Online Quran Classes for Ladies is an educational program provided by Quran Sprite with the aim of memorizing the Holy Quran for adult women. 

Memorization sessions are held under the leadership of experts and specialists who have memorized the Book of All Almighty and are fully aware of the provisions of intonation and the provisions of reading the Holy Quran.

The online quran teacher female aims to memorize the Holy Qur’an for these women during different periods of time. 

It is also done at the highest level, and we apply certain methods during the explanation, which aim to deliver the practical material to the recipient in a good way.

The teachers also use the most modern practical methods in the explanation process within online Quran classes for sisters courses, so that the ladies can understand all the rulings and a good reading of the Holy Quran.

Female quran teacher also aims to educate non-Arabic speakers as well, as it is not limited to Arabic speakers only, and below we will learn more about online Quran classes provided by quran spirit.

How to start online Quran teaching?

Dear Muslim, If you want to teach the Holy Quran to your students, here are some tips and steps that will help you, which in turn will be reflected in your students in Quran classes:

1- Care to use the gradual method in learn online Quran; the teacher begins by teaching the pronunciation of letters and words in a correct manner, then rid the students of the problems of pronunciation defects.

Such as stuttering, phonation, and others, and rid them of being affected by dialects in their local and non-Arabic forms, and training them to pronounce words without clear melodies, then correcting the hidden mistakes little by little.

2- Not allowing students to move from one page to another until they are sure that they have mastered the first one well; In terms of pronouncing words and movements.

3- Training students to discover their own mistakes in the recitation lesson; The teacher does not respond to the error, but is patient with them. So that they know what they did wrong.

4- Not assigning them beyond their capacity, but rather assigning each of them according to his ability. The weak do not feel helpless, and the privileged do not feel bored and toxic.

5- Using the balancing method between each of the new memorization and revision; So one does not dominate the other, and students do not move to new memorization without fixing the old memorization.

6- listening to students’ recitations; The teacher does not listen to more than one student at the same time but follows each one separately.

7- Enhancing students’ support for others; so that the distinguished good category reads weak students; Those of them who approved it, its recitation was presented to the teacher.

8- Commitment to the etiquette of recitation, the etiquette of those who bear the Qur’an, and educating students on them.

Such as listening during recitation, sitting slowly, calmly, and solemnly, purity in clothes, place, basmalah, seeking refuge with Allah at the beginning of recitation, and other etiquettes.

9- Preparing the psychological and emotional atmosphere for students; This is done by beginning with enticement, endearment, and urging the verses to memorize, and act.

And be kind in presenting dialogues with the students, reading the verses in a precise and correct manner, and being polite with the etiquette of the Qur’an councils, and listening carefully.

10- The teacher is keen to consolidate the concepts of faith and the correct Islamic principles in the hearts of his students, so he is keen to kindle the spirit of observation.

To sense the importance of worship in its diversity, to advance the souls of his students to the rank of the righteous, and to rise above shortcomings and worldly pleasures.

11- Focusing on the importance of supplication, and turning to Allah Almighty with it.

12- Keenness to clarify the secrets of worship in Islam, and that Allah did not create His servants in vain.

How to learn Online Quran Classes for Ladies?

There is no doubt that the need to learn the Quran online has great merit in the life of a Muslim, as the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Urged us to memorize the Holy Qur’an in order to preserve it In addition, there are Quranic verses that encourage Muslims to do this.

Sometimes, a Muslim may not find enough time to do that or not diligently with a good company that motivates him to memorize the Book of All.

So we prepare specialized courses in quran spirit to learn the quran online

and learn to recite it and the provisions of tajweed correctly, as these courses are suitable for different age groups, including In it ladies.

Therefore, we offer Online Quran Classes for Ladies and online Quran classes for sisters, which helps women to master the memorization of the Holy Qur’an in a large way through a plan prepared by an online Quran teacher female. 

Moreover, our role is not limited to that only, but we constantly review the previous memorizers of the Holy Qur’an.

What is the easiest way to learn Online Quran Classes for Ladies?

Reciting the Qur’an is one of the best deeds, there is no doubt about it according to the people of knowledge, but those who have been preoccupied with memorizing the Qur’an, constantly reviewing it, contemplating its meanings, and preoccupying themselves with understanding it.

In its simplest meanings and trying to understand it as much as possible, then this position is one of the best things with Allah.

Because they are in the ranks of those who are skilled in the Qur’an and these are the people who The Messenger, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said about them that those who are skilled in the Qur’an.

Their grades are no less than the righteous trips, but rather they have the same status, so we will discuss the easiest way to learn the quran online:

  • If one page contains 15 lines at the end of the week, you must have memorized at least 30 pages of the Holy Qur’an.
  • You must continue on this plan until you have memorized the entire Qur’an.
  • It is possible to interpret the verses and meditate on their meanings, and this helps in memorizing them easier.
  • One of the best things is to memorize the Qur’an in a secluded place because calm helps you focus more and makes you always keep what you have memorized.
  • Early morning memorization This helps you memorize easily and quickly.
  • In the event that the mobile phone or television distracts you, then you should turn them off a few hours before the memorization time, and this will increase your focus on memorizing the Qur’an.
  • You have to remember what you have memorized and passed on every day, and this is by making a review of all the verses that you have memorized.
  • It is possible to use many modern methods by listening to the Holy Quran via technical applications and starting the quick memorization process in a new way at the beginning of each day.

What is the fastest way to learn Online Quran Classes for Ladies?

There are some steps that help you memorize the Holy Qur’an, as well as joining Online Quran Classes for Ladies, as follows:

  • You have to perform Wudu, which is one of the important things that must be done when touching the Holy Qur’an.

And this is according to the four basic schools of jurisprudence, and in this case, the preservation of the Book of Allah is done directly and not listen to him online or on mobile.

  • Read the verse that you want to memorize from the Holy Quran, and it is possible to listen to the sheikhs first. Those who recite the Holy Qur’an with its correct intonation to memorize it well and correctly.
  • Also, you must read the verse six times, and this is while looking at the Holy Qur’an and standing up, reading it very carefully by looking at each letter, and colored copies of the Qur’an are used to master tajweed.
  • Read the verse five times, but this time from memory, and in case the verse is forgotten, the previous step must be repeated. 
  • And it is possible to look at it quickly and this is to start quick memorization and then re-say it from memory again.
  • You have to move to another verse, but you must follow the same previous steps to memorize the rest of the Quranic verses.
  • Then read the first verse with the second from memory, and this method helps in strengthening the rapid memorization of the Noble Qur’an in a person.
  • To continue to memorize the rest of the Quranic verses that you want to memorize, and this is by using several steps that you want to memorize we mentioned to you previously, and it is better that you read the translation of the Qur’an so that you understand the meanings of all the words.
  • You must repeat the verses that you have memorized 3 times, and this is to make sure that all the verses of the Qur’an have been memorized in your memory.

In conclusion,

Online Quran Classes for Ladies is an introductory course for memorizing the Holy Quran for women, dealing with various aspects such as learning the provisions of tajweed and memorizing the Quran within a short period of time, so we mentioned through our article all aspects related to learn the Quran online and online Quran teacher female.