Noor Al bayan for kids is one of the effective methods through which children learn to read and write.

After completing the noor al bayan curriculum, the child will be able to read any sentence with the correct formation, like all the verses of the Holy Qur’an.

You can complete the noor al bayan quran with the child within 4 months, but the extent of your child’s response, your ability.

To attract his attention with the media, and your commitment to classes at least twice a week will certainly affect the speed of the educational process.

So we will give you a general idea of ​​the  Noor Al bayan online curriculum so that you can teach your child yourself, or introduce him to the Noor Al bayan for kids course so that he can be grounded in Islamic Education.

Definition of Noor Al Bayan

Noor Al bayan for kids is very useful for children from the age of 3, as it contains everything a child needs to learn the Arabic language, and it is used in many kindergartens in teaching and teaching children to read.

Noor al bayan quran is not only for children, but it is also designed for those who suffer from difficulty and weakness in their ability to read, and it is used as a basic curriculum for the role of literacy.

And in addition to teaching reading, it sets the furniture for teaching the Noble Quran with tajweed in an easy way, because it contains many Qur’anic examples.

Importance of Noor Al Bayan for kids

The importance of teaching Arabic to children using noor al bayan method is reflected in the following points:

  • Language is of great importance in our lives, young and old, and the child is given special and very great importance. 

As it is his tool for communication and expression, and his first means of acquiring knowledge, collecting information and forming and developing experience.

  • And because the Arabic language is the language of the Qur’an, and it is one of the most widespread languages ​​in the world. we had to raise the kids to love her.
  • The success of the educator or teacher in teaching the child the language helps greatly in the success of the child in his various educational stages.

and language learning begins from his first months linked to his learning to speak, such as when the child learns his father and mother or their equivalent in another language

  • Even feelings are acquired by the child through the language and facial expressions of others.

What is Noor Al Bayan

Noor Al bayan for kids method is not only found in booklets, but copies of it have been downloaded through websites and can be downloaded for free. 

There are also channels on YouTube that explain noor al bayan and adopt it in teaching children the Arabic language and its rules, as well as teaching the rules of tajweed and reading the Qur’an.

There are also applications on the mobile phone that include all the instructions related to this noor al bayan quran, and the main objective of this approach is to find effective solutions.

For children in the first stages of primary or nursery education for some problems in reading texts, as well as Arabic calligraphy and also recitation of the Qur’an.

This guarantees students’ superiority in all subjects and also religious excellence. 

Islamic Education curriculum also works in developing the skills of the child in the nursery stage with regard to his mother tongue, which is the Arabic language.

Which makes him adhere to his original language in the face of the overlap of many languages ​​and dialects in his academic career.

Sometimes it negatively affects and contributes to the disappearance of the Arabic language and culture among students.

Moreover, the use of Noor Al bayan online in the nursery stage has a very positive effect on the child’s mind, as it works on its development thanks to the various activities and various educational methods.

These factors contribute to building a good language for the child and make him proficient in all the rules, which contributes to memorizing the Qur’an at a very early age that does not exceed 12 years.

And thus the child enters adolescence knowing what he has and what he has without being exposed to the dangers that surround this stage of Satan’s whispers And also the risk of delinquency. 

Hence, the environment that is characterized by faith and the behaviors that accompany it is preserved because of the availability of an integrated environment of teachers, students and parents of students who follow the same approach.

Benefits of Noor Al Bayan for Kids

There is no doubt that teaching the Arabic language to the child is of great importance, and the benefits of learning the Arabic language using the Noor Al bayan for kids method are represented in the following points:

  • Improve their communication skills.
  • Help them develop a love of reading.
  • Enabling them to better understand the world around them.
  • Prepare them for success in school and life.
  • As such, it is clear that teaching children to read is of the utmost importance. By doing so, we can help them develop key skills that will greatly benefit them in the future.

How to introduce Noor Al Bayan to children

There are some steps that you need to take to train your child in the noor al bayan method:

  • You will need at least two lessons per week, a whiteboard, creativity in making forms of letters from foam and colored paintings, and singing fun songs to help the child memorize the letters.
  • Write the full letters of the alphabet on the board at the beginning of each lesson.
  • Read the letters in their correct form at the beginning of each class 4 to 5 times, and take into account that the amplified letters are pronounced correctly.
  • In the first session, draw your child the letter Alef (A), while taking a song for the gum letters and repeat it at the beginning of each class until you reach the letter Dhaa (the last of the gum letters).
  • In the following lessons, teach your child the similar letters (b, t, th) in one lesson, then (j, h, kh) and so on.
  • Mention in each lesson many examples that begin with the assigned letter and do not focus on a specific example.
  • It should be every time to color a solid figure of the letter, write the letter around the solid several times, giving an example of it, as well as recite and write the letters of the alphabet in order once, and dictate the letters out of order again.
  • Be sure, at the beginning of each class, to review all that has been previously studied: recite all the letters orally, write the group of letters Al-Luqla, and write the group of letters Qalqalah after taking them.
  • After completing all the letters, test your child orally in recitation of the letters, the two songs of the letters Al-Lutwa and Qalqalah, and mention an example of any letter, then written in writing the letters, whether in order or otherwise.
  • After the child masters the alphabet in noor al bayan quran, you can give your child the movements.

letter movements

  • Divide the movements into three: fatha, kasra, and dama.
  • Start with fatha, drawing the letters of the alphabet on the board, adding the vowel (a) to all of them, then read them to the child with the sound of the letter, not with its name.
  • After the child masters the sound of the letters in the fatah movement, give him an example of a word and read it with him
  • Explain to your child that all the letters of the word join together to form the word, with the exception of some letters known as forks
  • After the child has mastered reading one word in the same way, give him a two-word sentence.
  • Exercise the child a lot to read sentences that contain words that contain the vowel, and train him to write with his hand during class and homework.
  • After the child masters the opening movement, do the same with the breaking movement. Pronounce the sound of the letter in the fraction.

 then give him examples of words with broken and open letters together, then sentences consisting of two words, and many reading and writing exercises.

  • Give your child the Magnificent Letters song at the beginning of his learning of the fractal movement.
  • After the child has mastered the fatha and kasra movements in words and sentences, move to the joining movement and do the same.

The three madd

  • Explain to your child that the mudd is three: the mudd of alif is similar to the fatah movement, the mudd of ya is similar to the kasra movement, and the waw mudd is similar to the damming movement.
  • It was explained that the letter Madd (a, wa, j) is a sufficant, i.e., it is free of vowels.
  • Give the child many examples of extending the alif, and after mastering it, start extending the ya’, in the same way.
  • After the child masters pronouncing the alif and oaa together and recites them in the same word correctly, start pronouncing the waw, in the same way (a static waw preceded by a natural extension of two movements).
  • Give the child the task of correct words to read in the same way as before.


  • Explain to your child that tanween has three forms (with fath, kasra, and plural), and that the sound of tanween is the same as the sound of the noun.
  • After the child has mastered the spelling of the fathah, start the spelling of the brokenness.
  • After mastering the tanween by breaking, start explaining the tanween by damming.


  • The shadda is two letters, the first letter is static, meaning I stand on it, and the second letter is vowel, whether with fath, kasra or damming.
  • An example of shadda and fatha: haq (ha fatha: ha, kaaf shaddah: two letters, the first letter is consonant, meaning I stand on it: haqq, and the second letter is vowel with the fath: qa, haqqa qa).
  • Apply the same method with an example of fractionation and joining.

Noor Al bayan activities for kids

Learning the Noor Al bayan for kids with activities is very interesting for children, so here are some activities that you can do:

1-Repeat the Pattern:

Using a combination of objects such as beads, buttons or blocks to make a pattern in a repeating order helps the child understand that the letters that make up a word have a specific order. It is a creative way to learn in noor al bayan.


Matching games, whether a picture with a picture, a picture with a hologram, or a picture with something in nature, explain to the child that there are connections between things in more than one form.

So that it becomes easier for him later to associate the sound with the letter that is similar to it, and also to understand that the same letter sometimes has several pictures according to its location in the word.

3-Rhythmic games:

Songs that are accompanied by rhythmic movements such as (raise your hand up, move your leg back…) or draw mazes on the ground in which the child moves according to directions such as (go left, jump up…).

Addis to the child a large linguistic content and helps him to absorb these important concepts of writing directions and order lines later. It also contributes to the rapid absorption of the child to Noor Al bayan online.

4-Reading with the child:

In addition to fun, imagination, instilling good behaviors, and building a strong relationship with the child when we read with him, reading also increases the linguistic vocabulary and exposure to many meanings and structures. 

The child’s vision of the shape of the letters and lines in front of him helps him to realize that these symbols have spoken synonyms and motivates him to desire to decipher their talismans.

And it is better not to suffice. By reading the story only, but discussing it more with the child will increase the efficiency of the content provided to him.

5-Songs and poetry:

The use of songs, chants and rhymes phrases such as poetry and prose contribute to increasing the rate of language fluency and the ability to learn to read in children. Therefore, it is a very good way to learn in Noor Al bayan for kids.

To Summarize,

Noor Al bayan for kids helps you start teaching your child to read and write from the age of three years until they reach six years old. 

In addition to following the noor al bayan quran curriculum in the manner described, make sure that the child acquires the habit of reading so that his level develops. 

Do not put pressure on your child and force him to do a huge amount of homework, but make sure that the educational process is in a light and enjoyable way.