Learn arabic numbers is a great responsibility resting on the shoulders of the mother and father. As education is the process through which the child can acquire new information or a new skill according to the child’s mental age; 

As soon as the child reaches his third year of age, he begins to understand everything that is going on around him, and he can acquire information through the mother in particular, and from here begins teaching the child numbers and letters as basics for every subsequent education.

Learning arabic numbers for Kids begins with teaching the child the meaning of a number and then consolidating the numbers in his mind. So, in light of this topic, we will present to you the most easy way to learn Arabic numbers for kids.

What age should a child learn Arabic?

Learn arabic numbers may be the focus of parents’ attention for their children, especially for non-Arabic speakers, and it is worth noting that many practical studies have been conducted by psychologists regarding this.

And these studies have indicated that the appropriate age to start learning for a child is from the age of 3 to 5 years.

And if you want to train your child on numbers in new and interesting ways for the child, you can choose the best online Arabic course, and it is worth noting that Quran spirit offers Arabic classes online, which aims to teach kids a lot about the Arabic language, especially numbers.

Can I learn Arabic numbers in 3 years?

Of course, in Quran spirit, we are interested in providing courses that suit different age groups, and we also take care of kids from the age of three, so we offer to them specialized courses in Arabic learning numbers that help them learn and discover in interesting and fun ways.

How do I teach my kids to read Arabic numbers?

There are many ways to learn Arabic numbers, and these methods vary between learning at home or online learning by choosing the best online arabic course, and below we will learn about the most effective ways to teach your child:

1-First method:

Using the fingers of both hands to teach him the numbers from one to ten by playing; So the mother plays with her child so that she asks him to stretch out his hands and start counting on his nerves.

And the process is repeated more than once, then she asks him to bend one finger inward and so on, and in return she asks him to bend her fingers inward according to the number he asks for.

To be sure of his correct pronunciation of the numbers, and there is no objection to making him repeat the order of the numbers after that.

2-The second method:

Teaching the numbers as they are written: you can use playing cards (the deck); So the child learns the numbers in number and numerical writing, and after knowing them, ask him, for example, to give you the number five or something else, and so on, then they exchange roles.

3-The third method:

Going out with the child to a park or a public garden in which gravel abounds; You can entertain the child and teach him at the same time, by collecting a group of pebbles and teaching him to count on them.

Then ask him to form groups of pebbles consisting of the numbers you choose, and this method also helps in teaching him addition and subtraction.

Especially since outdoor education helps to lighten the mind Clearing the mind and thus the speed of response to education.

4-The fourth method:

Using the color box to teach him numbers; so that he learns the number and writes each number in a different color, and repeats writing it on a special notebook several times; Here, the number is associated with his color, and it is difficult for him to forget it, and it remains stuck in his mind.

5-The fifth method: 

Distance learning by choosing the best online arabic course, It is worth noting that Quran spirit presents very distinctive and unique content in the field of learning arabic numbers for Kids.

Where we display the scientific content of the course in different ways aimed at attracting your child’s attention and then achieving the maximum benefit from the course.

Arabic numbers learning chart

This chart helps you teach numbers to your child in innovative ways. Below are the details:

1-Repeating the numbers in order more than once a day

Learn arabic numbers for children by repeating them in order in front of the child more than once a day and when doing any activity, for example when eating fruits.

You can start after them first and before eating them or when eating them, and it is also possible to count the cubes while stacking them on top of each other, or when counting the puppets owned by the child and other activities.

The important thing is that parents keep in mind linking counting in order to all times of play with children so that numbers are associated with recreational things and not with dry education. It is also easier to link education with tangible things than with mere pictures.

2-Sing the numbers in order

Music and singing are easy ways for learning Arabic numbers for kids or teaching them anything in life. There are many songs in the Quran spirit that put the numbers in a beautiful and enjoyable melody that is easy for the child to memorize and attach to, especially if the parents sing with him, and these songs can be played or chanted with the child.

3-Read a number of books

It is necessary for the child to learn to rely on himself while learning Arabic numbers. In addition to songs and music, it is necessary to use number books, which are numbers accompanied by pictures of animals and birds or simple geometric shapes.

This makes it easier for the child to comprehend numbers, count pictures with parents, and link the number to things he knows, and his information generally increases about birds, animals, and things that books use to bring the meaning of the number closer to his mind.


When singing songs that contain numbers, it is possible to point to the fingers of the hands with each number so that the child connects between the pronunciation of the number and its numerical form, and to repeat this matter more than once a day and at every available opportunity.

5-Educational games

Educational games are a great way, especially in Arabic learning numbers, whether they are wooden games or electronic games on the tablet, they are very useful for the child to understand the shape of the number.

And its significance, as there are puzzle games for children from the age of two years. Where a picture of an animal or bird is placed next to the number, and the child chooses the correct picture on the number.

In the beginning, parents can help him to link each picture with its number, and as soon as the matter is repeated four or 5 times.

The child will start assembling puzzles on his own and know the names of animals and birds as well, so the benefit will be more general and comprehensive.

6-Number Coloring Books

Numbers coloring books make it easy to teach children and also facilitate writing later and teach them how to hold a pen. Children are also fond of the world of colors and many things can be taught through it.

So you can buy coloring books and cheerful colors and let the child color the number while saying it to him in a loud voice and he will repeat it behind you on his own without asking for it.

Then let him do the coloring and direct him to the need to adhere to the lines and that very gently without any nervousness or anger so as not to alienate the child from education completely.

7-Learning by drawing shapes

In a slightly advanced stage, and after the child succeeds in saying the numbers from 1-10 on his own, one of the parents can write the numbers in order in the coloring book and ask the child to draw simple shapes that indicate the number. 

In the beginning, the parents can write the numbers from 1 to 10 in the form Vertical and in order at the beginning, draw circles, triangles, or simple shapes in front of each number and ask the child to connect the number to the number of drawings.

After that, the task can be made a little more difficult by writing numbers and drawing shapes randomly, and then we draw the shapes and ask the child to write the number and help him, of course, to write it at the beginning.

And so on until the number is associated with its own shape, and is also associated with its significance in reality. You can also do this in several ways, such as:


With its beautiful colors, it helps the child to remember, and it is possible to buy plastic figures in the form of numbers and fill them with clay and let the child say the shape and know how it looks.

And we can also draw on the paper the shape of the numbers in a large line from 1-10 and help the child form clay dough and put it on the number And of course, we repeat his name.


As it is one of the classic games that are very useful in teaching numbers to children, comparing them, and knowing their significance from the beginning.

C-Number cards:

Where numbers can be written on separate cards and we ask the child to put a number of grains of beans or cubes on each card indicating the number, while repeating it permanently, of course.

D-Writing on sand or salt:

Where it is possible to fill a container with edges that are not high, such as (a tray), put an amount of sand or salt in it with a little height, and ask the child to write the shape of the number that he sees.

And this will be easier for him, of course, than holding a pen, and we can help him in the beginning by holding his hands, then we ask him to write on the sand on his own, either with his finger or with the help of any safe tool in his hands.

The benefit of the activities in teaching numbers to children is that the more senses are used in education, the better the result. With the activities, we add the sense of touch to hearing and sight.

Moreover, the more activities and methods are varied in teaching children, the faster the result, so it is not necessary to focus on only one method but to use more than one. 

You should use more than one way at the same time to increase the child’s attention and enjoyment of education.

9-Number Comparison:

After a period of teaching numbers to children, we begin to compare between the largest and the smallest, so we draw the numbers 3 and 5, for example.

With drawings that express each of them, and we tell the child that 5 is greater than 3 or 5 < 3, and also teach him the meaning of the words big and small in the beginning according to his ability to express and understand.

A lot of care must be taken at this stage because comparison is an important step in the degree of education of the child.

As he actually begins to understand the meanings of numbers and not just memorize them, it takes longer than the previous stages as it is without music or coloring.

So care must be taken to link it to things that the child likes, such as fruits or vegetables. colored cubes and more.

To summarize

learning arabic numbers is very important for your kids during the early years, so we presented through our article today the most easy way to learn arabic numbers, as these methods aim to learn Arabic numbers to kids through various activities that motivate them to better absorb.