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Hifz, or memorization, is an essential part of Islamic education that is full of blessings and rewards for both lives; here and hereafter.

In our unique full-time Hifz course, students have to spend several hours each day memorizing and reciting portions of the Quran under the guidance of our professionally qualified native tutors. Students are expected to devote themselves entirely and dedicate extra time and effort to reach hifz goals in a short span of time.  

Prerequisites For Full-time Hifz Course

To enrol in a full-time Hifz course, students usually need to have a basic understanding of Arabic and have memorized some portions of the Quran already. The prior knowledge is tested before admission and the level is measured in which the student will be enrolled.

The Intensive Hifz course is open to both children and adults and there is no age limit for this program. You need to have a good internet connection and focused time for the class daily. Support from the family is also required to help students revise the hifz portion daily, other than the class time.

The Best Hifz Classes by Native Arab Tutors

To make this online Full time Hifz program a big shoutout, we have hired the best tutors who possess the following traits.

  • They are native Arabs or Egyptians with amazing Tajweed and recitation skills.
  • They are fluent in English and deliver lectures amazingly without any language issues.
  • They are Ijazah qualified from renowned Islamic universities. The degrees are acceptable worldwide.
  • They belong to the Sunni school of thought so you can hire our tutors without any doubt.
  • They have memorized Quran at a very young age and know the best learning techniques.
  • They are student-friendly and make the classes very engaging and least tough.

Learning Objectives Of This Course

We have very comprehensible objectives chalked out for this course that we intend to achieve before the time ends. In our online Hifz classes, the students will:

  • Learn the proper sequence of Surah to recite.
  • Understand the overall meaning of the Surah memorized.
  • Follow the easy levels to reach the ultimate goal.
  • Memorize with a beautiful tone and spend more hours revising.
  • Retain the lesson accurately through the easy techniques devised by the tutor.
  • Reach the goal in the time frame that is pre-decided
  • Recite verses from any page asked.

4 Main Level Of Full-Time Hifz Classes

To make this course easy to take and continue, we have classified the syllabus into 3 easy levels to help students make small milestones that are achievable efficiently.

Level-1: last 3 Juz Plan

The 1st level is prepared for those who need some time to get into a flow and momentum to further dedicate more time for tis course. As the name indicates this is a tough course where you need to spend more hours for hifz to reach the goal quickly so we suggest starting with level 1 and memorize the last 3 Juz in maximum 2 months or even less.

Level-2: 8 Juz Plan

After 3 Juz students really get motivated and pursue the next level. A test is taken before starting the next level to check the accuracy. If the student scores well and the tutor is satisfied, they are moved to the next level where they will memorize another 5 Juz to make them 8 in total. The more the hifz, the increased time for revision! That is the basic tip.

Level-3: 15 Juz Plan

Upon reaching this level, the students would have mastered the learning techniques and could easily move on to memorize another 7 Juz to make 15 in total. Keep in mind that these levels are hectic and need 4-5 hours daily without any breaks or off days. 

Level-4: The whole Quran

This level is the most crucial and we can further break it down into 3 steps (5 juz each) to let students stay motivated and enthusiastic. The whole Online Quran memorization will need lots of revision sessions and Tajweed will not be compromised at all. The understanding of the verses will also go side-by-side.


Features of Full-Time Hifz Program

The reason to take this course from our qualified and certified tutors is the number of catchy features we are offering.

Amazing Techniques

Hifz needs a sharp memory and amazing retention which is worked on in this course. We help students increase their memory span with different hifz techniques where they learn a page a day, 15 lines a day, 2 pages a day and keep moving on to challenge their memory limit.

Customized Plans

We provide personalised and customised plan for any portion of Quran you want to memorize. Full-time doesn’t mean you have to memorize the whole Quran. It is the way we approach hifz classes in a tough way. You can memorize a juz, 3 juz, any level we have, or any Surah with a full-time hifz approach to finish it quickly.

Structured Curriculum

Our way to deal with these classes is very organised. We do not let tutors start the class without any lesson planner and pre-decided activities and techniques. The time of the class, course, revision session and objectives are all clarified beforehand.

Flexible Timings

You can arrange your classes any time in the day but make sure you do not split the hours throughout the day for the main lesson. You need around 4-5 hours per day for the main class and 1 hour for the revision session.

We are available 24/7 for all countries.

Free trials and Affordable Packages

If you want to get enrolled in this course, you can avail of our free sample class with our professional tutor to see how it works. Our pricing is very economical and we offer discounts for the families enrolled.

Revision Sessions in Double Classes

To make the learning objectives achievable, we offer double classes per day to reach the goals before time. The revisions are done continuously to make the hifz accurate. The sabaqi and manzil are revised daily and the new lessons are revised more than 5 times a day.

Final Thoughts

Extra time, dedication, and commitment is all you need to accomplish your full-time hifz goals. Whether you memorize the whole Quran or any specific portion, a combination of several factors contribute in the success of your mission. We at Quran Spirit in our online quran classes facilitate our students with all the required features to make the goals easily reachable.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why Is a Hafiz Important?

Hafiz is a person who keeps the whole Quran saved in his heart and mind. It is important to have a hafiz in a Muslim community to lead others in prayers and gain multiple rewards. There are other significant points as well.

2- Can You Become a Hafiz at Home?

Yes, it is easy to become a hafiz at home but it requires a lot of dedication and serious approach towards the classes and the learnibg plan.

3- Can You Become a Hifz on Your Own?

Yes, but without a teacher and proper guidance it is difficult to continue hifz in a long run.

4- How to Become Hafiz Online?

All you need is a reliable platform that offers hifz courses in flexible scheduling that you can join at your convenience and memorize Quran easily.

5- How to Become Hafiz in 6 Months?

You can get a structured and personalised plan to become a hafiz in 6 months or you can enrol in an intensive hifz course or full-time hifz program where you have to work hard and reach the goal in 6-months.

6- How to Memorize 1 Page of Quran?

To memorize one page or 15 lines in a day you need to break down the lines in 5 salah. Memorize 5 lines after Fajr, and 5 after Zohar with revision of 1st 5 too. Then, revise 10 previous lines after Asr and memorize the next 5. Revise all 15 lines after Maghrib and Isha to make them perfect.



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