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Would you like to read, recite and memorize the Glorious Quran with perfection? We provide online classes, one-to-one teaching, on-demand courses, Islamic books explanation and other types of programs.

You will learn with Arabic teachers how can teach you Modern Standard Arabic for business communication purposes, Classical Arabic to read old books and colloquial Arabic to communicate with the normal people while visiting any Arab country.

Quran Spirit’s teachers have the needed skills to teach children, grown-ups, males, females and students with different learning needs.

Our Programs

Learn Quran, Arabic, and Tajweed by true professional teachers with 2000 hours online teaching experience.

Easy and Motivating Online Learning Experience

Online Quran Teaching

Quran Spirit provides custom courses for Quran Tajweed, recitation and memorization. You will learn with teachers who have Ijaza and memorized the holy Quran at early stages of their lives.

Arabic Language Courses

Quran Spirit’s Arabic teachers are native speakers of Arabic and studied the Arabic language in Al – Azhar University. You can learn about the different levels of the Arabic language.

Islamic Studies

Quran Spirit provides courses to explain and interpret the Islamic books for non-native Arabic speakers. Our teachers have the required academic and practical experience to explain Islamic studies topics clearly and easily.

Our teachers

Quran Spirit’s teachers are all native speakers of Arabic. Each one of them has at least 5000-hour experience teaching Quran and/or Arabic online. All of them have an educational background in their fields. Also, our teachers have a solid background about the best teaching methods that motive students to learn Quran and Arabic.

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