You can learn quran tafseer online by going through some basic steps, including:

1- In the beginning, before starting an online quran tafseer course, the intention must be sincere to Allah Almighty, and the intention must come from within the person and he wants to understand and memorize the Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an so that this will help him reflect on the Qur’anic verses.

2- A Muslim must have the strength of determination and lofty will in order for Allah Almighty to help him to memorize.

3- Sequence and gradation in memorizing in order not to overlap in the meanings of the verses and in understanding them.

4- Deep understanding of the meanings of vocabulary in the Holy Quran.

5- Arrange the review of tafseer in an orderly manner so that it will be easier for you to memorize it, and for this you must distinguish between tafseer by opinion and tafseer by effect.

6- You should get acquainted with the honorable hadiths of the Prophet and see them all, as well as what was reported from the companions, as it helps to memorize the tafseer of the Noble Qur’an in an easy and fast way.

7- Going deeper into the verses in which the scholars differed, because this enriches the vocabulary of tafseer and increases his experience in tafseer, and gives him a clearer picture.

8- Paying attention to the sciences related to tafseer, such as the Arabic language, the abrogator, the abrogated, and other such sciences that help a person memorize the tafseer of the Holy Qur’an easily, and this is what we seek to do in quran tafseer classes online.

How to learn Quran Tafseer online?

In order for a person to memorize the Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an by subscribing to the learn quran tafseer online provided by question, he must know the following:

1- Understanding and studying the Arabic language:

The Holy Quran is written in Arabic, which is one of the most important languages ​​that a person should learn properly. He gets to know its grammar and rhetoric and understands its vocabulary.

2- Knowing the reasons for the revelation of all verses: 

The revelation of each noble verse had its own events, and if you knew the reasons for the revelation of the Qur’anic verses, this would help you to know and memorize Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an better and faster.

3- View the biography of the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace:

The Muslim must be aware of the biography of the Messenger, may blessings and peace be upon him.

Especially that the entire book of Allah Almighty was revealed to our beloved Messenger during the period in which he lived. Therefore, the biography of the Chosen One, may blessings and peace be upon him, must be followed.

4- See tafseer books:

A person should seek the help of more than one book for Tafseer so that more than one scholar in religion is identified and the verse is interpreted from more angles.

5- The Holy Quran is the word of Allah Almighty for all human beings:

The Holy Qur’an is that speech that Allah Almighty said to humans and humans must comply with Allah’s commands and stay away from His prohibitions.

6- The link between the verses and the surahs: 

There are many links between the verses and surahs of the Qur’an in a divine way that forces people to do the same. 

That is why Muslims must learn from this connection between the verses and surahs of the Qur’an. It is noted that the end of each surah has a relationship with the next surah, and this relationship is divine.

7- The message sent by the Holy Quran:

The Holy Qur’an is the word of Allah Almighty addressed to His servant, whether the servant is male or female.

That is why the Muslims must stop at every verse of the Holy Qur’an and research the reasons for the revelation of this verse. What is the reason behind delivering it to humans?

Which is the best Tafseer of the Quran?

The science of Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an is of great importance represented in understanding the Qur’an in a better way and knowing the legal rulings contained in it.

And it also works to confirm the origins of the belief in the soul, in addition to helping to know the events of the Prophet’s biography and the news of previous nations.

Then the following are the best books of Tafseer that a Muslim should resort to it when joining online tafseer classes:

1- Al-Tabari’s Tafseer 

He is called the father of Tafseer. Due to his knowledge, diligence, and knowledge of the rulings of the Qur’an, the readings, the abrogated, a jurist, a scholar of the Sunnah, history, and hadith.

A scholar of the sayings of the companions and followers, he studied and heard in the Levant, Egypt, and Iraq, and he cared about several matters in his book, and his Tafseer was for the sake of Tafseer. As The things he care about are:

  • Tafseer by tradition, and the denial of Tafseer by opinion, as it is concerned with the evidence.
  • Mention the readings contained in one verse.
  • Unanimous attention and appreciation.
  • Paying attention to grammatical doctrines, and what is known from the words of the Arabs.
  • Dealing with jurisprudence.
  • Interest in speech science.

2- Tafseer Al- Qurtubi

He adhered to scientific and objective honesty in benefiting from his predecessors, and combined what was reported from the Prophet – may Allah bless him and grant him peace – with the tools of science in his time. 

He cared about the statement of the Qur’anic expression and its status in the language, and he mentioned the Tafseer of the verses in chapters. He mentioned the words, in addition to their sources and derivation, with the mention of poetic evidence.

He dealt with the syntax, the readings, the reasons for revelation, the graduation of hadiths, the statement of strange words, and the sayings of the jurists.

3-Tafsir Ibn Katheer

It’s Tafseer of Imam Ismail bin Amr bin Katheer, and his book is called: Tafseer Alquran Alazim, distinguished by the ease in its expressions, clarity of meaning, and brevity in wording in a way that does not prejudice the meaning.

And it was explained by the Qur’an first, then by the correct Sunnah of the Prophet, then by the sayings of the Companions and followers, then by the language’s indications.

How long does it take to learn Quran Tafseer online?

The student takes a period of time estimated at 3 months to complete the first level (beginner) in online quran tafseer course.

What is the easiest way to learn Quran Tafseer online?

The science of Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an is the science of understanding and analyzing the meanings and purposes of the Noble Qur’anic verses. In order to reach that position and this skill of Tafseer, you must be aware that the conditions for that are:

1- Sincerity in this science is for Allah Almighty since it is a science that requires clarifying the purpose of the Qur’anic text to people and its statement about Allah. Whoever is not sincere will not be honest in clarifying the Qur’anic purpose to people.

2- Knowledge of all the sciences of the Qur’an, such as knowing the abrogator and the abrogation of the Qur’anic text, the problematic, the arbitrator, the similar, the absolute, and others.

3- Knowledge of the reasons and occasions for the revelation of the verses, so you cannot interpret a verse without knowing the reason and circumstance of its revelation.

4- Knowledge of the Arabic language and its arts. Without knowledge of Arabic, you will not be able to interpret the miraculous Arabic Qur’an.

From here we conclude that this science needs a person who is full of knowledge and all legal sciences, and this is what we provide our students within the online quran tafseer course.

And therefore the science of Tafseer is a science required by specialists and not all people, as it is in the jurisprudence of worship, which is an individual obligation of every Muslim man and woman.

While the Tafseer of the Qur’an is a communal obligation, if it was undertaken by a group of Muslims, it would suffice to explain to people the meaning of the Noble Qur’an.

What is the fastest way to learn quran tafseer online?

If you want to learn quran tafseer online, you would like to turn to scholars who have a long history of Tafseer in knowledge and education, as it is not enough for the student of knowledge to read and listen a lot.

But rather he needs a systematic plan to follow. Like other legal sciences; So he goes to the fields of knowledge and takes it from the people who possess its keys.

Then he acquires knowledge of interpretation by listening to scholars and specialized reading, and this is what we seek in the Qur’an of quran tafseer classes.

The Quran Tafseer classes online are also included in a number of levels in order for the student to master this science, and the explanation of these levels is as follows:

1- The first level of the online tafseer classes: This level includes first learning to read the Holy Qur’an and mastering it, then developing the linguistic outcome by learning the rules of the Arabic language in terms of grammar and morphology.

And the ability to understand the speech and derive the required benefit from it, and after that move to the stage of memorizing the meanings of vocabulary from any dictionary for the meanings of the Qur’an.

Then read the book Introductions to Interpretation; As an introduction to the interpretation of Sheikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah.

2- The second level of the online quran tafseer course: This will be after completing the first level; In the second level, the student moves on to reading and studying books written in the sciences of the Qur’an.

Then study the methods of commentators from the book interpretation and commentators, then study rhetoric from the books of rhetoric.

Studying grammar from one of its easy books such as the book of clear syntax, studying the science of morphology, then reading in books of Tafseer.

Such as the book “Facilitation for the Sciences of Revelation” by Ibn Juzi, and with it other books such as “Mufradat Al-Fafaz Al-Qur’an” by Al-Raghib Al-Isfahani, and “Dictionary of Measures of Language” by Ibn Faris.

3- The third level: the student begins at this level with expansion and diligence, and begins with collecting, comparing, and weighing the sayings of the commentators.

It begins with extensive reading and study of books written with the sciences of the Qur’an. Comparing and adjusting them, just as the books of jurisprudence and science must be studied with their origins.

So that the interpreter does not fall into the errors of jurisprudential deductions, including the book Al-Jami li Ahkam Al-Qur’an by Imam Al-Qurtubi, and that the interpreter is familiar.

And connected to the natural sciences; such as astronomy, medicine, earth sciences, and the like, in order to raise the level of his culture; Because the Qur’an deals with many topics in culture.

what are the benefits to learn Quran Tafseer online?

With regard to the great importance of the science of interpretation, and its supreme status for Muslims, Quran spirit provides a new track titled learn quran Tafseer online.

Which aims to learn the Tafseer of the Noble Qur’an. Moreover, the benefits of learning Tafseer are summarized in the following points:

1- Learning Tafseer is the only way through which we can know and understand the word of Allah contained in the Holy Qur’an and reach the purpose behind that word.

2- The science of Tafseer is one of the sciences that enables a person to know many things that he is ignorant of, as we find that people differ in understanding the Holy Qur’an and what is stated in it.

3- Work in Tafseer and diligence in knowing the intent of the words of Allah Almighty is considered one of the most honorable deeds, as the Noble Qur’an is considered the most honorable thing found on earth, and Allah Almighty has pledged to preserve it until the Hour comes.

4- Allah Almighty raised the degrees of scholars and commentators in this life and the hereafter with their knowledge and diligence in this worldly life to deliver knowledge to people. 

All information pertaining to life, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, charity, religion, and other important things in life, and what is the wisdom of each? Something is happening around us.

5- Also, the person who interprets the Holy Qur’an is one of the trust holders and the heirs of the messengers on earth, and carrying the trust and its amount was one of the functions of the messengers of Allah Almighty on earth.

6- The interpreter spends a lot of time with the Holy Qur’an and memorizes it, which is the best companionship in life and the hereafter.

7- That you know a lot of things that pertain to other religions, what they have, what they have to do, and what a Muslim has to do with the people of other religions.

8- The correct Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an also enables a person to treat enemies in a certain way that is commensurate with the type of enemy that stands before you.

In conclusion,

to learn Quran Tafseer online, you can participate in one of the courses offered by Quran spirit, as the importance of the science of Tafseer is reflected in the life of a Muslim, so you can join in online Quran Tafseer course.