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Muslims all around the world are eager to learn reading Quran online, but they encounter challenges with regard to good direction, a suitable platform, and professors who can be crucial to their learning.

Many Muslims worldwide investigate the facets and teachings of Islam to better comprehend their faith. Learn Reading Quran is the first step in achieving this aim.

Knowing the correct way of reading Quran is the sole holy work because Quran contains trustworthy verses and a comprehensive instruction manual for Muslim living.

Reading from the Quran is one of Islam’s most valued religious rituals. It creates a special relationship between the individual and Allah (SWT).

Setting up a goal to study and then being able to read Quran fluently at the end of the day is necessary if you don’t know what steps should be followed, what to learn first, what follows next, and what sort of organized programs you should be following to learn how to read the Quran.

According to several Quran teaching authorities, a novice may acquire Quran reading in sixty days. However, the difficulty level and length of the daily learning session may differ from person to person.

It should be remembered that memorization and learning to read the Quran online are two distinct processes. Hifz Quran would need more concentration, time, and willpower.

The linguistic barrier is perhaps one of the biggest barriers to reading and comprehending the Quran. Therefore, if you are an Arab, you will grasp the language, text, and context of the verses of the Quran without any problem. On the other hand, the book is just a text and is challenging to understand for someone without any prior knowledge of Arabic.

We have a course that will teach you how to read the Quran properly.

This course helps you to Learn Quran Online in an efficient way. Our expert teachers begin with a step-by-step guide to make students advance level Quran reciter.

Quran Recitation is considered among the most important deeds in our religion, Islam. It’s an obligation to every Muslim to learn Quran recitation and recite the Holy Quran in the best possible manner.

The Holy book of Islam educates Muslims with divine knowledge and guides them to the right path. It was revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the last Prophet of Allah (SWT) to guide all humankind towards succeeding in this life & hereinafter. Not to mention that Muslims will earn great rewards for reciting the Quran and implementing it in their daily life routine

Due to the importance of learning Quran reading to every Muslim in the world, Quran Spirit presents Online Quran Reading Course for those Muslims who are either Non-Arabs or living in Non-Muslim countries.

Now, you and your kids can learn Quran online with highly-qualified Quran teachers from Al-Azhar University through one-to-one live sessions. Our Quran tutors will help you develop a solid foundation in reading that will not only help you recite Quran on your own correctly but will also make it easier to improve your tajweed skills.



Every Muslim should read the Quran every day; it is a really honorable act. There are many benefits of reading Quran. It increases his or her understanding of all facets of life, draws them closer to God, and will serve as a reminder of the benefits of their good acts on the Day of Judgment.

Both Muslim males and Muslim women must learn the Quran by taking Quran reading lessons. Muslims start learning the Quran as soon as they can. The ongoing study of the Qur’an draws Muslims closer to their Creator, provides them with enormous blessings in this life, and will bring them great recompense in the Hereafter.

The advantages of learning the Quran are innumerable, with the greatest one being directly on the direct road to Allah.

Numerous instances may be used to understand the significance of the importance of reading Quran, such as Reading Surah Al Mulk every night is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s.w.t), and it will protect you from punishment in the afterlife.

So it is indispensable to study the Quran and get online Quran reading classes.

Guidelines for Learning the Quran

We learn that the Qur’an should be recited with respect and focus of heart and mind from the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Sunnah and the traditions of his companions (Sahaba (R.A)). Muslims must constantly review the Qur’an as they study it or memorize it in order to prevent forgetting it, as forgetting so is punishable by sin. Allah (PBUH) has made it mandatory for us to learn the Quran’s teachings and pass them on to others.

  • One of the manners is to do Wudu (ablution) before reciting, and the area should be clear of nijasat (impurities).
  • When another Muslim makes a mistake when reading the Qur’an, it is the duty of the Muslim to rectify the error.
  • To improve our grasp of the Quran, we should study from a teacher who is excellent in Tajweed and Tafsir.
  • Understanding the Qur’anic text’s meaning and giving it some thought are essential parts of the process of reading it.

The Prophet Muhammad’s (s.w.t) Sunnah and the traditions of his companions (Sahaba (R.A)) teach us that the Qur’an should be recited with reverence and mental and emotional attention.

Because forgetting the Qur’an is sinful, Muslims must regularly reread the Qur’an as they learn it or memorize it. We must study the Quran’s lessons and impart them to others.

The best way to read and understand the Quran is to seek help from us and to register for courses that help you with that a of skilled and experienced Quran teacher.

Why Pick Us for Knowing the best way to Reading Quran?

Because we offer the following advantages in our course:

Structured Plan for This Qur’anic Reading Course

We have expertly designed the Quran reading plan or strategy for both reading Quran for kids and adults to make it easier for you to learn to read the Quran.

We also provide online Quran classes for female explained by an online female Quran tutor.

Top Quran Teachers for Novices

For novices, learning the Quran may be challenging and requires appropriate guidance from a qualified tutor.

  • Numerous of our Quran teachers have completed degrees and gone to courses on teaching methods and strategies from various institutions.
  • Has experience teaching online and has assisted hundreds of non-Arabs in learning to read Quran online.
  • To guarantee that they can properly convey the course, we only choose teachers who are fluent in English.
  • In order to make learning Quran online reading for beginners pleasurable, simple, and entertaining, our trained Quran instructors have developed tactics and procedures.
  • To make it easier for our students to recall their Quranic Arabic lectures, they employ presentations and infographics in Quran reading classes online.
  • Our instructors work tirelessly and with good intentions to assist students to study the Quran.

Interactive ZOOM Courses for Reading Quran

We chose the greatest software currently on the market, the ZOOM app, which offers customers a variety of services.

It offers screen sharing, which enables teachers to record what they say or instruct students on how to write a certain alphabet or phrase while Quran reading classes.

You may highlight certain text to make it stand out by changing the font, size, and color.

Online videos from other websites that supplement teaching tools can be seen in class. As a result, this software is the finest for teaching the Al Quran and see basic Quran reading lessons.

Amazing Quran Learning Activities

Activities that are tailored to children’s and adults’ age groups and interests are used to teach Noorani Qaida and Noor Al-Bayan.

Our qualified Quran teachers have devised strategies and practices to make learning to read the Quran for beginners enjoyable, easy, and amusing in the Quran certificate course.

Our instructors use infographics and slideshows to help our students remember their lessons on Quranic Arabic.

To help pupils learn the Quran, our teachers put out great effort and have the best of intentions.

We, here at Quran Spirit, provide a lot of facilities to our brothers and sisters who wish to learn the basics of the Quran. We have accumulated top Islamic Scholars who have a commendable hold over the Holy Quran. You can meet online with the best Quran Scholars in the world directly from the ease of your home and learn the Basics of Quran Reading. No more misleading information and indifferent views over the internet about Quran recitation. Our Islamic Scholars are certified with authentic degrees and Quran courses. They have majored in the Quran Basics, and are keen to convey the most accurate teachings and interpretations on to you.

You will also learn how Arabic letters are linked together or separated. And how to read words, then short sentences and long sentences. It is significant to know that Arabic provides diacritics. Diacritics tell you how to read Arabic words, so you do not need to memorize their pronouncing.

Moreover, you will be able to read Arabic supplications. In addition, you will learn the characteristics of the Holy Quran writing, which slightly differs from ordinary Arabic writing.

During the course, we prepare you to read all of the Holy Quran at the next level. So, get yourself registered for the “Reading Quran Basics” course and reconnect yourself with the basic foundation of Islam and the Holy Quran.


WHAT YOU WILL LEARN in online Quran course

The student will receive a detailed guide to reading the Quran and instruction in Tajweed rules, including:

  • Ikhfa
  • Idgham
  • Iqlab
  • Ghunna
  • Qalqala
  • Makhrij (points of Articulations)
  • Rules of Waqaf

With an emphasis on practical application, under the direction of our experienced teachers.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to read the Quran using Tajweed guidelines after they know the rules of reading Quran. Additionally, your Quran instructor will establish a timetable for you to regularly review what you have learned in order to ensure that your recitation is getting better to enjoy the virtues of reading Quran.

What Else You’ll Discover in These Lessons:

  • Basic rules of the Arabic language
  • Quranic Arabic Alphabet
  • Consonants
  • Short Vowels (Harakat)
  • Long Vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Tanween
  • Soft Vowels (Huroof Leenah)
  • Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Rules of Raa
  • Rules of Laam
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf ( Proper Pausing and Stopping)
  • Meem Mushaddad and Noon
  • Qalqalah
  • Light and heavy letters
  • Al-Basmalah & Al-Isti’aatha
  • The Noon Saakin and Tanween Rules
  • The Meem Sakinah Rules
  • Lam Qamariyyah and Shamsiyyah
  • Madd and its varieties
  • Sifaat and Makharij
  • Stop indications (Waqf)


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