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Learning Quran is not optional but mandatory for all females as the Islamic nurturing of the future generations is on their shoulders. The more they are attached and connected with the book of Allah, the better the connection of the kids with Allah. 

We at Quran Spirit have devised amazing sessions to cater to your needs. Women are welcome to enrol in online Quran classes for females to fulfil their desire to study from qualified instructors in the comfort of their homes. You can study at your own pace and time to get exceptional results overall.

Women in the UK, USA, Canada, and other nations can take online Quran classes and get certified by our professional tutors.

The Best Platform For Ladies to Learn Quran Online 

We claim to be the best platform for ladies because we take into consideration all the elements, major or minor, that prove to be the hurdles for ladies to enrol. If you want to study with a female teacher only, this is the best place for you. No gossip, no wastage of time, no hidden charges, and no fraud! This is our motto for the Quran classes so that we develop a strong relationship with our students.

The Learning Outcomes Of Quran Courses

To bring the best out of these classes, we list down clear and practical outcomes that are meant to be accomplished in the course time. Our teachers keep all the lessons’ objectives and outcomes in front of them and uptick them during the class.

  • To make females capable to read and learn Noorani Qaida proficiently.
  • To help them read Quran smoothly without any hindrance.
  • To make them learn Quran with tajweed through our tajweed course.
  • To help them memorize Quran or its portions with ease and retain it forever through our revision classes.
  • To make them confident in reading Quran like natives.
  • To make them efficient Quran reciters.
  • To help them understand the translation and Tafseer of Quran so that they can teach their families also.

Our Well-Organised Classes For Sisters 

All of our Quran classes are very well organised and structured by keeping the following points into notice.

  • The duration of each course.
  • The class division per month and per week.
  • The test schedules.
  • The quizzes and competition dates and time.
  • The extra classes or revision classes on weekends if demanded.
  • The split up of syllabus into easy levels.
  • The progress tracking throughout.

Get A Personalised Quran Plan 

To make Quran learning easy for sisters, we offer a choice of getting a personalised plan of any course in which you are free to choose the portion you want to learn in the specific time. Our teachers will assess your current understanding of the course you want to take and then they will make a plan for you by keeping the below-given points in mind.

  • Your class duration
  • Your number of classes per week
  • Your capacity and lesson retention ability

Our Qualified and Certified Female Tutors

Our female Quran teachers are incredibly devoted, consistent, and on time. The following qualities make them superior and exceptional for this forum.

  • They are Native Arabs or Egyptians.
  • They are fluent in English with great communication skills.
  • They have graduated from leading Islamic universities like Al-Azhar
  • They have years of experience in teaching Quran with Tajweed, memorization, Tafseer and other Arabic courses.
  • They are flexible and creative to use technology to make classes engaging.
  • They are Huffaz and are Ijazah certified to teach others.
  • They have memorized Quran at a very young age and have a strong grip on the subject.

We have female teachers to teach you in Urdu and Pashto as well.


What You'll Learn In Online Quran Classed For Ladies

Noorani Qaida for Ladies

For families studying Quran Reading for the first time, we offer Noorani Qaida online course. It will help you read Quran smoothly by focusing on the Arabic words.

Tajweed Quran Reading

For our sisters worldwide, we provide online Tajweed Quran Learning by proficient Tajweed instructors who are female Arabs and cater to your needs very well. You will learn to recite Quran excellently.

Female Quran Memorization Course

Females can memorize the Quran online at home with help of our female teachers who are qualified Hafiza and are amazing at memorization You can very easily memorize the entire Qur’an or just a few selected surahs.

Women’s Ijazah Course

For sisters who desire to get certified in Quran recitation with Tajweed and teach it to others, we offer an online Ijazah course. For this training, we have highly competent female Quran teachers from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Female Advance Tajweed Course

For women who can read the Quran but want to sharpen their Tajweed and recitation abilities, we provide the Advance Tajweed Online Course. These sisters can get assistance from our female Quran tutors at any moment.

Female Arabic Classes 

Online Arabic courses for women are taught by native Arab female lecturers. With the assistance of qualified Arabic tutors online, we provide Quranic Arabic, Arabic Grammar, and Spoken Arabic for ladies.

Other Attractive Features Of Each Course

24/7 Availability 

We are available around the clock to facilitate users from different countries. Time is not an issue with us as we have a team of certified teachers that can easily conduct classes at your convenient time.

Flexible Schedules 

You are not forced to take the course as we have designed it. Rather, you can have a flexible schedule for yourself that suits your time and ability. We know females are busy in their homes or jobs so we help them learn Quran with their routine life.

Quran certificates

After the course ends, you will be presented with a certificate that will be signed by your course teacher and the forum’s supervisors. This certificate will also show the credit hours you attended the classes in.

Tests and Evaluation System 

We take frequent tests and evaluate our students throughout each Quran course to make sure sisters are learning and understanding properly. These tests are pre-defined and teachers will help you prepare well for them. All the mistakes are noted down by the tutors to work on them in the upcoming classes.

Weekly Reports 

Your course teacher will generate a weekly report and keep you up to date about your learning and progress as well. The parents of the junior girls are also taken online for meetings and discussions.

Competitions and Rewards 

To boost your morale and keep boredom away from the classes, we arrange Quran competitions for Tajweed, memorization, recitation, and understanding. The winners are rewarded with cash prizes. These competitions are held within the forum students.

One-On-One and Group Learning Facility

We offer both a single-person class and a group class. You can choose what suits you the most. Our groups have very few students so each of them gets proper focus and time. On on one sessions are recommended for memorization because sisters can easily talk to the teacher when required.

Affordable fees and discounts

All these features can be unlocked with a very economical fee plan and discounts are also offered for females of the same family so that everybody can learn Quran online happily.


We are working hard to provide the most catchy features of the Quran classes to welcome as many sisters as we can and make their Quran learning journey super engaging and worth enrolling. Take a free trial and see how these classes work. Choose the teacher of your choice and just get started



Reading Quran

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Tajweed Quran

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Quran Memorization

Learn how to memorize the Quran & become the next Hafiz/Hafiza of the holy Quran.


Quran Ijazah

Get prepared for obtaining Ijazah online in “Quran Recitation” and/or “Quran Memorization”.


Islamic Studies

Learn everything you need about Islam, obligations, sunnah, Dua'a (supplication), etc.


Learn Arabic

Learn online to read and speak the Arabic language with the best native Arab tutors.