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Learning the verses of the Quran is a tough task that requires pure intention, strong dedication, and lots of hard work to pursue your dream goal of memorization. Quran Spirit, a well-known online Quranic forum presents this intensive hifz course for all those serious students who want to hifz the book of Allah in the shortest time with extensive class timings to complete the whole Quran in less than 6 months. 

Taking our intensive hifz course is beneficial as we inculcate tests, evaluations, and revision classes that will be conducted for amazing results.

Best Intensive Hifz Program By Native Tutors

Our teachers are the backbone of this program because they are the ones who make this course successfully accomplished by all the students enrolled. The reason these classes are the best ones is the qualification and traits of our tutors who are selected after strict scrutiny.

The success of this intensive online quran memorization program depends on a combination of factors, including the teacher’s ability, the dedication and effort of the students, and the support and resources available to them. It is important for both the teacher and the students to approach the course with a serious and committed attitude and work together to achieve their goals. The traits we look into for the hifz teacher are:

  • They must be Egyptian born with an amazing Arabic accent and naturally enhanced Tajweed.
  • They must be Haafiz and know the techniques of memorizing Quran in a short period of time.
  • They must be Ijazah Qualified from any reputed university or renowned madrassah to ensure excellent teaching of Hifz.
  • They should be exceptionally good in spoken English skills to communicate with the students from the West easily.
  • They must know how to make lessons retain easily for all age groups and how to keep boredom away from the classes.
  • They should be spiritually connected to God and help students build up the bond too.
  • You will be given online tajweed classes to perfect your recitation along with the memorization of 30th Juz. 

Pre-requisites For Our Hifz Program

Other than dedication, commitment, and continuous hard work, the only requirement for this course is a grip on the Arabic language and Tajweed. 

Basic knowledge of Quranic Arabic: Students should have a basic understanding of Quranic Arabic, including the ability to read and write the Arabic script.

Memorization Skills: Intensive hifz classes require students to memorize a large amount of Quranic text in a short period of time. Therefore, students should have strong memorization skills and the ability to retain information.

Time Commitment: These classes require a significant time commitment, as students may be required to spend several hours each day memorizing and reviewing Quranic texts.

Discipline: Students should be disciplined and committed to their studies, as it requires focus and dedication.

Supportive Environment: Students should have a supportive environment that allows them to focus on their studies, such as a quiet place to study and support from family and friends.

There is no age limit to memorising the verses of the Quran as Allah has blessed the kids with exceptional learning and retaining power. So, all the age groups are invited to join this program and complete the hifz in a very short period by dedicating a significant amount of time per day


Learning Objectives Of intnsive Hifz Course

The basic learning objectives of this program to hifz quran in short interval of time are:

  1. Mastery of Quranic Arabic including a deeper understanding of meaning and context of the verses.
  2. Developing and enhancing discipline and focus ability through daily hifz routine.
  3. Increasing spiritual connection with the Lord by understanding the communication of Quran while memorizing.
  4. Improving memory skills by retaining large amount of information in short time.
  5. Appreciating the beauty and complexity of Quranic texts by learning the rhythmic verses and their relevancy in daily lives.
  6. Developing self-confidence by accomplishing the hifz goal and becoming a haafiz in a short time.
  7. Developing a solid grip on Tajweed and Makharij by applying rules daily while memorizing and revising ayats.

Features Of Quran Spirit Intensive Hifz Program

Certain features and facilitations make this course highly demanded everywhere. Some of the main features are:

Flexible Learning

 we accommodate students with flexible reachability, whether it is through online video lessons, audio recordings, or interactive quizzes. You can schedule your lesson whenever you are free and give good 3-4 hours with focus.

Memorization Techniques

Our effective quran memorization techniques are our real strength. It includes strategies for memorizing new ayahs, retaining previously memorized material, and reviewing memorized portions of the Quran. If a technique doesn’t work for any student, the teacher alters it and devises a new way to help the student learn the lesson efficiently.

Feedback and Evaluation

Regular feedback and evaluation from the hired teacher are kept on notice so that the authorities and parents are kept well-informed. Students need to improve their memorization skills and identify areas of weakness.

Supportive Community

We try our utmost to provide a supportive community where students can interact with one another, ask questions, and receive encouragement and support. Whether it’s a group class or a solo class, we facilitate through social bonding.

Progress Tracking

To keep an eye on the progress we track each lesson to see if the learning objectives for the daily class are fulfilled or not. It helps keep students on track and focused to hifz quran in short interval of time.

Supplementary Materials

assisting materials such as translations, tafsir, and other resources can help students deepen their understanding of the Quran and memorize it with greater context. So, we provide the material free of cost.


Upon completion of the course, we offer a certification of recognition for the student’s accomplishment with the credit hours’ detail and the supervisor’s signatures on top.

Our hifz course is well-structured, comprehensive, and supportive to help students achieve their goal of memorizing Quran.

Final Thoughts

Learning Quran quickly doesn’t mean that you can compromise on the quality of your hifz. We pay extra attention to Tajweed and stop the new lesson until assuring the previous lessons are perfectly learnt. All the features of our intensive hifz program can be unlocked by taking a free trial from our professionals to get started right away. So join Quran Spirit our learn quran online by getting free trails.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to memorise Quran in 2 months?

It is not difficult to memorize Quran in 2 months. All it needs is perseverance, time, and dedication. You will need a structured plan to follow in order to complete the whole Quran in 60 days.

How can I memorize Quran quickly?

You can memorize Quran quickly by following a proper timetable designed by the hired teacher.

How long it takes to memorize the Quran?

It depends on the student’s ability and time he can allot for the classes. You can memorize it in 2 months or 2 years.

Is it easy to memorize Quran?

Yes, it is easy to memorize Quran with efficient and effective learning methods. Quran Spirit have a team of qualified Huffaz who make it happen easily.

Do you offer a personalised learning plan?

Yes, you can get a customised hifz plan for any portion that you intend to memorize in a short time and the teacher will help you reach the goals easily.

Can ladies attend this course with a female instructor?

Yes, we have a team of female huffaz tutors qualified with an Ijazah from Egypt. You can hire a female teacher if you do not want to take the course with a male tutor.

Do you give extra classes on weekends?

It totally depends on your availability, we are present 24/7. You can schedule your classes and revision session on weekends too.


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