Introduce Your Children to the Beauty of Quran Recitation! Learning Quran recitation for kids from a young age is one of the things that inculcates the Islamic faith and adherence to the teachings of Islam, as teaching Quran Recitation for Children helps to raise an Islamic upbringing who memorizes the Book of Allah. And is raised on the teachings of Islam, in addition to that, educating a Quran recitation for kids is much easier than education for an adult, where you can control the practical materials that the child receives easily through practical explanation methods.

Importance of Teaching Quran Recitation to Children

Learning Quran recitation  for kids is one of the rituals of religion, as it instills faith in the hearts of children and strengthens their belief, and is a basic starting point for teaching all sciences.

1- Learning Quran recitation for kids helps in strengthening memory and intelligence: Studies by Sheikh Abd al-Basit Metwally on the impact of the Qur’an and Islamic fiqh on the level of the child’s mental development.

And the development of intelligence confirmed that memorizing the Qur’an at a young age ensures children’s superiority and success in adulthood.

And develops their ability to perceive and absorb them to a greater degree than others, as well as the ability to Time Management.

2- Learning Quran Recitation for Children’s prevention of mental illness: Memorizing and reciting the Holy Qur’an continuously helps the child achieve psychological and social balance.

As the Holy Qur’an helps in clearing the mind and feeling comfortable and happy, as well as getting rid of the fear of the future, sadness, anxiety, and other various negative feelings. The best social circles for children are because of the virtue they contain.

3- Quran recitation for kids Instilling the Islamic spirit in the child: learning Quran Recitation for Children helps in inculcating the Islamic spirit in them, by understanding the teachings of the religion properly.

4- Raising their status in this world and the Hereafter: learning Quran recitation for kids helps in consolidating the relationship between the servant and the Creator.

It also helps in making the child more righteous in his daily life and farther from error and error.

5- Knowledge of Islamic values ​​in the correct manner: Teaching Quran recitation for kids is an important subject in Islam, with it the child grows up on the Islamic instinct and the cycles of wisdom rush into their hearts. Before the desires settle in them, mislead them with the cloud of disobedience and misguidance, and make them safe from misleading them. That they may be exposed to in the future from The surrounding society, and the inability to convince them of the wrong ideas about the Islamic religion.

6- Strengthening the Arabic language: Religious scholars called for learning Quran recitation for kids, to ensure their academic excellence and to preserve the Arabic language from extinction, by providing an environment for linguistic interaction.

Through learning and practicing the language in a manner that is commensurate with the level of maturity of the child, the Almighty

said in Surah Yusuf “إِنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ.”

Benefits of Quran Recitation for Kids

Children are distinguished by their high ability to memorize and absorb more than the older ones.

That is why this feature must be exploited in children and taught Quran Recitation for Children in stages early in their lives, especially since teaching Quran Recitation Benefits represented in the following:

  • When a child learns the Holy Quran from an early age, his linguistic ability and ability to memorize improve, and retrieval and increase his memory and memorization skills.
  • When a child memorizes the Holy Qur’an from an early age, he is brought up with a sound Islamic upbringing. But he should have a strong knowledge of the correct teachings of the Islamic religion.
  • Learning Quran recitation for kids is a means of healing many linguistic, psychological, and social diseases.
  • The Holy Qur’an leaves calm, tranquility, and tranquility in the child’s psyche from an early age.
  • When a child learns the Holy Qur’an well, this helps him to learn the rest of the acts of worship easily and to get closer to Allah Almighty.
  • One of the Benefit is that the child learns to control his desires before reaching adolescence.
  • Childrens learns about all the stories of the prophets that were mentioned in the Holy Book correctly and without distortion as he learns many principles and noble actions from these stories.
  • One of the Quran Recitation Benefits for children is distinguishing this child from other children and increasing his intelligence. And help him to study the Holy Quran.

Tips for Making Quran Recitation Fun and Engaging for Kids

Many parents wants their kids to learn Quran, but it is difficult for some of them to memorize the Qur’an for children because they are ignorant of how to deal with the child.

In addition to the difficulty of sending him to the online Quran Classes, this problem is not difficult to solve if the parents follow the following steps in teaching Quran recitation for kids:

  • That the child gets used to hearing the Holy Qur’an continuously from his presence in his mother’s womb until he is born, grows up, and learns to speak.
  • The parents are a good example for the child, so they see them persevering in reciting the Qur’an.
  • Do not force the child to memorize, but rather draw his attention indirectly to the importance of memorizing the Qur’an by telling him stories, for example.
  • Choosing the right time to memorize the Qur’an for the child, which is early in the morning when the mind is clear.
  • Choosing the right place away from the noise, so that the child’s sight, hearing, and senses are all with preservation.
  • When reading the Qur’an to children, the rules must be adhered to, because they will memorize what they have heard in the same way as the prompter reads.
  • Allocate a Qur’an for the child to continue reading from it throughout the memorization period.
  • Linking the meanings to the verses and representing what can be represented to make it easier for the child to memorize the verses.
  • Repeat what is memorized at different times of the day.
  • Regular memorization daily, reviewing the previous one and linking it to the new memorization.
  • Rewarding children, encouraging them constantly, being patient with their mistakes or the difficulty of memorizing them, and praying for them.

Tips for Making Quran Recitation Fun and Engaging for Kids

Learning Quran Recitation for Children is not the only goal, but rather encouraging the child to memorize the Qur’an with love and desire in proportion to his age, which makes him more able to memorize.

And understand and urges him too long for the Qur’an gatherings, which is the main goal, and among the ways that increase the child’s desire to continue memorizing the Qur’an:

1- Providing reward and praise: 

It is difficult to encourage the child to memorize the Holy Qur’an to talk about its virtues and reward, especially if he is under seven years old.

The child is often interested in the material and tangible encouragement, so the child can be encouraged by presenting a gift such as a toy he wanted to own or food he wanted.

When you finish memorizing a particular surah, in addition to praising the child with some nice phrases such as saying, “Allah loves you” or “You recite in a wonderful way, you should continue with that.”

2- Teaching tajweed to children through play:

There is no harm in teaching a child to memorize the Qur’an and recite it through play.

The child can be helped through the memorization sessions that we talked about previously by following the methods of sharing with other children and making him follow the recitation of the other child, and identifying his mistakes.

When the error is discovered, he gets praise and performs it by follow-up, as this is considered a competitive and fun way at the same time while teaching the child to memorize Quran.

3- Recording the child’s voice while reciting the Qur’an:

The child should be encouraged to record his voice as he recites the Qur’an and praise for that, which gives him the opportunity to re-hear himself reciting the Holy Qur’an.

And correct his mistakes by himself. This will make him more confident in himself and more able to enable his memorization of the Holy Qur’an.

4- Celebration when the child memorizes something from the Qur’an:

One of the ways in which the child wants to memorize the Holy Qur’an is to brag about himself and his family.

Parents can hold a party, even if it is small when the child completes a part of the Holy Qur’an, in which family members and some of the child’s friends are gathered, to encourage the child to continue and that memorizing the Qur’an is a great matter that deserves praise.

How to Set Goals and Track Progress for Kids?

After we got to know the Quran Recitation Benefits for the child, we move to another stage of teaching Quran recitation for kids.

And at this stage, the teacher or the parents have to set plans and goals commensurate with their children, such as:

1-The right age to start memorizing the Holy Quran for children:

Determining the appropriate age at which the process of indoctrinating your child will begin.  As learning Quran Recitation for Children is one of the first steps in teaching the Quran to children because it is the first building block in your child’s acceptance of the method of memorization.  Get to know what surrounds him and start accepting and assimilating it in a way that facilitates the memorization process and strengthens it to start on a flexible educational basis.

2- The scientific method for teaching the Holy Quran to children:

There is no doubt that following a well-studied and organized scientific approach in teaching our children the Holy Qur’an is one of the main aspects in order for us to reach our goal of putting the child on the right path in learning.  This approach is followed by the most effective method of teaching the child the learning process. It is recommended by specialists as the first step in teaching the Quran to children.  It uses a method of Supportive scientific and audio-visual effects that affect the response cells, which will facilitate the learning process.

3- The most effective way to teach the Holy Quran to children:

There are some scientific methods recommended by researchers in the field of the development of the human mind when starting to teach the Quran to children. And on top of those methods is the method of explanation and indoctrination through audio and visual effects. Because the visual memory of a child at the age of 4 years is in its most active state to capture and store information, which will make The process of memorizing the Qur’an easy and simple.

4- Difficulties faced by children in teaching the Holy Quran:

There are always some difficulties that parents may face in learning the Qur’an for children, and the most prominent of these difficulties is the child’s rejection of the learning process as a whole.  Here, specialists advise parents that they should always link the process of memorizing the Qur’an to something that their children like.

For example, the learning process should be accompanied by playing and joking with the child or presenting something He loves, making the child’s subconscious cells work to accept the largest amount of the learning process.

5- What is the method through which you determine the appropriate time to start teaching the Qur’an?

Also, determine the appropriate age factor to start teaching your child the learning process of the Qur’an. There is also a suitable time to start the learning process, according to specialists.  It may outweigh the importance of the age factor, which is the extent of your child’s mental maturity and his level of concentration, as determining the child’s level of concentration and his mental ability to absorb is one of the most important steps of education.  If your child has a high level of intelligence and concentration, the learning process can start with him from an early age, which helps in achieving faster results.

6- Factors affecting the process of learning and memorizing the Qur’an for children:

In order for the learning and memorization process to take place in the best way, you must be familiar with all the steps of teaching the Quran to children. At the beginning of memorization, include those factors that may positively or negatively affect the course of the educational process for your child.  Learning cannot be used with the other because each has a different level of intelligence and mental maturity. Here comes your role in careful observation of your child in order to determine through his behavior and response the appropriate way to start the learning process accurately and effectively.

7- The appropriate scientific method for teaching the teaching of the Qur’an to children:

There are some educational methods that will facilitate the process of memorizing and teaching the Qur’an more effectively. These books depend on a scientific product that presents to you in a thoughtful and organized manner all the steps of teaching the Quran to children at the beginning of memorization. As it depends on the literal indoctrination of the child in learning, as it uses the exits of letters as a first step. In teaching the Qur’an and establishing the memorization process. In a thoughtful manner that makes the words of the Qur’an accessible to the child without difficulties in pronunciation or acceptance, which more effectively affects the success of the learning process.

How to Choose the Best Resources for a Child’s Specific Needs?

There are a number of things that a Muslim should be careful about in order to make learning Quran recitation for kids easier for him, including:

  • Take care to choose the right time to start learning.
  • Choosing the right place for learning Quran recitation for kids, so that there are few distractions.
  • Free yourself from everything that occupies you before you start memorizing.
  • Eat sugars; Because memorization is a function of the mind, and the mind feeds on sugars.
  • Beginning to memorize when a Muslim is between hunger and satiety.

To Summarize,

Teaching Quran recitation for kids from an early age is very important. We also learned about the reason for the importance in addition to the Quran Recitation Benefits. To ensure the success of the educational plan, the teacher should consider setting goals before starting to teach Quran Recitation for Children, as well as choosing fun methods that suit the child’s needs such as Quran Recitation Classes.