What is the power of dates, dates are one of the fruits and food that has many advantages and many benefits that make it at the forefront of foods loved by all people in the world, especially Muslims, where dates are famous in Islam more than anything, because it is one of the fruits

Muslims eat during Ramadan and for the rest of the year.

The Power of Dates

It is a Sunnah to eat three dates at the beginning of each day because of its great importance and substantial impact on human health.

Dates come from palm trees that are grown in various tropical places. Dates have become more popular and eaten globally for the last time.

In some entries, the dates well before selling them, especially in Western countries.

You can know if the dates are natural or dried by seeing the skin of the dates from the outside. The dried dates are cracked and dry,

while the smooth natural dates are evidence that the dates are natural and were not subjected to drying by different companies.

Dates are a sweet fruit that contains many natural ingredients and essential nutrients that the human body needs.

The nutritional value of dates

The Power of Dates
The Power of Dates

One of the most distinguishing features of dates from other foods is their high nutritional value, as dates are one of the highest sweet-tasting fruits that contain inessential beneficial elements for the human body.

Dates ease and ease digestion.

Dates are characterized by having many calories, as they are similar to dried fruits in high calories,

Most of the calories in dates come from beneficial carbohydrates.

Dates consist of minerals, fiber, and beneficial elements.

After drying the dates, for every 100 grams of dates:

  • 277 calories.
  • Carbohydrates have 75 grams.
  • Fiber: 7 grams.
  • Potassium: 20%.
  • Iron: 5%.
  • Vitamin B: 12%.

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Benefits of dates on human health

Dates are one of the foods that contain a very high nutritional value, which makes them the most used valuables that a person can eat, as dates are one of the things that maintain human health great significantly ties are related to Islam and Muslims, as it is from the Sunnah that a person should eat three dates at the beginning of the day, and also during fasting, it is preferable to break your fast by eating dates.

Help in weight regulation

Dates contain a high percentage of fibers that help regulate body weight, where people can eat take ate pill before bedtime, which allows feeling complete, which helps reduce weight in a more healthily thread in it will enable people to feel full and reduce the feeling of hunger, which reduces the intake of fatty foods and eating before bedtime.

Dates regulate blood sugar levels

The Power of Dates
The Power of Dates

Dates reduce the absorption of sugars in the human body, which helps regulate the sugar level in the blood, maintain human health, and reduce the possibility of diabetes.

Where you can eat dates without worrying about the level of sugar level your blood.

Dates help maintain human health

Where dates contain many nutrients that help maintain human health and the person’s ability to work more and give him the energy needed to work better… contain iron, which protects the person from the risk of developing anemia, which exposes the person to being freewheeled and exhausted.

Also, dates contain potassium, which is inessential to the human body, as it raises the level of potassium in the human body. The lack of potassium in the body causes weakness and humiliation. Hence, help to maintain the health of people.

Dates protect the heart from diseases.

Since dates contain valuable rents and their nutritional value is higher than the rest of the foods, their benefits are not without protecting the heart from exposure to diseases. The fiber in dates protects the heart from exposure to heart attack, heart failure, and blockage of the arteries.

Other benefits of dates

It is preferable to eat dates before bed because it contains many benefits such as:

  • Regulates blood pressure and human health.
  • Dates help to finish the digestion process better.
  • It protects people from osteoporosis.

Eating dates in Ramadan

Dates are one of the foods that characterize the month of Ramadan and are famous, as the purchase of dates increases in the month of Ramadan every year, where Muslims can eat dates directly before the dawn prayer and also immediately after the Maghrib prayer until you break your fast by eating dates.

Benefits of dates in Ramadan

Dates contain simple sugars that are easily absorbed by the body. This helps to regulate the level of sugar in your body and your body’s activity and vitality after a full day of fasting and the interruption of food from your body.

It prepares your stomach to prequalify receiving the rest of the food, which reduces the chance of intestinal upsets during the Dan.

Dates help maintain intestinal health

The Power of Dates
The Power of Dates

Where dates help the intestines re-absorb food again and help support the digestion process, as dates contain many amino acids that work to rid the intestines and the digestive system of harmful bacteria of all kinds.

It also helps grow beneficial bacteria that aid in the digestive process.

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In this article, we have talked about the importance of dates, what are the nutrients that dates contain, what is their nutritional value; of dates. In this article, we have also talked about the benefits of eating dates and their importance in Islamic societies and the entire world, and human health in general.

One of the effects of dates on human health is enhancing human health and reducing his feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. Dates also protect the heart from exposure to injury and help regulate the sugar level in the blood and thus help to regress the weight of the human body.