Why do Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan? This is what we will talk about, as Ramadan is one of the best Islamic months for Muslims, as it is characterized by being the month in which God ordered us to fast during the whole month and also promised to weaken the wage, which made Muslims afraid to commit sins and sin, especially in this holy month.

Why do Muslims fast

Ramadan is the ninth of the Islamic Hijri months, when some Islamic countries take the country’s actual history, such as Saudi Arabia. Ramadan is also characterized by being the month in which Allah revealed the Qur’an to our master Muhammad, peace be upon him, which made it one of the purest and most honorable months in which the wage doubles.

The goal of Ramadan fasting

Why do Muslims fast
Why do Muslims fast

The Arabs of Ramadan were named after Ramada Al-Hurr because of the sun’s extreme heat at the time of its name.

  • Fasting in the language came from the root of fasting and denoted constipation and stagnation, and it does not mean fasting only from food, but it holds on to many things, including talking.
  • As for the terminology, fasting is: holding on to food, drink, and other fasts from the rising of the true dawn to sunset.
  • Achieving the unity of the Islamic nation; It is the unity of origin and sincerity to God – Glory be to Him – in his worship, from the essential thing that shows the unity of the nation, the unity of God – the Highest –
  • He is sensing the blessing of guidance to the religion of Islam that God has bestowed upon His servants.
  • Accustoming oneself to giving and giving; The fasting person perceives the needs of the poor and needy and does well. Thus, the Muslim community becomes an integrated and merciful one.

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The manners of a fasting person in the month of Ramadan

Why do Muslims fast
Why do Muslims fast

A Muslim must have good manners during the month of Ramadan to avoid many of the sins that he can fall into during these two months. In this article, we will talk about the essential qualities that a Muslim must have during this month:

  • The fasting person ignores the nonsense of words and actions that will reduce his reward. Keeping up with foolishness is a ridiculous act that may lead you to fall into a lot of sin and disobedience, so the first thing you should be careful about is avoiding fools.
  • The fasting person ignores foolish words and actions that will reduce his reward, so the Muslim must remember God throughout the day in Ramadan and other than Ramadan, which works to strengthen him and increase his faith.
  • Please keep away from tongue lesions; From backbiting, lying, and gossip, one of the most common actions that lead a Muslim to sin is gossiping and talking about others in their absence, so it is one of the first steps that reduce your risk of error.
  • Keenness to continue worship and obedience; A Muslim is not obligated to commit sins after breaking the fast and adhere to righteous deeds even after the end of the brief.
  • Moving from one obedience to another, and not disobeying God after breaking the fast; By satisfying desires and desires with sins and what God has forbidden.
  • A Muslim should come out of the month of Ramadan a better person than the person who started the month, so he abandons all his bad qualities and habits.

The importance of fasting for humans

Why do Muslims fast
Why do Muslims fast

Islam is one of the most prevalent religions in the entire world; due to the number of Muslims around the world is constantly increasing,

with the increase in Islamic studies and scientific research, all studies have proven the impact of the benefits of fasting on the human body,

which is a fantastic effect, among the most important of these effects:

  • Fasting reduces the rate of infections that a person may contract, which protects him from exposure to various diseases.
  • Regulating bad cholesterol: Many seek to take advantage of the opportunity of fasting to lose some weight,
  • but a recent study proved that fasting also affects fats and leads to a decrease in cholesterol in the blood.
  • This reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases.
  • Curb appetite: Fasting in the month of Ramadan represents an essential and positive turning point in the life of the fasting person and the health of his digestive system.
  • As the body’s accustoming to eating less food allows the digestive system to rest and leads to a gradual shrinking of the stomach size and reducing appetite,
  • and it can have better results than more Types of effective diets.

The effect of fasting on health

  • Promote mental health and improve mood Fasting is an effective way to recharge the brain,
    promote the growth and development of new brain cells,
  • and sharpen the ability to respond to information from the surrounding world.
  • Fasting makes the brain more resilient to stress and adapts to change,
  • and it can also improve mood, memory, and the ability to learn.
  • Fasting lowers the blood pressure and the level of fats in the blood and puts the heartbeat in a state of rest,
    which helps the person to lead a healthier life.
  • This confirms that the fasting diet lowers the risk of obesity and diabetes better than low-calorie diets.
  • Detoxing for a month Fasting benefits the consumption of fat reserves and cleanses the body of harmful toxins that can be found in fatty accumulations

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In this article, we have talked about the reasons for fasting and the goal of fasting.
ِAnd we have also talked about the morals that a Muslim must have during the day in Ramadan to keep away from sin and disobedience and everything that may expose him to falling into immorality.


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