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Sonousi Abdou - Quran Spirit

Sonousi Abdou Yousuf El Ayat

Asalamo alykom My name is sonousi Abdo.I m from Egypt. I graduated from Al Azhar university after finishing Islamic studies in English. I work as imam and khateeb in Masjid here in Egypt and online Quran teacher since 2012, before that I taught many students here in Egypt Quran , tajweed and English too. I have students from all over the world like United states, United Kingdom , Germany , Australia ,Canada and so on. I m professional in teaching adults and love teaching kids more.

Mostafa Saad - Quran Spirit

Mostafa Saad Salama

I am Mostafa Saad. I am 36 years old. I am from Egypt. My native language is Arabic. I memorize the Qur’an with Qira’at Al ashr. I have BA in Islamic studies in English from Al-Azhar University, faculty of languages and translation Islamic studies department. I have licenses (Ijazat) in Qur’an in hafs and other Qir’at. I am experienced in teaching Qur’an with the rules of Tajweed and other Islamic studies online for more than three years. I am an Imam at the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf.

Female Avatar Reading Quran

Mina Elmesrade

I’m a native Arabic speaker. I’m teaching the Quran and Tajweed in Arabic in one of Cairo’s Masjids.

I’m fond of language learning and teaching. I speak English and French proficiently and like to connect with students from other cultures.

Female Avatar Reading Quran

Walaa AlDososky

is a female teacher Arabic and Quran for nonspeaker Arabic .was born in 1987.she has graduated from Alexandria University department Arabic, after 6 years of studying Quran (tajweed) and, Arabic language with all fields of it. Bachelor of the faculty of education literature (2008) Department of the Arabic language. Faculty of education is one of the most reputable and specialized educational institutions in Egypt for studying the Arabic language for all levels in foreign languages. 28 and collected all Tajweed rules – Theoretically and practically – at the age of 12. She recited the Quran to the famous Sheikh in Egypt, Sheikh Azza Alshnawy. she can study for all kinds of Arabic language (balagha nahw sarf) she can study all levels and all ages.

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Ahmed Mohamed Fathallah

Aslalam alaykum
My name is Ahmed Mohamed Fathallah , I’m 31 years old, I’m from Egypt.
I graduated from faculty of commerce and business administration 2010 , then I studied Islamic studies at higher institute for islamic studies in foreign languages.
Alhamdullah I memorized Qur’an at Al Harameen institute, I also attended several courses for How to teach Qur’an for the non Arabic speakers.
I’m working now as a Qur’an teacher since 8 months , alhamdullah I have students from different countries like USA , UK , Canada and Pakistan.

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Ahmed Abdel-Nabby Abdel-Ghany

My name is Ahmed Abdel-Nabby Abdel-Ghany. I am Egyptian and I live in Giza governorate. I have graduated from Al-Azhar university in 2006, after 18 years of studying all branches of Islamic studies , just as TAFSEER, HADITH, FAQH, SEERAH, ARABIC, e.t.c. I have graduated from Languages and Translation, English literature. Praise be to Allah, I finished memorization of the Glorious Quran and I have Ijaza for recitation of the Holy Quran . I work as English teacher in Al-Azhar since 2007 and online Quran teacher since 2017.Alhamdulilah, I have many students from all over the world, whatever adults or kids.