report that more than 3,000 students have already finished their coursework with us. Our various courses are now being taken by more than a thousand students from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Our Goal For Kids Quran Classes 

We have some obvious and achievable goals for children’s classes.

  • Delivering Quranic and Islamic education free from any kind of sectarianism, racism, or politics.
  • Enabling the future generation of Muslims to work toward a better world and convey the real peaceful image of Islam.
  • Having a strong Quranic base from the early years so they can retain that information throughout their lives.
  • Developing love for Allah, Prophets, and Quran so that they can get associated with their religion.
  • Assisting little kids to memorize duas and short surahs that can be recited daily in Salah.
  • Making them understand some of the Quranic verses, stories, and history of Islam to connect them to their deen.

Best Teaching Team Employed For Kids

  • We have employed a group of over 70 experienced and trained instructors who are easily accessible around the clock to offer their instructional services.
  • They are selected after multiple interviews by our professionally trained scholars. 
  • Our tutors are native Egyptians and have bases in Islamic and Quranic studies.
  • They have graduated from Leading Islamic Universities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  • They have been teaching online for many years and have good experience in handling kids by exposing them to multiple engaging activities.
  • They are Ijazah Certified for many Quranic courses and know many methods that are exclusively workable for kids.

Our Unique Features For Kids’ Quran Lessons 

Some prominent traits make our Quran classes for kids unique and exceptional. We offer so many features that your kid will never get bored and will enjoy the classes with fun.

1- Fun-oriented Quran Activities

As kids love to get involved in activities so our teachers have designed amazing activities for all the topics that are added to this course. It helps them engage kids and teach everything easily. Kids also enjoy and participate fully. Activities like coloring, pasting, labeling, drawing, matching, guessing, finding, and tracing keep them involved throughout the session.

2- Interactional lessons

Our teachers do not just keep on teaching the topic, instead engage kids in a talk so that they can communicate with the teacher and ask questions to clear their minds. Interactive sessions help kids develop a strong understanding of the topic without getting lethargic or sleepy.

3- Educational Games and Toys

We have started allowing kids to play educational games with their teachers online. These games are based on the topics that are included in their curriculum. By playing games they are learning much more about Islam and will love their religion. We also have a huge collection of toy suggestions for all kids that parents can arrange for them to practice and play at home too.

4- Age-based Group Classes

Quran Spirit offers age-based group classes where same-aged kids are grouped and the size of the group is kept small so that all the kids can get full attention. Group classes allow interaction, fun, communication, and confidence development in children. Our teachers make sure every student gets proper attention and all their queries are timely answered.

5- Story-telling Sessions Through Animations and Videos

The Quranic and Prophet stories are not only narrated but visualized through animations so that kids get attracted and enjoy them with understanding. Colorful animations always appeal to little kids and they grasp the stories easily. All the videos and animated stories are selected from authentic sources and the information delivered through them is based on references from Quran and hadith.

6- Practical Question-answer Sessions.

Kids who are in their above toddler age are encouraged to ask questions regarding the religion so that their minds are shaped according to the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah. They are answered and we make sure they get everything right.

7- Affordable Fee Plans

All the features and amazing activities can be unlocked with a very economical fee plan for kids. We have kept our rates minimal so that we cater to as many students as we can. Discounts are also offered for siblings.

8- Time and Schedule Flexibility

We do not force kids to attend classes at a fixed time. Rather you can choose your time and days for these online Quran classes for kids where they will study with ease. If your kid misses a lesson, we will reschedule the class whenever the kid is available. 

9- Reporting and Meetings 

To keep parents updated about their kids’ learning and progress, we generate a report card weekly that needs to be signed by the parents. Online meetings are also arranged to discuss the weak points of the kids and we also inform parents if their help is required for the revision of any topic.

What Will You Learn 

We allocate 20% of each lesson to developing our students’ moral character and strong personalities. The syllabus designed for kids is based on all the topics that cover the entire religion. It includes:

  • 5 pillars of Islam
  • 6 Beliefs in Islam
  • Method for praying
  • Putting on Wudu’
  • Angels, books, prophets, festivals, and the Islamic calendar
  • Islamic children’s stories
  • 24 Hours The Masnoon Dua
  • Quranic supplications 
  • Memorizing short surahs with tajweed


There are several advantages to learn Quran online for kids. You don’t have to alter your and your kids’ everyday routine. Instead, get a personalized plan and arrange classes when your kids are free and ready to attend the lesson. We also offer a choice of female teachers for young girls. So, grab a trial class for your kids, and let’s get started today!



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