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For all Muslims to correctly read and recite the Holy Quran, they must be fluent in Arabic in order to properly understand Quran and its teachings.. The best method to accomplish it is to study and learn to read Quran in its original Arabic language.

We at Quran Spirit present a very unique Arabic Reading Course that intends to polish the Arabic reading and leads to the accurate understanding. We have fully-featured classes that are accessible anytime 24/7. Our eminent teachers are equipped with unique teaching strategies to make the syllabus easily inderstandble. 

Structured Arabic Reading Lessons 

We present highly-structured reading classes in which the following points are kept into consideration.

  • The curriculum is pre-decided
  • The module is set up according to the age groups
  • The syllabus is divided into levels to attain the goals easily.
  • The duration of the couse is decided.
  • The tests and quizzes are all pre-defined.
  • The number of classes per week are also decided earlier.

Once you have enrolled in this program, you will be taken along with it in a very organised way so that you reach the ultimate Arabing reading goals easily.

All Muslims Are Required to Learn Arabic

According to some academics, studying Arabic is essential for all Muslims since, without it, it is impossible to understand the Quran and the Sunnah.

So learning Arabic and taking Basic Quran reading lessons is a necessary thing.

Why Learn Arabic?

A Language That God Has Chosen

Arabic is the language Allah SWT has decided to use to communicate with His creation. He published the Arabic version of the Holy Qur’an. The Arabic language is superior to all others, thanks to Allah SWT. One advantage of knowing Arabic and taking an Arabic Reading Course is this.

Of course, if Allah Ta’ala had desired, He could have revealed the Quran in every language, not just one or two.

This passage is sufficient justification for learning Arabic as a Muslim.

You May Learn Different Languages by Studying Arabic

Arabic is typically seen as a highly difficult language for English speakers to learn, but once you’ve learned the essentials, it may be a strong foundation for numerous other related languages. Learning Arabic can also help you learn other languages. You’ll find it much simpler to study Turkish, Farsi, and other languages once you’ve made some Arabic progress.

It won’t take you long to realize how many of the terms and grammatical rules have some of the same roots, and this makes learning a new language easier overall.


Amazing Features Of This Course

One- on-one and Group Classes 

We offer both one-on-one and group class facilities to learn Arabic reading in a motivational environment. Both types of classes have their own advantages and suit to different types of students. Those who are shy to socialise and participate in group discussions are suggested to enrol in our one-to-one class where they are only have a teacher-student exposure and learn comfortably.

Flexibility in Schedule 

Whether you are a job holder, running a business, or a student, you can schedule your reading classes anytime 24/7 because we facilitate all the users from around the world to attend classes as per their time as we have no issues in rendering services at any odd hours. This facility caters all the students, working men and women, and kids. 

Activity-based Learning 

All the lesson are delivered with the support of engaging and fun-based activities specially for kids. Reading requires a lot of practice and understanding. So we make it easy and understandable for students with lots of practical activities so the students can practice more and more.

Tests and Quizzes 

Our tutors take tests in the form of both objective and subjective to check the understanding of the student. Quizzes are also asked at the completion of daily lesson to wrap-up the session with a quick revision through quizzes and riddles. The grand test is taken at the end that tells the exact and correct aptitude of the student.

Rewards and Certificates 

We arrange competitions and the winners are rewarded too. These competitions are kept in the forum’s boundary. The kids and adults are splitted up according to their ages and then they are welcomed for the competitions. At the end of the course, all the regular r=students will get a certificate that is signed by the authorities.

Affordable Fee Package

Isn’t that a great news that all the features are offered in a minimum rate to cater to as many Muslims as possible. Our hour rate starts from just 3$. further more, you can enjoy discounts if you enrol in our group classes. Families can make up a single goup and learn conveniently at a same time in a discounted price.

What Will You Learn In Arabic Reading Classes?

The introductory Arabic reading and writing program is intended for
people who are just learning the language, want to read Quran and they
have little to no background in Arabic. Students will master Arabic
reading and writing skills for seven weeks.
Students in Arabic Reading Course will learn how to:

  • How to recognize, read, and pronounce Arabic words correctly.
  • An illustration of the Arabic alphabet’s different forms.
  • Read Arabic literature with ease and in a linked, natural way.
  • Online Quran Reading and Reading the Quran’s individual letters.
  • Inaudible letters.
  • Variety of Hamza.
  • Variations between Quranic printings.
  • Reading the Medina Mushaf.
  • The Indo-Pak Mushaf for information
  • Read Arabic phrases and words.
  • Arabic Dialogue.
  • Arabic Grammar.

You Will learn these most Important Arabic Lessons

  • Noorani Qaida
  • Children’s Arabic
  • Qur’anic Arabic
  • Conversation in Arabic
  • Present-day Standard Arabic
  • Language in Arabic


Learning a new language, especially Arabic, may have many wonderful advantages. Taking this course from us will not only make you proficient in reading Quran but also general Arabic reading. You will easily read word by word without any hurdle. Take a free trial class to understand how these classes work and how our teachers make the lessons interesting and engaging both for kids and adults. Start now to experience the multi-featured classes and learn with a bang.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic?

As it aspires to assist all Muslims study the Arabic language online correctly and digging into its splendor, we are a pioneer in the field of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. We provide you with a customized selection of the greatest online Arabic lessons that are created to specifically address all ages and levels.



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