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If you have a good base of reading, writing and somehow speaking Arabic, then you can start learning Arabic grammar that describes the guidelines for structuring sentences, phrases, and words. It is significant to learn Arabic grammar because of the fact that many Arabic words are the same with differences in their meaning. A good grip on grammar will help you understand the tense, gender, subject, object, noun, verb, and much more very easily.

Quran Spirit provide a fantastic online Arabic grammar course that meets all of your requirements and exceeds your expectations. This course is conducted by our professional Arab tutors with pre-defined goals and a syllabus outline. We offer a variety of features for this program to make it attractive for our users to enrol in it right away.

Structured and Personalised Arabic Grammar Lessons

For a variety of reasons, learning Arabic grammar and taking a course is necessary to have a strong command of the language. We have structured the curriculum in a way that makes it easy for the learners. You will be taken in a step-by-step way so that nothing remains difficult to understand. The points we keep into consideration while structuring the syllabus are:

  • The duration of the course
  • The number of classes per week
  • The duration of the class
  • The tests and competitions dates and time
  • The revision time in each lesson

We also offer the facility to get a personalized and customized Arabic Grammar plan in which you can design and modify the syllabus as per your need and requirement. The topics you intend to learn and practice will be added with a slight revision of the past topics to bring you into the mode and momentum of study.

3 Main Levels Of Learning Arabic Grammar

We have divided the curriculum into three main levels that are:

1- Basic Arabic Grammar Module

Arabic words: The different types of words in the language and how they’re divided.

Arabic phrases: The more common phrases to introduce some key concepts and terminologies.

Arabic sentences: The different types of sentences as preparation for more advanced Arabic grammar rules

2- Intermediate Module

  • Grammatical inflexion
  • Inflexion in Arabic words
  • Reflection and diptotes
  • The grammatical states 
  • Nominal sentences 
  •  Verbal sentences and Arabic adverbs
  • Other verbal associates 

3- Advanced Module 

  • Definiteness
  • Gender in Arabic
  • Plurality in Arabic
  •  Arabic numbers

The Prerequisite For This Course

If you have completed the basic Arabic Reading course of Noorani Qaida and know how to read Quran, then you can easily take this course because grammar needs knowledge of the language. If you are slightly fluent in reading, then your course instructor will work on your fluency too. 

Without having any prior knowledge of the Arabic language, it will become difficult to understand the grammar rules, that is why we prefer taking basic reading courses first so that you can move on gradually and learn effectively as much as possible.

Qualified Native Arab Instructors 

To facilitate our students with the best teaching experience, we have hired a bunch of qualified and certified native Arab tutors who are experienced enough to bring out amazing results. The qualities we prefer for Arabic grammar teachers are as following.

  • They must have attended university for higher Arabic and Quranic studies.
  • They must have a certificate of Ijazah to teach others and pass on the permission of teaching to others as well.
  • They ought to be fluently speaking English, Urdu, and Pashto in order to cater to as many Muslim students from around m the globe as they can.
  • They must have a deep insight into creative teaching with different effective methodologies.
  • They must have a good rapport with their previous students who have given 100% consent of studying Grammar from them.
  • They must have diplomas or attended workshops in advanced Arabic Grammar to train others, whether kids or adults.
  • They must have experience of more than 5 years in virtual classes both for students and teachers for advanced levels.

Amazing Features Of This Course

Activity-based Learning

To bring out the best results of this program, we have planned and designed each lesson to be explained through activities so that students could learn with ease and 100% comprehension. Arabic Grammar is not difficult if understood through examples and revised with lots of practice.

Motivational Learning Environment 

In our group classes, we motivate and boost students to participate and put in their full effort to understand the rules and science of grammar. Such an environment helps shy and hesitant students to come up with answers and examples.

Arabic Grammar Certificate 

Whether you take the full course of 3 levels or complete any personalized level through us, you will be certified for it and the total number of hours you took to complete the level with tests will be mentioned on your certificate. The certificate will be signed by the course tutor and the supervisors.

Flexibility In Timings 

We have kept the timings for this course as per your convenience and availability. We are available to conduct the class whenever you are free and in whichsoever zone you belong to. Our team of qualified Arabic instructors will give you a trial lesson and then your plan and class timings will be mutually agreed upon.

Reporting System and Meetings 

To work on the weak and problem areas in the course, we present a weekly report that explains in detail where you have to work on a little more and which topics need further clarification and practice. In case of a child, parents are taken on board for extra classes and revisions. Parents are suggested to help the child too in extra time so that they can easily move on to the next topic or level. 

Meetings are also called online for any trouble regarding regularity, punctuality, understanding, home assignments, or behavioural issues.

Tests and Evaluation 

Tests are not only conducted on monthly basis but also after every lesson’s wrap-up time. The teachers evaluate the students’ understanding by asking for some riddles and quizzes based on the daily topic. Then they note down the reflection in the report card that is to be presented at the end of the week.

Affordable Fee Plan

We have kept the rates per hour very minimum so that a good number of students can get benefitted. In the case of a family, we give discounts and offer a group class where everyone can participate and learn together. Our fee packages are very economical compared to our leading competitors.


What You'll Learn

This course covers a long list of topics that are taught with activities and each lesson is made fun-oriented to keep boredom and laziness away. You will learn:

  • All Parts of Speech in Arabic
  • All Tenses in Arabic
  • Formulating Simple Sentences
  • Command Verbs
  • Declension And In-Declension
  • Definite Nouns And Indefinite Nouns
  • Active And Passive Forms
  • The Nouns
  • The Verbs
  • The Vowels
  • The Pronouns Personal Pronouns
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • The Demonstrative Pronouns
  • The Relative Pronouns
  • Interrogative Pronouns
  • The Adjective Phrase
  • The Relative Phrase
  • The Demonstrative Phrase
  • The Genitive Phrase
  • Inseparable And Separable Prepositions
  • The Nominal Phrase
  • The Verbal Phrase
  • Pronunciation of Consonants
  • Conditional Sentences
  • The Imperfect Verb
  • Simplified Metaphors

The main objective is to help students understand the language accurately by keeping all the grammatical rules in mind while reading Quran, hadith, or any other book in Arabic. This course will also help you fluently talk in Arabic as the grammar you will learn will clarify how to use the words.


With the help of the Arabic Grammar course, you may not only study the Qur’an but also comprehend the meanings and profundity of its passages. Additionally, you can grasp Hadith without any help and communicate effectively with someone whose first language is Arabic. Grab a free trial and start learning the language that Allah has chosen to communicate us with.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Check out our most frequently asked questions related to the topic.

Is Arabic grammar difficult?

If Arabic is taught as a collection of disjointed grammar rules with an overemphasis on rote memory, it can be challenging. This can cause overload, especially early on, and is the major reason students drop out. However, learning Arabic may be made simple and even delightful if the fundamentals of the language are initially taught by concentrating on the single subject of grammatical inflection.

Does Arabic have a gender?

Arabic only has nouns with gender. There is no neutral; there is only masculine and feminine. A noun might be masculine without possessing something. On the other hand, femininity demands a symbol, like a round ta.



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