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As one of the primary foundations of Islamic studies, Aqidah (the Islamic faith) has received significant emphasis in the Qur’an, which devotes more than four-fifths of its verses to discussing the creed, its beginnings, and its expressions. It aims at building a firm base of Muslims with Quranic and Prophetic references to the Aqeedah (creed) that are based on some past, present, and future instances.

The Islamic Aqidah Course, presented by Quran Spirit is based on the detailed study of the religion’s basic requirements and association with Allah including themes that are connected to them. All the lessons are backed up with activities and each session is made interactional through one-on-one and group classes.

Understanding The Term Aqidah

The term Aqidah tauhid is derived linguistically from the word “aqd,” which implies “firmly holding onto something and being confident in it.” It means to have absolute faith in something in Islamic terms. The word “aqeedah” therefore denotes what a person is determined to do with true essence.

3 Levels Of Learning Aqidah

In order to simplify the curriculum and make it age-based, we have divided the syllabus into 3 levels. You can choose from the topics and age bracket to continue with us.

Level 1: The Basic Level

In this level the minimum age is 5 years and all the kids can enrol to learn the Aqidah in the early years of their life to understand and comprehend it well.

Level 2: The Intermediate Level

For this level, the minimum age is 12 years and both males and females can enroll to learn slightly lengthy topics than the basics to get to know more about the religion in detail.

Level 3: The Advanced Level

The minimum age for the advanced level is 18 years because it is going to be hard. Both males and females can attend the course and understand Aqidah by digging deep into the details.

What Will You Learn in Online Aqidah Course?

The following is the list of topics shortlisted for this course. These topics cover the entire religion and they are divided skillfully into the 3 levels to make the content age-appropriate.

Learn the short Qur’anic chapters by heart in the al-Aqidah course.

Knowing the Conditions and Requirements for Shahadah

Names of Allah

The 6 Cornerstones of Faith 

Introduction to Tawheed

Tawheed Ar-Ruboobiyyah & Al-Uloohiyyah

Tawheed Al-Asmaa Was-Sifaat & Meaning of “La Ilaha Illa Allah”

Virtues & Conditions of “La Ilaha Illa Allah”

Messenger of Allah ﷺ

Eeman (faith) & Belief in Allah

Belief in Angels, Messengers, Books, Last Day, & Fate/Destiny

Major Shirk

Minor Shirk

The Saved Sect

Calling to the Qur’an & Sunnah

Gratitude & Describing Allah

Paradise & Hellfire

Eeman (Faith) & Sins

Muhammad ﷺ is the Messenger of Allah


Loving the Companions

So learn all of these about tahweed in our one of the best online aqidah and Islamic classes


Why Taking Aqidah Course at Quran Spirit?

Personalized Aqidah Plan

You can design your own plan as we offer a facility to get a customised learning schedule of your choice. If you already have some knowledge about the Aqeedah and want to study further, you can get enrolled in level 3 where you will learn the advanced topics with great detail. The tutor will assess your prior knowledge, make you revise the old content, and will begin the new lessons as soon as you give consent.

Learning Goals Of This Course

We have chalked out a few learning goals of this course which we intend to achieve before the course ends. These goals are both for kids and adults.

  • To make students attach to their religion by understanding the true meaning of Islam.
  • To inculcate love and association with Allah in the hearts of Muslims.
  • To make students aware of mistakes they commit when understanding the presence of Allah.
  • To help learners work on their prayers and bring purity to them.
  • To understand the real meaning of Laa Elaha Il Allah and its implications in life.
  • To be able to rear kids according to the true creed and clear up their young minds from any confusion they have.

Our Qualified Tutors To Teach Aqeedah

The professionals shortlisted to carry on with this course are highly qualified and have a strong creed with a detailed study background in advanced levels.

They are certified by renowned Islamic Universities and have years of experience teaching kids and adults online.

They are fluent in English,Urdu and Persian to cater to as many Muslims as they can.

They work creatively while designing activities and worksheets for kids to engage them in the course throughout.


We have strived hard to bring an amazing and engaging course based on our foundation. This Aqidah Course is open for all Muslim kids and adults, males and females, students and workers. Take a free trial and get started with the course right away to unlock the multiple features we offer for this program. Our flexibility in timing, reporting system, tests, and certification are just some of the main features. Get to know more by contacting us.



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