When the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, many people are looking for dua for breaking fast Ramadan in Ramadan, as you have to say this supplication before starting to break the fast in Ramadan.

Ramadan comes this year on the 14th of April, so people continue to search for many things related to this month.

This article will collect the essential information you can know about this month.

Duas for iftar in Ramadan

At the beginning and when the Maghrib call to prayer, you must say this supplication and then start eating and breakfast quickly.

Oh, Allah, I am silent for you and your sustenance; I broke the fast, the thirst has gone, the veins are wet, and the reward is confirmed, Allah willing.

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The most famous supplications said in Ramadan

You must have continuous supplication at all times and times, specifically in the month of Ramadan, when the devils are chained, the gates of Paradise are open, and the gates of Hell are closed, which makes it a better opportunity to obtain many good deeds, and to avoid many of the sins and sins that you can avoid.

In the following lines, we show you the essential supplications that you can say:

  • Oh Allah, grant us this month of blessings, safety, and security.
  • Allah, I ask you for forgiveness, wellness, and abundant sustenance
  • Help us, O Allah, for his fasting, resurrection, and recitation of the Qur’an
  • Oh, Allah, you are a generous pardon; you love forgiveness, so forgive us.
  • May Allah accept my fasting and my resurrection.
  • Allah alerts me about his sleep heedless.
  • Oh, Allah, write me ease and wellness in it; Oh Allah, bring me closer to your satisfaction and keep me away from your anger and wrath.

Duas for all Muslims

dua for breaking fast ramadan
dua for breaking fast Ramadan
  • Oh Allah, prepare my affair for me and make me firm on it as long as you revive me, purely for your noble face, outwardly and inwardly, until I meet you and you are satisfied with me.

  • Allah, save my fortune from its blessings, and ease my way to its bounties

  • Oh Allah, do not deprive me of accepting your good deeds and open for me the gates of your paradise, and close the gates of your fire for me in it, and grant me in it the recitation of your Qur’an.

  • Allah, do not make in it a way for Satan, and make heaven for me a home and a place of refuge. Oh Allah, open the doors of your kindness for me in it, and send down your blessings upon me in it, and guide me in it to the requirements of your pleasure.

  • O Allah, in it, cleanse me of sins, purify me of faults, and test my heart in it with the piety of hearts.

  • I ask you, O Allah, in what pleases you, and I seek refuge in you from what harms you.

  • I ask You for success in it because I obey You and not disobey You. Make me in it, my Lord, loving Your friends, hostile to Your enemies, humiliating in it the Sunnah of the Seal of Your Prophets.

The importance of fasting

dua for breaking fast ramadan
dua for breaking fast Ramadan

Allah does not command His servants to do anything but that its many benefits have been proven in various areas of life, as well as fasting; one of the most important acts of worship that Allah has commanded us to do is fasting, and it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

This paragraph will talk about the importance of fasting and its impact on various areas of life.

The effect of fasting on human health

Fasting initially protects humans from infections and reduces exposure to them.

It also protects the heart and arteries from hardening and protects the person from exposure to all chronic health problems and diseases.

Fasting regulates the level of sugar in the blood, which protects the person from suffering from diabetes and getting rid of excess fat in the body.

The social benefit of fasting

The fasting person performs all the things and duties that Allah has imposed on His servants, such as praying on time and giving zakat, which helps the person in courtship and helps others, the poor and the needy.

Also, in Ramadan, fasting works on the gathering of all family members at the time of Maghreb to break the fast,

As well as the connection of the womb and the gathering of family, friends and close ones, fasting enhances human social life and communication.

The financial importance of fasting

Fasting works on the feeling of the rich about the poor, the extent of their need, and the extent of their sense of hunger, so the fasting person pays zakat on the poor and needy.

In addition, not to be extravagant and extravagant in food throughout the day while fasting protects the person from falling into the sin of extravagance in eating.

The psychological benefit of fasting

Fasting disciples the believer’s soul because it prevents the believer from fulfilling all his desires.

Thus, he refines and corrects himself.

Fasting also conveys a feeling of closeness to Allah Almighty, which increases the sense of comfort and reassurance during fasting.

Because in fasting, the believer’s goal is to please Allah and not to please himself.

Fasting keeps the devils away from the fasting people and thus prevents the person from making mistakes and doing evil deeds.

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This article has talked about the importance of fasting and its virtue for Muslims. We also talked about the effect of fasting on various aspects of human life from the health side, social, material, and psychological side, where the benefit and impact of fasting are not limited to one side only.