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Why Quran Spirit?

Quran Spirit was established for kids and adults for males and females. We believe that learning should be fun and easy, capturing the student’s curiosity and driving them to learn even more!

How much do classes cost?

You can find all of our pricing information here.

Do you have family discounts?

We have special discounts on family packages for family group classes and multiple children enrolling. Find more information here.

Where are your Quran spirit teachers from?

Quran spirit‘s teachers are native Arab teachers from Egypt, graduates of Al-Azhar University, and all specialized in teaching children using interactive education, and interesting methods.

What are the admission requirements for program Arabic language classes?

No admission requirements, we accept all ages kids and adults also we have special courses for females.

How are the fees paid?

Payments can be made online, via any payment card.

What is the certificate awarded upon the completion of Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies classes courses?

upon completion, students are granted an electronically authenticated certificate from Quran Spirit .

How is technical support provided?

we have a special team of technical support provided through the help and support request icon.

Visitors can submit their inquiries through the ‘Contacts ‘ icon on the website.