We’ve come to talk about maghrib prayer Riyadh time for your convenience. But first, it’s crucial to know that prayer timings in Riyadh, and other Saudi Arabian cities differ by a few minutes. And know that prayer times fluctuate every day according to the Sun’s location.

Maghrib prayer Riyadh

Today in Riyadh for Muslims to conduct their prayers.

  • Fajr is at 5:05 a.m.
  • Dhuhr is at 12:07 p.m.
  • Asr is at 3:24 p.m.
  • Maghrib prayer Riyadh is at 5:50 p.m.
  • Isha is at 7:20 p.m.

Today’s Riyadh prayer hour is based on the Islamic date of 19 Rajab 1443; however, for the convenience of all Muslims.

But there is an important thing that you should be aware of the times of these prayers may change later.

But they are listed according to the time of writing this topic, which is Feb 20, 2022.

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Why is it important to know about Maghrib prayer Riyadh?

Maghrib prayer Riyadh
Maghrib prayer Riyadh

Before doing prayers, Muslims practice ablution (wudhu) by thoroughly washing their hands, feet, neck, nose, arms, hands, and face three times.

Salah is a way for achieving virtue and numerous benefits and allowing us to establish a direct relationship with our Creator, Allah (S.W.T.).

7 Rakat, 3 Fardh, 2 Sunnah, and 2 Nafl make up the Maghrib salah. I am praying the two Sunnah Rakats of Maghrib after the Fardh reaps enormous benefits.

In the two Sunnah Rakat, it is preferable to recite surah Al-Kafiroon and surah Al-Ikhlas.

The following are some advantages to comprehending the significance of Maghrib prayer Riyadh:

Recognize that Allah’s virtue is more important than any other consideration

As a Muslim, it is required to obey Allah’s directives and commands, recorded in the Holy Quran and Hadith.

All Muslims should abide by Allah according to the Quran.

Allah loves us seventy times more than our moms, and He asks us to seek forgiveness and mercy as much as we can, and He will forgive us. Our misdeeds are even if as thick as the sea foam.

Allah Is The Greatest, So Ask For Forgiveness

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) frequently told the Muslim followers to pray for forgiveness since the hour of forgiveness may be approaching.

The Sun rising from the East and passing from twilight to day is proof of His presence, yet if Allah (S.W.T.) wishes, he may forgive all of our crimes.

As a result, at the hour of Maghrib prayers, beg for forgiveness and mercy.

Time Management & Maghrib prayer Riyadh: The Virtue Of Punctuality

Every Muslim must adhere to and observe a specific time for each prayer.

Aside from that, the Salah is Qaza’ah.

The whole reward for Qaza’ah prayers is not given for various reasons.

Let’s say you’re in a scenario where you don’t think you’ll be able to pray at all.

Then Allah certainly understands all of us and our predicament, but willfully skipping Maghrib prayers and failing to do them on time is frowned upon and despised by Allah.

Punctuality is vital since it benefits you in the long term.

Defending Against Evil Entities

Staying at home during Maghrib, when the Sunsets and twilight approach, is helpful.

There are invisible beings that may harm individuals, children, and animals.

Staying at home and standing for Maghrib prayers is recommended because the prayer is short, and doing it sooner is an excellent approach to avoid missing the Salah.

Allah’s Existence

About Maghrib prayer Riyadh: The Sun, Moon, Stars, Mountains, Plants, and Trees are all examples of natural phenomena.

The many seasons all give evidence of Allah’s existence.

The world’s system would not function without Him, and the world would crumble and cease.

But Allah (S.W.T.) is kind and loves His Ummah passionately, and He continues to pardon our transgressions.

As a result, we must pray five times a day, from sunrise until nightfall and then throughout the night.

There is no disputing Allah’s presence, and it is a privilege to be well every day. All glory to Him.

Tips for practicing Maghrib prayer Riyadh on time include the following:

First and foremost, have a sincere intention and du’a to do one’s salah on time.

The aim is always crucial since only then can our efforts be fully rewarded.

Remember what Rasool Allah stated:

“Verily actions are based upon intentions, and a person will only be rewarded by what was intended.” (Bukhari)

If one is hungry, one is permitted to eat beforehand, but extra care must be made to ensure that one’s food does not prevent one from saying the prayer on time.

Because your mind may be focused on eating while praying, it is best to eat beforehand, provided there is sufficient time to pray.

“I would rather eat rapidly while thinking about prayer than pray quickly while thinking about food,” remarked Imam Abu Hanifah.

If you are concerned that you will miss your salah, you should pray first and then eat.

However, it should be mentioned that after eating, one may feel sluggish and lazy; therefore, it is usually best not to overfill your stomach before praying.

During Maghrib, stay indoors.

This will not only ensure that your salah is done on time, but it will also encourage you to stay indoors during Maghrib.

“Do not let your animals and children go out when the sun has set until the first part of the night is done,” Jaabir t said, “because the demons come out when the sun sets till the first portion of the night is over.” (Muslim)

You have a far lower probability of missing salah if you are indoors.


The Maghrib prayer Riyadh is the fourth and last required prayer, and it begins at sunset.

If one does not offer the Maghrib Salah on purpose, Allah Almighty chastises (punishes) them.


  • Those who offer Maghrib prayer receive all of Allah’s blessings and benefits.
  • All of your requests and Duas will be granted by Allah (S.W.T.).
  • Allah Almighty will bless you with prosperity and a happy family.

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