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Best Online HIfz Classes For Kids

The real asset of our community is our kids as they are going to lead the world tomorrow. As Muslim parents, we are advised to pray and focus on our children’s Islamic upbringing to connect them to their peaceful religion; Islam. To facilitate kids to become hafiz, it is advisable to enroll them in online Quran memorization classes at an early age to reach the goal quickly.

In this regard, Quran Spirit is offering another amazing hifz course for kids where they can efficiently memorize Quran without getting bored or burdened. Our hifz classes for kids are packed with multiple attractive benefits that are mandatory for children’s.

Best Hifz Course For Children’s

The reason we claim to be at the top in providing this hifz course is the way we have designed the whole program. The backbone of this course is the dedication of our highly-qualified tutors who devise innovative hifz methods to engage kids and help them memorize easily. 

We do not favor and apply simple rot learning of verses daily. We believe that understanding what you are learning is far more important than simple hifz. So, the teachers explain the overall meaning in a story form that appeals to kids. All the facilities are provided at a pocket-friendly fee so that children’s from all over the world can happily hifz Quran online at the convenience of their homes.

Learning Objectives Of Hifz for Kids Course 

No course is initiated without listing and discussing the learning objectives. The teachers have the following objectives to achieve in the course time.

  • To make Quran hifz engaging and interesting for kids.
  • To bring in the element of fun and enjoyment in the classes.
  • To inculcate the love of the Quran in kids.
  • To make kids consciously responsible for carrying the hifz for a lifetime.
  • To work on their Tajweed to make it accurate.
  • To help them understand the context of the verses they learn.
  • To focus on the quality of their hifz rather than the quantity.
  • To make them amazing huffaz with beautiful recitation and Qiraa.

3 Levels Of the Hifz Program 

Kids need motivation and a boost for hifz as it is a long process. That is why in our full time hifz program, Quran Spirit have divided the chapters of the Quran into 3 levels to make kids reach their goals easily by completing one level after the other.


This is the beginner’s level to bring children’s into the routine of hifz so it is kept easy. At this level, kids will memorize the last 4 juz.

This level is further broken down into 4 milestones for each juz. Once the whole target is achieved, a grand test will be taken that will decide the promotion of the kids to the next level.


Upon reaching this level kids will memorize 15 Juz that are again split into small milestones for each Juz to help them reach the goals effectively. This level will consume time as the revisions are done several times daily and as the number of juz increases, the time of revision also increases. A test will be taken after this level to move on to the last stage.


This is the final advanced level where kids will memorize the whole Quran with revisions of all the juz to make the whole memorization error-free. At this level, the tajweed must have been perfected, and the learning capacity enhanced.

Well-Structured and Personalised Plans 

This course is very well structured according to the levels, stages, time duration of classes, length of the course, meetings, tests, and evaluations. Everything is planned and chalked out beforehand to keep the flow smooth and regular. You only need to enroll and leave the rest to us to manage the whole course effectively for your kids.

The good news is that you can personalize the plan for your kids. If they are slow learners or have less attention span, or whatever is the case, you can design a customized package in which a selective Juz or Surah will be given to memorize. You can get a plan for Juz Amma, Juz Tabaraq, Surah Ar-Rahman, etc.

The teachers will design the plan according to the students’ availability. Keep in consideration that each plan will have a proper test and evaluation as the kids will be certified for the portion they have memorized.

Qualified Native Arab Hifz Tutors 

The success of our intensive hifz course and the likeness of kids is due to the hard work and qualities of our tutors who are:

  • Native Arabs.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Certifies from reputed universities.
  • Huffaz from a young age.
  • Amazing at teaching children’s.
  • Remarkably proficient in Tajweed and Makharij.
  • Adept at devising new and unique hifz teaching techniques.

Amazing Features For Quran Hifz Online Classes for kIds

All Time Availability 

We are available 24/7 to help all the kids from around the globe. You can enroll at whatever time suits you according to your country. We have a team of qualified tutors who will cater to your needs. If due for any reason, your hired teacher is absent, we have a substitute ready to not let kids miss their class.

Engaging Activities For Kids 

That is the best thing we offer for kids. Before starting any surah, the tutor explains the meaning and the scenario in a story form and then the kids are also given online worksheets to color, label, draw, and match the questions given. They memorize with fun and retain it forever. For example, while memorizing Surah Al-Feel the teacher will narrate the story of the birds and then the kids will watch the animation and then start memorizing the surah with fun.

Easy Hifz Techniques 

We know that it is difficult to keep kids engage online for hifz classes, which is why we have devised easy hifz techniques in which kids are not found to keep sitting for a long time. They can roam, they can draw, can recite out loud, and many other methods are introduced to them to get desired results.

Weekly Progress Reports 

Parents are kept updated about the progress weekly. We generate a report of the whole week in which the errors, stuck points, tajweed mistakes, regularity and punctuality, or any other behavioral issues are elaborated and then an online meeting is called with the parents to find out the way to cope with the errors. 

Tests and Quizzes 

To ensure excellent memorization, we take frequent tests after every class, weekly, monthly, and after each level. Quizzes are also taken to ensure efficient understanding and learning. These quizzes are Surah-based, juz-based, and Tajweed-based.

Hifz E- Certificate 

At the end of the course, all the children’s will be given a certificate for whatever portion of the Quran they have efficiently memories and properly revised. Their total percentage and marks will also be written on it. The certificates will be signed by the course tutor and the supervisor of the forum.

Affordable Fee 

All these facilities and features can be unlocked by paying a very minimal amount, starting from $3 per hour. We have different packages for solo and group classes, families, and friends. Grab a sample lesson for free too.

Final Thoughts 

Investing in the better life of kids Islamically, both in this world and the next, is the real concern of every parent. We at Quran Spirit offer a free trial class for kids so that parents can see how the memorization classes are conducted. Get in touch to grab your slot and pay to advance further.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can my 5-year-old kid join this course?

Yes, why not, they can start from easy and short surahs of Juz amma and then advance further according to their capacities.

2- How Can Kids Get Engaged in Online Quran Sessions?

We include dialogues, stories, and fun activities based on Surahs they learn. We engage kids throughout the course.

3- How to teach a 5-year-old to read the Quran?

It is easy through the activities designed in online Quran classes for kids. They start from the basics like the Arabic alphabet, words, joining, etc and slowly move on to the Quran reading.

4- At what age do children learn Quran?

Children observe and adapt really quickly, so you can make them learn the Quran as early as 3 years.

5- Why do we learn Quran for kids?

To enhance their Quranic knowledge and understanding. It is essential to understand the Quran for the betterment of both lives.

6- How do I teach my 3-year-old the Quran?

Start from the very basic reading of the alphabet through cartoons, animations, and videos. Engage them and teach Arabic which will gradually lead to Quran reading.



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