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As one of the primary foundations of Islamic studies, AQIDAH (the Islamic faith) has received significant emphasis in the Qur’an, which devotes more than four-fifths of its verses to discussing the creed, its beginnings, and its expressions. Therefore, the two curricula used in our network’s creed curricula were based on establishing religious constants in the hearts of people of all ages: the first is electronic and interactive, and the second relies on reliable sources found in the creed books.

The road to the direction that enables you to develop self-belief is knowledge. Therefore, everyone, male and female, has a right to education. Therefore, from the very beginning of Islam, education has been significant. As a result, we are interested in offering courses and Aqidah online class.

The Islamic AQIDAH Course, often known as the creed or religion, represents the central aspect of Muslim existence. Course Principal Objectives we give our cherished pupils a thorough education that enables them to: 

  • Study the six pillars of faith. 
  • Knowing the evidence for the existence of Allah amplifies their faith, to establish a close relationship with Allah.

The course includes themes that are connected to them, worksheets for homework, and condensed notes for each lesson. Mostly, the live, interactive classes will last 40 minutes each over Zoom.

Since many years ago, we have been running The Basic Aqidah online course. For further information, please contact us.



By educating yourself, you may balance the development of your personality by developing your spiritual, intellectual, and logical faculties. Education, then, in Islam refers to learning heavenly knowledge since it is the path that links your personality with your pure essence. This includes knowledge of Aqidah Islam or any other knowledge.

Islam is a religion that has its beginnings in Arabia. It was given to humanity by the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims hold the concept that there is only one God. They think that there is only one, unique deity. The sole reason we are here is to worship. Muslims hold the view that this religion is the universal and perfect expression of a prehistoric faith.

Before a few years ago, this ancient faith was made known to the whole globe, most notably through Abraham, Noah, Adam, Moses, and Jesus, all of whom are regarded as “prophets.” They view the Arabic “Quran” as the ultimate and undisturbed revelation from God.

Islam’s definition of “submission” pertains to the idea of peace, which is derived from the term “submit.” This religion’s history is intertwined with that of the Prophet Muhammad. Every Muslim saw him as a “God.” All of them were taught by the Prophet Muhammad that God is one and that strength is found in togetherness. Around 500 AD, he was born in Mecca, a significant tribe. Consequently, it is crucial to understand this faith. Furthermore, there are numerous tools accessible today that may assist us all to understand more about this faith.

Therefore, learn Aqidah online is very important, so we must seek to book the course immediately that we provide for you.



Know that the Book of Allah (the Qur’an) contains the truest speech and that Muhammad, sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, is the finest guide. Aqidah akhlak so Innovations, which are contrary to the real teachings of Islam, are the greatest kind of evil. Every innovative religious practice is a bid’ah, and every bid’ah is a form of misguidance, and every kind of misguidance will result in eternal punishment in the Fire of Hell.

For every Muslim, because Aqidah Sunni so this course serves as an introduction. It is an outline of fundamental Islamic teachings and religious practices. We implore Allah to accept this work and make it useful for all who read and/or disseminate it using.

  1. Learn the short Qur’anic chapters by heart in the al Aqidah course.
  2. Knowing the Conditions and Requirements for Shahadah
  3. The 6 Cornerstones of Faith 
  4. What are Shirk and Tawhid?
  5. The Islam’s Five Pillars
  6. The Nine Prerequisites for Prayer
  7. The Foundational Elements of Prayer
  8. The Obligatory Prayer Acts
  9. The At-Tashahud Contents
  10. The Acts of Prayer of the Sunan
  11. Prayer’s Invalid
  12. The qualifications for ablution
  13. The Required Components of Ablution
  14. The Six Ablutions That Nullify Other Acts
  15. Encourage morals
  16. Islamic Customs
  17. Alert Others
  18. The Prayer of the Dead


The term Aqidah tauhid is derived linguistically from the word “aqd,” which implies “firmly holding onto something and being confident in it.” It means to have absolute faith in something in Islamic terms. The word “aqeedah” therefore denotes what a person is determined to do; if it is consistent with reality, it is a true belief; if not, it is a false belief. And because knowledge of the Islamic faith is essential, so we are interested in presenting it in detail at our Aqidah course.



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