Our kids are supposed to be the leaders of future generations and we as parents need to invest in their proper upbringing so they can better connect and associate themselves with Islam. The timing for children to begin learning the Quran varies depending on individual circumstances, cultural practices, and parental preferences. In many Muslim families, children are introduced to the Quran at a young age to develop a connection with the holy book and the teachings of Islam. So it is important to give your Childs Quran classes for kids so that in early beginning they can learn and understand Quran. 

Correct Time to Introduce Kids to Islam

Here are some common approaches we at Quran Spirit adopt for our kid’s Quran courses.

Early Introduction

Some families start teaching children about the Quran as early as preschool or kindergarten age, using simplified versions or children’s books that introduce basic concepts and stories from the Quran. This is the right time because children are born on Fitrah and they naturally adopt and love everything good and nature-bound. Islam is a natural religion and supports everything good. So, start telling about Allah, Prophets, Rewards, happiness, and all the catchy definitions when they are 3-5 years old.

Formal Learning

Typically, formal Quranic education begins when children reach the age of 7 or 8. At this stage, children may start attending Quranic schools or Islamic classes where they learn to read, recite, and memorize the Quran. The focus is primarily on learning the Arabic script and proper pronunciation (tajweed). This is the age where prior knowledge from early children helps. It triggers more learning and inclination toward Quranic studies. If your kids are exposed to Quran at this age (7-8), they might not get interested because they have never heard about it. So, after early education and a little know-how, let them attend online classes or opt for Islamic schooling to learn Quran formally.

Home-based Learning

In addition to formal education, many families also engage in home-based Quranic learning. Parents may teach their children to read the Quran and memorize verses at a pace suitable for their child’s abilities. This often occurs alongside their regular schooling.

It’s important to consider a child’s readiness, capabilities, and attention span when determining the appropriate age to start Quranic education. Parents should also ensure that the learning environment is nurturing, and supportive, and encourages a love for the Quran rather than making it a burden.

Be mindful of the fact that kids observe and save everything in their memories from their early childhood. If you are following and implementing all the Islamic modes of life, they will copy you and grow up loving Quran and its teachings. If you are not following and asking them to follow, they will be in confusion and will end up disliking it.

Quran Spirit is known for its unique courses and classes for kids that are age-appropriate and the content selected is very catchy for them.

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Why Is Quran Learning Important For Kids?

The reason why kids should learn Quran is that they have to connect to the book of Allah and Quran learning will guide them in every walk of life. 

Secondly, proper reading and recitation of the Quran are naturally known to Arabs only, and we as Non-Arabs need to learn it to avoid mistakes. So, letting kids get to read and recite Quran properly is the responsibility of every parent. You can also give them hifz classes for kids so that they can learn and memorize quran.

Thirdly, the tafsir and explanation of surahs for kids are helpful for them to understand the history and the way Allah deals. Also, kids must know how Islam emerged and spread throughout the world.

Fourthly, Arabic is a very beautiful language, and letting kids learn it at an early age is a gift you can give them. They will be knowing the basics and advanced Arabic from their childhood and they won’t have any problem learning Quran formally when they grow up.


Ultimately, the decision of when to begin Quranic education for children rests with the parents, taking into account their cultural and religious practices, as well as the child’s individual development. We are here to help and guide you about the courses and lessons we offer for kids of different ages. Let’s educate our kids about their deen and connect them to the book of Allah with the help of Quran Spirit by Learn quran online at home.

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