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Online HIfz Quran For Ladies Course

Hifz is not mandatory but packed with uncountable rewards for those who opt to learn and preserve the words of Allah in their hearts and minds. The opportunity to Quran online memorization is not limited to males and kids only, sisters can also do that from the convenience of staying at home and attending online classes. 

We at Qiran Spirit have brought another amazing hifz program for ladies that is very well-organized and can be personalized. Our proficient male and female hifz tutors are here to make your hifz journey easily reachable through efficient learning techniques.

Best Hifz Classes For Sisters 

The reason we call our full time hifz program the best ones for ladies.  We have qualified female huffaz tutors that are specifically hired to teach ladies who are hesitant to do hifz from male tutors. The option of scheduling classes either on weekdays or weekends is another reason for being the best forum for hifz classes for females.

You can learn the verses from home online at your convenient time and also understand the meaning of the verses you learn daily.

Learning Objectives of This Course 

Certain learning objectives are the main reason for the success of this course as we achieve all of them effectively during the course time.

  • Helping sisters enroll conveniently according to their best focus time.
  • Enabling them to memorize whatever portion is easy for them to retain forever.
  • Understanding the theme and meaning of surahs 
  • Memorizing different techniques to get better results.
  • Focusing on Tajweed and pronunciation while memorizing.
  • Appearing in tests to enhance the group learning experience.
  • Building confidence to recite the Quran like a pro.
  • Revising the learned portion perfectly with the same motivation and focus.

Quran Spirit Levels of Hifz For Ladies

According to housewifes, working women or all other sister, we have customized timing to make it easy for them to memorize Quran little by little, we have divided the whole Quran into levels that are tracked and achieved successfully.

Level 1:

Is the beginner’s level to get started for hifz and set a routine through easy and short surahs.

Level 2:

Will take you through the different juz according to your hifz plan. Your tajweed will be focused on every level.

Level 3:

Is tough which will lead you to the end of the ladies quran memorization course with success. It may include more juz and elongated review sessions.

Get Structured and Customised Hifz Plans for all Women

Our hifz plans for sisters are very well-structured to avoid any confusion. It focuses on:

  • The starting and the ending dates.
  • The tests days.
  • The revision time allocated in every lesson.
  • The duration of the classes.
  • The number of lessons per week. 
  • Intensive Hifz Program for quick learning.

Ladies can personalize your plan according to your learning and maintaining capacity. Get a plan for a surah, juz, half Quran, or the whole Quran, and follow it by splitting it into levels.

Benefits of Getting Hifz Classes for Ladies

  • Strengthening Faith and Connection with Allah.
  • Empowerment through Knowledge.
  • Enhanced Memory and Cognitive Skills.
  • Personal Discipline and Time Management.
  • Sense of Community and Support.
  • Positive Role Models and Mentorship.
  • Increased Gratitude and Mindfulness.

Quran Spirit Online ladies Hifz classes offer these benefits, empowering women in their spiritual journey and personal growth.


Amazing Features to Sisters Join Quran Spirit to do Hifz

Easy Hifz Techniques 

This is the most amazing feature we propose. You can memorize Quran through different techniques that work differently for everyone. Learn the verses with:

  • Back-to-back repetitions.
  • Top-to-bottom technique.
  • Back and forth way.
  • Old memorizing way.
  • Reading out loud.
  • Listening to the audio several times.
  • Writing down the verses for picture image retention. 

Revision Sessions 

We prefer attending all revision sessions whether you memorize a surah, a juz, or the whole Quran. These sessions pay attention to reviewing verses with Tajweed and help retain them forever.

Daily Tajweed Practice 

Tajweed is never sidelined while memorizing because it helps avoid any trivial errors and brings beauty to your hifz.

Test and Competitions 

Take tests and participate in hifz competitions to make your lessons accurate and error-free. The winners and all those sisters who performed well will be rewarded too.

Reporting System 

Our reporting system is very synchronized and systematic. A weekly report sheet is generated online that gives a detailed overview of the performance of the student. The points that need revision and extra focus are discussed in detail and the report card of kids is asked to be signed weekly.

24/7 Availability

Whether you are a housewife or a working lady, schedule your hifz classes any time throughout the week. All we need is your best time of the day in which you are mentally free from other tasks.

Economical Fee Plan 

We know that the majority of the sisters are busy in their homes and want to memorize Quran with ease. So, we have kept the rates very minimal that is affordable for everyone Insha Allah. Furthermore, you can talk to the supervisors if you need any discount.

Female Huffaz Teachers

No need to worry about your privacy, ease, and comfort zone as we have the facility of female Quran Tutors who are huffaz and will assist you throughout. You can memorize Quran happily online now.

Steps of Joining our Ladies Hifz Program

  • Fill out the Registration Form: Complete the online registration form with accurate personal information and contact details.
  • Select the Schedule: Choose the class schedule that fits your availability and time zone, as we offer flexible timings to accommodate various time zones.
  • Payment and Fees: Review the course fees and payment options. Make the necessary payment through the provided payment gateway to secure your spot in the class.
  • Confirm Enrollment: Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email or notification confirming your enrollment in the Hifz class.
  • Access to Course Materials: You will be provided with access to the online platform or resources where you can find course materials, class recordings, and additional study resources.
  • Attend the Orientation: Attend the orientation session, if available, to get acquainted with the course structure, class rules, and expectations.
  • Start Hifz Classes: Join the scheduled Hifz classes and actively participate in the memorization process under the guidance of experienced teachers.
  • Track Progress: Monitor your progress regularly and celebrate milestones achieved in your Hifz journey.

Final Thoughts 

We are focused and motivated to facilitate our ladies to hifz Quran online and maintain it brilliantly as we believe that you are equally blessed with sharp memory retention like kids and adult males. Grab a free sample class with a female tutor and design your plan to start the course now. Enroll now and get  free trials to learn quran online from native Egyptian male and female huffaz tutors. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can ladies memorize Quran on weekends?

Yes, ladies can design their curriculum according to availability. Our huffaz teachers will be always available according to schedule. 

2- Do you offer group classes for females from the same families?

Yes, we have the option of both; solo and group classes for females. Femlaes can join the group along with other participants from the family with the same hifz plan and enjoy discounts on the fee too.

3- How to memorize Quran in a year?

It is made easy with the learning plan that is skillfully designed and the number of classes is calculated to divide the number of verses to be learned daily. Normally 2 pages per day can make you memorize Quran in a year without taking off.



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