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Quran learning is mandatory for Muslims as it guides them on the right track. The reading of Quranic verses is not simple, instead, it requires a solid base in the Arabic language that is only possible through an advanced Tajweed Course.

We at Quran Spirit offer advance tajweed course for all Muslims, kids, and adults, male and female. Our lessons are fully-featured and we facilitate our students to learn all the Tajweed rules at the convenience of their homes, time, ability, and availability. Learning Tajweed will help you recite Quran without any error and in the same as natives do. Then, why not take this online advance Tajweed course and recite Quran as our Prophet Muhammad SAWW did?

Why it is Important to learn Tajweed ?

Tajweed means to beautify voices and adorn them to make a difference. Tajweed is crucial because sometimes, non-Muslims recite verses without proper makharij and sifaat that tend to have a different meaning in Arabic and it can even lead to sin. So, it is mandatory to learn the correct articulation and pronunciation of all alphabets, especially similar-sounding letters to differentiate between them and avoid the clear and hidden mistakes we used to do unconsciously. 

Learning Objectives Of Advance Tajweed Classes

The following learning objectives are meant to be achieved during the online Tajweed classes.

  • To understand the exact articulation points of Arabic letters.
  • To identify the difference between the phonetically same letters.
  • To practice the pronunciation of letters more than usual.
  • To learn the Tajweed rules one by one.
  • To step forward gradually with perfection.
  • To apply tajweed rules while reciting Quran.
  • To apply rules even in Salah.
  • To revise advanced rules with patience.
  • To stay motivated throughout.

What Will You Learn?

After revising the basic rules learned in Qaida classes, all the students will learn

  • Characteristics of the Arabic letters
  • Relation between letters
  • Al-Waqf (the Stop) and Al-Ibtidaa’ (the start)
  • Joined and Separate words
  • Closed taa and open taa
  • Detailed overview of Noon and Meem Saakin rules
  • Special words from ‘Hafs’ Recitation from the way of Shatibiyyah
  • Revision of all Tajweed rules
  • Recitation and application on Juz Amma (30th) and Juz Tabarak (29th)
  • Oral and written Examination 

Prerequisites For Advance Tajweed Course

The basic requirement for this course is to have prior knowledge of tajweed. At least the learner should have taken the Noorani Qaida classes and should have a Know-how of the basics. The age limit is not specified for this course, even kids can take these classes if they have a good understanding of the basics. 

The other requirement is your dedication, focus, and quality time for these lessons as Advanced tajweed classes are tough and need a lot of practice. So, we suggest learning less daily but with quality understanding and amazing revisions.

Qualified Tajweed Instructors

All of the tutors, male and female, are qualified enough to carry on this course with a boost that is required for advanced courses. Such courses are long-term based and it requires a teacher who keeps the students on the track with motivation and dedication. Our tutors are,

  • Qualified from Islamic institutes and universities.
  • Are Ijazah holders authorized to pass on the knowledge to others.
  • Are Egyptians and Arabic by birth and have an amazing grip on Arabic.
  • Experienced in teaching advanced tajweed classes online to hundreds of Muslims from around the world.
  • Are exceptional in their Tajweed and many of them are position holders.

The hiring policy at Quran Spirit is tough and we only take those on board who qualify in our tests and interview with distinction.

Why To Choose Quran Spirit For Tajweed Course

There are many reasons but the best are mentioned here to attract our users. The features we offer are:

  • All-time reachability.
  • Rescheduling of classes.
  • Flexible curriculum.
  • Level-based course content.
  • Interactive classes
  • Motivational learning environment.
  • Separate female teachers for sisters
  • Weekend classes for All.
  • Double session option available.
  • The testing system through digital papers.
  • Weekly Evaluation and reporting schedule.
  • Online Meetings with Parents.
  • Personalized and structured curriculum.
  • Advanced Tajweed competitions and certificates.
  • Affordable packages and discounts.
  • Group classes are available.
  • Recording of recitation and other free study materials.

Final Thought

Tajweed is a science that has some fixed rules which apply to Quranic verses. If you think you should learn the advanced Tajweed rules, you should join our classes that have an easy way to teach because we have broken down the curriculum into levels. Register for our free trial and enjoy the early bird discount with out online quran classes at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- What does Quran say about Tajweed?

Allah says in Surah Al-Muzzammil 

‘Or add to it, and recite the Qur’an with measured recitation’. 

The word measured is explained by scholars as Tajweed rules, intonation, and makharij. We are asked to beautify our voices and recite Quran beautifully.

2- Is Tajweed compulsory in Islam?

Yes, Tajweed is compulsory as it helps you avoid major mistakes that can even be sinful. 

3- How can I improve my Tajweed? 

You need to learn Tajweed rules and practice them as much as you can. A professional tutor can help you better in this journey.

4- What are the major mistakes in Tajweed?

The major mistakes are called ‘ اللحن الجلي clear mistakes’. These mistakes are not at all acceptable as they can change the meaning of the words. For example:

  • Adding an extra movement to a letter 
  • Removing a movement when it is present 
  • Using ت instead of ط
  • pronouncing ث as س

5- What are the 6 types of tajweed?

It refers to the Sakinah rules.

  • Izhaar, 
  • Idghaam, 
  • Iqlaab, 
  • Ikhfaa, 
  • Noon and Meem Mushaddad, 
  • Meem Sakinah, Ikhfaa Shafawy, Idghaam Shafawy, and Al-Madd.


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