In this article, we will talk about best dua for ramadan and the etiquette of dua and the blessed month of Ramadan, which Muslims have long awaited all over the world,

as this month has always been one of the best Islamic months in the world, where the month of liberation from Hellfire and the month of mercy and forgiveness,

so all Muslims resort to this month Blessed to be forgiven for all their misdeeds and sins they have committed throughout the year, as in this month the rewards and good deeds are multiplied.

Therefore, everyone is interested in avoiding all sins and bad deeds, as well as adhering to all the duties and duties that Allah has imposed on His servants, such as praying on time, fasting, zakat or Hajj.

Best Dua for Ramadan

Supplication is one of the most powerful weapons that a person armed with against bad situations and events, as long as Muslims love to remember Allah always, so they use supplications to Allah until they feel safe and calm, or to ask for their wishes and requests from Allah Almighty.

We have collected for you a number of supplications that are said all the time, specifically in Ramadan:

  • Oh Allah, I ask You for well-being in this world and the hereafter.
  • Oh Allah, make me enjoy my hearing and my sight and make them the inheritor from me, and help me against those who oppress me, and take my revenge from him.
  • please Allah, help me to remember You, to thank You, and to worship You well.
  • please Allah, make us among Your righteous servants who will inherit Paradise,
    In it they will abide forever, and those who give what they give while their hearts are dreadful,
    That they will return to their Lord, and among those who hurry to do good deeds and are forerunners to it.
  • Oh Allah, I ask You for Paradise and what brings one closer to it of words or deeds,

Different duas

  • and I seek refuge in You from the Fire and what brings one to it of words or actions,
  • and I ask You to make every decree that You decree for me good.
  • ya  Allah, I ask you for eternal bliss, which does not change or disappear.
  • Oh Allah, I ask you by your might to save me from the fire.
  • please Allah, forgive me my sin, my ignorance, my extravagance in my affairs, and what you know better than me.
  •  Allah, bless them with what you have provided them, and forgive them and have mercy on them.
  • Oh Allah, give my soul piety, and purify it, you are better than purify it, you are its guardian and guardian.
  •  Allah, make us among the winners at his seal, and among the rewards of the possessors.
  • And among the blessings of the thankful, and at the affliction of the patient,
    And do not make us among those who were tempted by the devils and cast him into Hell, by your mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful.

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Ramadan seal prayer

best dua for ramadan
best dua for ramadan

There are several supplications to be mentioned at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, which we supplicate with so that Allah accepts our fasting and our prayers.

  • May Allah accept our fasting with the best acceptance, forgive us and have mercy on us.
  • Allah, your forgiveness and the reality of your pleasure,
    so that you will bless us in it with all the good that is required and a great gifted endowment.
  • Oh Allah, I ask you to make this month of ours the greatest month of Ramadan that has passed since we were sent down to this world, a blessing in the inviolability of my religion, the salvation of my soul, and the fulfillment of my needs.
  • ya Allah, distract me from bad and dress wellness for me in it.
  • Oh Allah, in it, open for me the gates of Heaven, and close the gates of Hell for me in it.
  • Allah, make a guide for me in it to your satisfaction, and do not make the devil a way for me in it.

Etiquette of prayer

best dua for ramadan
best dua for ramadan

You must have many manners when talking to Allah, the speech must be appropriate to direct it to Allah Almighty,
When you intend to do anything related to Allah and worship, you must have some manners.

We have collected for you some of the etiquette that you must have before supplication until the time when the supplication is answered:

  • First, you should not pray except to Allah Almighty,
    Because supplication to other than Allah is sin and polytheism and is considered a major sin.
  • The supplication should be free from cutting the uterus or anything bad that may happen to a person.
  • Never stop praying, and also do not rush to respond to Allah.
  • We must be absolutely certain of the response from Allah Almighty.
  • Do not despair of Allah’s mercy and despair.
  • It is preferable to face the qiblah in supplication.
  • To begin the supplication with the greeting of peace, the remembrance of Allah,
    Then the Messenger of Allah, and prayers upon our master Muhammad, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.
  • Certainty in Allah and response as well as good faith in him.
  • The heart and mind must be present, so we cannot pray except with the presence of a heart in which we feel our need for Allah Almighty.

Travel prayer

best dua for ramadan
best dua for ramadan

One of the supplications that is most searched for is the prayer of travel.

As many Muslims need it when they travel to seek the help of Allah Almighty on their way,
And so that Allah protects them during the road and makes this blessing and mercy in their travels.

At the outset, we say, Glory be to You, who mocked this for us,
And we were not bound to it, and to our Lord we will be overturned.

  1. Oh Allah, I ask You in this journey of righteousness and piety, and from work that pleases You.
  2. Allah, make this travel easy for us and slow down after it.
  3. Oh Allah, you are the companion in travel and the successor in the family.

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