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If you are a beginner and don’t have any basic or previous knowledge about the Arabic language, then this is the right place for you. Quran Spirit offers the opportunity to learn Noorani Qaida Online with the world’s best Quran Tutors.

This course doesn’t have any age limit; student of any age is eligible to enrol. Our structured and pre-defined curriculum outline addresses students of all age groups and backgrounds. Whether you are a newly converted Muslim or a born Muslim, we are here to help you and teach you the basics of Quran recitation.

Learning Objectives Of This Course

We have some clear goals before we start the classes of Noorani Qaida. These objectives are:

  • To make students familiar with the Arabic letters and their articulation points.
  • To make them realise the different pronunciations of similar-sounding letters.
  • To help them understand the basic-to-advanced reading rules.
  • To make them capable of reciting words, sentences and finally the short verses without pausing or stuttering.
  • To enable them to recite short surahs from Quran efficiently.

Levels of Learning Qaida Online

To make this journey easy and interesting for beginners, we have divided this booklet into 3 levels so that you can learn all the rules step by step. We will evaluate you at the end of each level and then you will be allowed to carry on further.

Level-1: Basic know-how Stage

This is the beginning of your Qaida learning journey where you will be exposed to the Arabic alphabet, articulation points, correct pronunciation, and the movements of the letters.

Level-2: Intermediated Stage

Upon reaching this stage you will learn to join two, three, and four  letters, some basic reading rules and their application. This stage will make you get a grip on the Arabic language.

Level-3: Advanced Stage

This level will give you a boost and facilitate you to learn all the remaining rules and apply them while reading Quran. You will be taken along Slowly and gradually and you will see how smoothly you have learned to read Quran through Noorani Qaida.


Why should you Learn Noorani Qaida With Us?

This course is unique and different from ordinary Noorani Qaida courses. In this course, you will get the chance to study with the most experienced Quran tutors who graduated from the old Islamic University, Al-Azhar.

This course has some unique features that you rarely found elsewhere.

1.One-on-One Sessions:

Quran Spirit believe in quality education; therefore, we provide full attention and focus to every student, not leaving them lost in the crowd and voices. In this program the student will study in a private one-on-one session, making it easier to understand and grasp the lesson.

2.Unique Methods:

We don’t believe in the mere reading of lessons; rather, we make sure whether the student is getting the lesson or not. That’s why our teachers came up with unique methods of teaching the Quran to newbies. These methods include:

  • 3D pictures
  • Audio and video aid
  • Activities to do practical
  • Games and cartoons for reinforcing the rules

3. Regular Reporting: 

Tracking the performance is mandatory because without evaluating and monitoring students’ growth, you can’t take steps that improve students’ performance and growth; therefore, we share regular and weekly performance reports with the guardians and students so they can take necessary steps if needed.

4. Tests and Quizzes: 

We evaluate students with a proper testing system that includes oral testing, written testing and quizzes. We make sure kids are kept engaged that is why our qualified tutors ask them subject-based riddles to test them after each lesson.

5. Noorani Qaida Certificate

After this course, you will appear in a test and read out whatever is asked by the teachers in proper tajweed and makharij. On success, you will be presented with an e-certificate signed by the supervisors and the course teacher.

Our Qualified Qaida Teachers

To make this course a big success and most demand we have hired the best teachers after strict selection criteria. They have been through stages of interviews and tests so that the top candidates could get on board.

The following is the list we consider to select the Noorani Qaida tutors, both males and females.

  • They must be native Arab/ Egyptians because they naturally have excellent Arabic accents and after studying, their Tajweed and voice become exceptionally amazing.
  • They must have excellent English speaking skills with good fluency so that students from the West could easily choose us to learn Noorani Qaida.
  • They must be flexible in adopting new trending teaching skills based on technology and must be super creative to mould them according to the need of the hour.
  • They must have years of experience in teaching the Quran with tajweed online and if they are huffaz that is the bonus point.

What Will You Learn in Noorani Qaida? 

  • Recognition of each Arabic letter
  • Way of pronouncing a single letter
  • Method of pronouncing combined letters
  • Introduction to Arabic Vowels and Syllables
  • Method of Pronouncing a Word
  • Reading a Sentence and Phrase
  • How to read a paragraph
  • Extensive reading practice 


We at Quran spirit are determined to lend a facilitating hand to our brothers and sisters around the zones to learn the basics of Quran reading and connect with the book of Allah with ease. Take our free sample lesson and see how it works. Our structured and personalised plans will help you get along easily.



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