Our question on this subject is: Is it permissible reading Quran without Wudu? To find a detailed answer about him and some other related matters, just read the following in this article.

Reading Quran Without Wudu

The Quran is Allah’s discourse, Divine instruction, and the Universe’s highest revelation of the Lord. It’s a ticket to Paradise and protection from Hell’s fire. It calls itself a great book, an elevated Scripture, and a store of Divine knowledge. It’s no surprise that it requires anybody who holds it in their hands to read it to be clean, i.e., to conduct the Islamic practice of Wudu (ablution). According to Quran Spirit experts, it is forbidden for a Muslim to touch or reading the Quran without Wudu. This is the viewpoint of the four imams (Hanafi, Malaki, Shafi, and Hanbali) and the Prophet’s companions (peace be upon him). The same is true while shifting the Quran from one location to another if the individual is not in Wudu. If they touch it or move it with anything in between, it is permitted, such as picking it up in a wrapper.

However, most experts believe that if they touch it directly, this is not permissible. If the individual does not have wudu, the Quran can be recited from memory, or they can read it if the Quran is held by someone who does. So, read the Arabic Quran in a clean state (in Wudu). Wudu is not required for Quran translations that do not include Arabic. Some scholars (the Malaki Jurists) believe that a book or a Quran translation and commentary with less than 50% Arabic can be read without Wudu. Cleaning one’s (Wudu) before touching the Divine book is an explicit declaration of respect for the book, as well as conviction in its marvelous Divine nature.

Is Wudu Required When Reading The Quran On My Phone or Laptop?

Reading Quran without Wudu

This is when the absolute misunderstanding begins. There was no such technology at the time of the Quran’s revelation. No one had ever envisioned owning a cell phone, a tablet, or a laptop. As a result, there are no clear guidelines on whether or not you can be done Quran reading on your phone or laptop without wudu. People used to read the Holy Quran after doing wudu during the time of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W). Because there was no idea of reading the Quran on an electronic device, it is best to read the holy Quran after ablution in all cases.

That is why it is recommended that you read the Holy Quran after doing wudu, whether on your phone, laptop, or another device. Even though you are not physically touching the Quran’s words, you speak them out loud. Your tongue isn’t completely pure without wudu. That is why, before reading the Quran, you should always do wudu to purify yourself. The Quran can then be read and recited after that.

Is It Possible To Learn To Read The Quran Online Without Wudu?

In the context of talking about Reading Quran without Wudu, when you learn Quran online. The Quran instructor instructs you by sharing their computer screen with you. When learning the Quran online with Quran Spirit, there is no need for a printed copy. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t read the Quran without wudu. When reading the Sacred Books revealed by Allah Almighty, you should be in a state of adequate cleanliness.