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online tajweed classes for sisters

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Tajweed is the art of reciting the Quran correctly, and it’s important for all Muslims, regardless of gender and age. Sisters who are keen to learn the science of pronouncing the correct accent of the Quranic Arabic must keep the fact in mind that they need to take the proper course where they can learn from the beginning and practice with the tutor to make each rule perfect.

Quran Spirit makes Tajweed for sisters easy and interesting. Our flexible scheduling will attract all the sisters who are working, studying, housewives, full-time moms, etc. Design your plan and follow it at your convenient time.

Best Tajweed Lessons For Sisters 

To cater to our sisters from all around the world, we have made our lessons very engaging to make our online Tajweed course the only choice for them. The reasons we call our lessons the best are:

  • All the topics are supported with 3D animation pics for explanation.
  • Activities are done to reinforce all the rules.
  • Interactive sessions are our trademark. Our tutors engage students in the classes to bring out good results.
  • We do not age-bound our courses. All the sisters can join our variety of Tajweed courses. 

Learning Objectives Of Tajweed Classes

All of our Tajweed courses have goals to be achieved before the course ends. These goals are small and practical so that sisters can easily strive to achieve them.

  • To help sisters understand the basics of Tajweed through activities.
  • To help understand the Arabic letters and practice their pronunciation.
  • To practice the Articulation points of each letter correctly.
  • Review all the rules and apply them during Quran reading.
  • Understand and avoid hidden and clear Tajweed mistakes during recitation.
  • Practice tajweed laws in Salah
  • Consciously strive to recite Quran with beautiful intonation.

Female Tajweed Tutors At Quran Spirit

We have interviewed several qaris and huffaz for this position and selected a few for our tajweed course for sisters. Our selected tutors are:

  • Native Arabs, mostly Egyptians.
  • Fluent in their communication.
  • Certified for Ijazah from reputed universities.
  • Experienced and qualified.
  • Teaching Tajweed to females online for years.
  • Know English and Urdu perfectly and can teach ladies from Asia and the West.
  • Have amazing Tajweed and beautiful recitation.

Stages of Learning Tajweed 

We have divided our Tajweed syllabus into 3 stages to help females reach and pass each level easily.

Stage 1- The Beginners Level

At this stage, you will be taught the basics of the Arabic language. 

  • The letters
  • Joining of the letters.
  • Making words and phrases.
  • Learning basic rules of single and double movements.
  • Tanween rules
  • Learning standing movements

Stage 2- Intermediate Level

After you pass the basic beginner level with good marks, you will be promoted to this stage where you will learn and practice not-so-easy rules. You will be asked to find examples from Quran for practical. You will learn:

  • The rules of qalqalah
  • The stressed letters
  • The elongated letters
  • Rules of Madd
  • Rules of Shadd
  • Revision and practice of all the rules of stages 1&2.

Stage 3- Advanced Level

This is the complex stage where sisters are expected to pass the previous stages with distinction and zero error. Upon reaching this stage, students will learn the most complex Tajweed rules that need back-to-back practice. In advance tajweed course Ladies will learn:

  • The rules of Meem Saakin
  • The rules of Noon Saakin
  • The 6 rules of Saakin
  • The nasal sounds (ghunna)
  • The rules of stopping and pausing during recitation.
  • The revision of all rules.
  • Practical implementation of rules in Quran recitation
  • The grand test.

Prominent Features Of These Classes

Some of the facilities are provided for sisters which makes us prominent among our competitors. The few we charge are nothing in front of the features we provide.

  • Access us anytime around the clock.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of classes
  • Weekend classes and double lessons
  • Free Printable Educational worksheets and other study material
  • One-on-one and group classes
  • Female tutor facility for sisters.
  • Structured Tajweed curriculum
  • Personalized Tajweed plan according to the stages.
  • Report cards and meetings
  • Tests and assessments
  • Competition and certificates

Final Thoughts

Quran Spirit aims at providing the whole package for Tajweed for sisters so that you can learn everything under one roof and become a pro. We strive hard to facilitate our students to let them learn in a healthy environment with flexible timing. Take a sample class from our Tajweed tutor and enroll right away. Your Online Quran classes at home will be scheduled according to your wish.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why is learning Tajweed important in Islam?

Learning Tajweed is very significant as non-Arabs tend to make grave mistakes while reciting Arabic in their accent. So, it is crucial to learn the real accent to better understand it.

2- What are the objectives of studying Tajweed in the Quran?

The main objective of studying Tajweed is to learn to read Quran perfectly by applying all the due rules without which Qutan recitation is not acceptable. 

The other objective is to have a clear understanding of the pronunciation of letters while reciting.

3- What guidance does the Quran provide regarding Tajweed?

Quran indicates in Surah Al-Muzzammil to recite slowly with the due right. The Tafsir of the Ayah tells us that recitation with Tajweed is mandatory.

4- Is Tajweed considered obligatory in Islam?

Yes, Tajweed is considered obligatory because it brings all the non-Arabs on one page through the rules of reading Quran.

5- What are some effective methods to improve Tajweed’s skills?

Some of the effective methods are:

  • Practice through animations 
  • Listen to the audio 
  • Read aloud 
  • Revise lessons daily 
  • Watch videos to correct errors


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