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Muslim adults all over the world must seek Quranic knowledge to lead their life Islamically. It is hard to find a reliable institute in the West where Muslims face an identity crisis and turn towards online Quran classes. We at Quran Spirit are lending our assistance to all adults, male or female, to join our Quran classes and learn about Allah’s book in detail. 

Our Quran classes are flexible to schedule and easy to attend from any part of the world. We have several courses to cover the whole content of the Quran whether it is reading, reciting, memorizing, or understanding. The instructors here are well-trained and experienced. They know how to make Quran the favourite subject of adults to learn.

What Will You Learn In Quran Classes

There are multiple courses to select from the list. All you have to do is to analyse your level and choose the course accordingly. If you are a beginner and want to start learn to read Quran online from the basics, the Qaida course is the 1st step in this direction.

If you already know the basics and want to improve your recitation, then Tajweed classes are recommended. If you want to memorize the Quran or any of its portions, then you must enrol in our hifz classes for adults. 

We have categorized all the courses according to the age. Kids have different courses and adults ae catered to differently. To can land on the homepage to learn more details about all the courses of Quran classes.

You will learn,

  • The Noorani Qaida Course in detail,
  • Quran recitation rules
  • All Tajweed rules (basic-advanced)
  • Hifz (whole or selective)
  • Translation
  • Tafseer
  • Arabic language (spoken and written)
  • Islamic studies
  • Fiqh
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Aqeedah and Seerah

Learning Goals Of Our Adult Quran Classes

Taking the responsibility of teaching adults is not easy. We have goals to accomplish in the classes. We do not only focus on simple Quran learning, rather we shape personalities and pave a direction for adults to choose. The goals we want to achieve in all the Quran classes collectively are:

  • Helping adults get connected to Quran
  • Making a routine of taking out time for Quran classes
  • Having a serious outlook for studies.
  • Learning and understanding every single subject with interest and involvement.
  • Staying engaged and motivated throughout.
  • Understanding Quran reading methods and techniques efficiently.
  • Applying all the tajweed rules while reciting even a single Ayah.
  • Memorizing Quran with Tajweed and overall comprehending the verses.
  • Learning Quran with passion and love for Allah

Our Structured and Personalised Quran Curriculum For Adults

All of our Quran courses are very well-articulated and designed skillfully to keep the content easy to understand. We have divided all the courses into small levels and stages to help students achieve their ultimate goal through these small milestones and learn effectively. 

The roadmap is provided to the student beforehand that tells in detail what syllabus they will learn monthly, weekly, and daily. They need to stay on track and focused to follow the break up of the curriculum provided so that they can reach the target in time.

In case of any delay in the classes from the students’ side, we reschedule the class so that the syllabus is covered in time.


Our Qualified and Certified Tutors

We have taken the best tutors on board for our online Quran classes for adults who possess the following qualities.

  • Are native Arabs and have an exceptional Arabic accent that is a dream of every non-Arab Muslim to possess.
  • Are fluent in English and Urdu to teach Muslims from the West and Asia.
  • Are experinced to teach online with multiple engaging strtategies and have a result-oriented style of teaching Quran.
  • Are Ijazah qualified from reputed Islamic universities and madrassahs.
  • Are hafiz and have superb intonation in recitation.
  • Are morally sound and possess charismatic personalities that really attracts adults.

NOTE: We have the facility of female qualified Quran teachers also. They are equally qualified as male tutors. many sisters from the West have given positive feedback to these teachers.

Final Thoughts

You can also personalise your Quran plan. If you want to learn any certain part of the Quran, you can discuss it with the teacher and he will assess your level first and then make a plan for you. For example, you can get a plan for Juz Ammah hifz, Juz Tabarak hifz, Surahs, Tajweed rules, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Are you available on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24/7 to facilitate you. Our customer service operator replies within seconds to get us connected to the users and the classes are arranged all week long at any time.

2- Can I memorize Quran along with Tajweed?

Yes, we prefer memorizing Quran with Tajweed to avoid any errors afterwards. You can enrol in the Tajweed course first, and soon start your hifz. Or you can learn Tajweed rules along with your hifz. It depends on your availability and time allocation.

3- How do you track progress?

We have a proper weekly reporting system in which the teachers give you a detailed evaluation of your one week’s classes and suggest improvement where required. In case of any dire feedback, we contact parents too.

4- Do you offer a certificate for all the Quran courses?

Of course, all the Quran courses are backed up with an e-certificate that is signed by the teacher and the supervisor. Whether you learn the whole curriculum or take a personalised plan from us, you will be certified.

5- Are the courses tests based?

Yes, all the courses have tests and evaluations that are conducted weekly, monthly, and even oral tests are taken daily. This is to promote confidence in students to appear in exams to get their lessons perfected.



Reading Quran

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Quran Memorization

Learn how to memorize the Quran & become the next Hafiz/Hafiza of the holy Quran.


Quran Ijazah

Get prepared for obtaining Ijazah online in “Quran Recitation” and/or “Quran Memorization”.


Islamic Studies

Learn everything you need about Islam, obligations, sunnah, Dua'a (supplication), etc.


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