The Quran is considered to be the word of God in Islam, and reading it is a way for Muslims to connect with God and gain spiritual guidance. There are many virtues associated with reading the Quran, including:
  • Source of guidance: The Quran is believed to be a source of guidance for Muslims, helping them to live a virtuous and meaningful life.
  • Closer to God: Reading the Quran is believed to bring a person closer to God, as it helps them to understand and reflect on the divine message.
  • Source of blessings: The Quran is believed to be a source of blessings for those who read it and try to live according to its teachings.
  • Helps to purify the heart: Reading the Quran is believed to purify the heart and bring peace and clarity to the mind.
  • It is a way to earn rewards: Muslims believe that reading the Quran and acting upon its teachings can earn them rewards in the hereafter.

Overall, reading the Quran is seen as a way to connect with God and live a more meaningful and virtuous life. SO get online Quran reading classes for professional tutors so that you can recite Quran beautifully. 

The virtues of reading Quran are excellent. The Quran is Almighty Allah’s fourth and last holy Book. The Quran is the Book of Universal Guidance. It was revealed to our beloved Prophet (SAW), Allah Almighty’s last Prophet. The Quran is the Divine book to which Muslims turn when they have a problem since it holds the solution to every problem and provides direction in all aspects of life.

Quran Reading

The Book of Allah is unlike any other book you’ve ever read or don’t read. It is Allah’s eternal speech, not an artificial object, and the study guide for life, death, and what follows.

As a result, it merits closer scrutiny than any other book. As a result, as Muslims: We should recite the Quran with greater comprehension regularly to earn Allah’s blessings in this world and the next.

Virtues of Reading Quran

Here are some benefits provided by Quran Spirit.


Quran reading
Those Who Recite Have a Lot to Look Forward To

This appears in one of the hadith, where it was explained that: Indeed, whoever recites the Quran attractive, easy, and precise will be among the noble and obedient angels. And whoever recites it with difficulty, stammering or faltering through its phrases, will receive twice the reward. And therefore, that demonstrates the importance of reciting the Qur’an since even those who find it difficult to replicate are rewarded for their efforts. Because the reward is doubled by 70 or more during Ramadan, many Muslims take advantage of this benefit, immersing themselves in finishing the Qur’an. It’s excellent to recognize that the Qur’an not only improves our everyday lives, which is a blessing in and of itself.

But it also allows us to profit in the next world.

Do you have a stutter and can’t seem to get it right?

It’s no issue. You’ll also get rewarded for it. The Arabic language is used to write the Quran. The Arabic language is not an easy language for some of us. When you’re a beginner in Quran reading, you’re more likely to stammer and struggle to read it smoothly. It’s difficult enough not to comprehend what you’re reading; add to the need to practice reading in numerous languages and scripts. But have no fear, Allah s.w.t. is All-Wise and All-Merciful. For your efforts to read the verses of the Quran, he will double your reward!

Hearts begin to soften with Quran reading

Being attentive to Allah’s (SWT) words while reciting the Qur’an causes one’s heart to soften. As we read the directives from the All-Powerful, which characterizes His exalted status, it humbles us.

Ibn Mas’ud was once told by the Prophet (s):

“Recite to me some Qur’an,” He replied, “O Messenger of Allāh! How can I recite it to you while it was revealed to you?” He said, “I love to hear it from someone other than me.” He said, “So I started to read from Sūrat An-Nisā until I reached the āyah that reads, ‘So how will it be when We bring from every nation a witness, and we bring you, O Muḥammad, against these people as a witness?’” The Prophet (s.w.t), at this point, said to Ibn Masʿūd, “This is enough.” Ibn Masʿūd said, “I looked at him, and he was shedding tears.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

The hadith above demonstrates that the Qur’an influences the heart of our Prophet (s). Because he was the finest of humanity, Prophet (s) had the softest of hearts, and these lines moved him to tears.

For us, the Qur’an will serve as an intercessor

He praised one of the hadith of the Prophet on this matter. Consider the day when we are engulfed in dread, shock, and worry, and our canopy is the sun, exposing us to blistering heat. Imagine being restless while we await our Book of deeds, uncertain which hand it will be placed in. Imagine, however, that the Noble Book, whom we adopted as a friend in the Dunya, intercedes, insistent that we reach Jannah. This is the effect the Qur’an will have on individuals who read. And use it during their lifetime: an elevated mood and a renewed sense of hope. The Qur’an will become a natural and effortless hobby the more we recite it. Reading this Book with enthusiasm and working to achieve the good that it releases will provide us happiness and stability in both life and hereafter.

The Quran is a Source of Insight

The Quran serves as guidance and a way of connection with Allah.

As humans, we constantly need someone with whom we can communicate and discuss our problems.

While performing dua is one way to communicate with Allah, reading the Quran can also provide answers.

When you read the Quran, you’ll be amazed at how it speaks to you and soothes you.

And you could find that the answers to your issues are concealed within the words.

When reciting the Quran, remember to seek the correct source of interpretations and seek clarification from a qualified teacher.

Your standing will be improved

How sweet it is that our Prophet (s) linked one’s standing to their devotion to the Qur’an. This demonstrates the Qur’an’s esteem. The more Qur’an one memorized in this life, the better in Heaven to him, God willing.

Explains of What’s Legal and What’s Not is a guide

The Qur’an serves as a reference to what is allowed and what is prohibited in Islam. By presenting events from the past, this Noble Book also teaches us many lessons. A Muslim can utilize the Qur’an to help shape and live their life through these numerous examples. Through the challenges that great individuals before us have encountered. The Qur’an encourages us to be hopeful. It teaches us patience and forbearance, and most importantly, it teaches us that Allah is the Almighty, the Greatest, and deserving of all honor. The Qur’an is terrific guidance for Muslims from all areas of life, since it contains Allah’s direct and holy teachings.