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When reading the Holy Quran, your pronunciation is crucial, since one small error might alter the meaning of the entire text. Do you wish to be a teacher of the Quran? We assist you in acquiring Tajweed, the knowledge of how to apply these laws when reciting the Quran. You can improve your ability to recite the Quran correctly and perfectly. Enrol in the Quran recitation online course and recite Quran like a native pro.

Our Well-structured Recitation Classes 

Without guidance, it can be challenging to learn the rich phonetic vocabulary of the Quran. To make Arabic-speaking sounds, you need to know how to move your tongue, jaw, and lips. Our Quran recitation Course can get you started in the correct direction as we are known for our amazing recitation program.

For you to regularly review what you have learned so that your recitation is improving, your Quran teacher will design a program for you to learn quran online easily. The plan you will get will be highly organised by keeping all minute details of time, classes, revision, tests, and off days into consideration.

Main goals of Our Quran Recitation Course

We have listed some clear objectives and goals for this course that we intend to achieve before the timeline ends.

  • To make students capable of reading Arabic letters, words, and sentences amazingly without any hindrance.
  • To help them recite basic Arabic words correctly and accurately.
  • To make them confident in reciting short verses initially and moving toward the bigger ones eventually.
  • To finally make students recite the Quran with perfection by applying all the basic and advanced Tajweed laws learned in the classes.




Quranic Phonetics 

Quranic Phonetics is one of the first stages for new students to a clear pronunciation of Arabic. To start moving in the direction of Quran pronunciation in Arabic is a temporary fix. Using phonetics in addition to a variety of cutting-edge tools designed to aid you in your recitation with Tajweed.

Diacritical Arabic

Typically, diacritics are markings that are added to letters and have grammatical as well as pronunciation- and/or meaning-related significance. Diacritical marks used in Arabic are:

  • The fathah and the kasrah
  • The Dhammah 
  • The shaddah
  • The sukoon 

You must be familiar with the Quran Recitation rules thoroughly to read them correctly.

Overview of Tajweed Laws

To beautify your voices with the jewels of Tajweed, you will learn and apply the deep tajweed laws that are crucial for recitation. Whether you are a beginner or have a little know-how of Tajweed, our levels of Tajweed will take you through this course easily and effectively.

To enhance your recitation, you will learn many continuations and pauses indications. 


The greatest option to study Quran recitation without leaving your house is to enrol in an online Holy Quran Recitation group. They only require a gadget to attend lessons on and a strong internet connection. In our online Quran classes teachers will give each kid their full attention. You will receive assistance with all of your course-related questions in this way.


Amazing Features Of this program

1- Our Qualified Native Tutors

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable Quran teachers will teach you how Recite Quran with Tajweed in a variety of beautiful voices that are soothing, mesmerizing, and ultimately a way for people to connect with Allah. 

These teachers are familiar with the various accents of the world’s most famous Qaaris and will teach with their utmost efforts and experience.

They are native Arabs and possess amazing Recitations naturally which attracts the students to imitate their voices.

They have graduated from leading Islamic universities and possess Ijazah in Teaching Quran.

They are student-friendly and keep devising new strategies to teach their students with fun.

2- Facility of Recorded Lectures

You will be provided recorded lectures if you have missed an audio activity of any qari. We have in our possessions hundreds of activity-based materials that help students copy and practice their recitation.

3- Personalised learning plan

You will also get a plan for yourself that will be customised according to your demand. You will be first tested for your current knowledge and then, you will get a schedule to follow in the days and time that is decided by you.

4- 24/7 availability and flexibility in schedule

We have a team of qualified teachers that are all the time available to conduct the classes whenever you will ask to. There is no time constraint for us. Whether you are from the West or Asia, or any zone, we will provide 24/7 service of classes.



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