What Are Arabic Alphabet?

Arabic alphabets are the letters by which the Arabic language is written, and also used in writing other languages such as Persian, and Urdu. The arabic alphabets are written from right to left in a connected form, and there are sciences that deal with letters, particularly phonetics and morphology.

The Arabic Phonology

One of the linguistic sciences deals with the sounds of the Arabic alphabet pronunciation and their right exits. The first book in this field was by al-farahidi, one of the prominent Arabic scholars, and the book of sibawayh.

The Arabic Morphology

A branch of Arabic linguistics that precisely deals with the form and structure of the word, and the arrangement of the alphabet Arabic in each word. The morphology science was derived from the holy book quran and one of the prominent sciences and it was said he was the founder of this science, Mouaz Bin Muslim Al Haraa.

How Many Letters Are in Arabic Alphabet?

Twenty-eight letters in the arabic alphabet  and in consideration of al hamza they are twenty-nine. There are two types of the arabic alphabet arrangement  and they are:

Alphabetical order:

This type of arrangement depends on the form of the letter, similarities, and isotopes, and this form of arrangement is the common form.

The the arabic alphabets are arranged as

(أ، ب، ت، ث، ج، ح، خ، د، ذ، ر، ز، س، ش، ص، ض، ط، ظ، ع، غ، ف، ق، ك، ل، م، ن، هـ، و، ي.)

The Phonetic order:

This type of arrangement depends on the exits of the letters from our mouth, those exits are

  1. 1-Al-Jawf which is the hollow of the mouth after the throat and behind the lips.
  2. 2-throat
  3. 3-tongue
  4. 4-lips
  5. 5-gill, from the tip of the nose till the throat.

And the phonetic arrangement is:

(ع، ح، هـ، خ، غ، ق، ك، ج، ش، ض، ص، س، ز، ط، ت، د، ظ، ذ، ث، ر، ل، ن، ف، ب، م، و، ي، أ).

A to Z Arabic Alphabet Chart

This kind of chart is designed to illustrate the form of the letters, the way to write them, and illustrative images of the words that contain these letters.

  • Each letter will have three diacritics, and we will use the alphabetic letter أ as an example:

1-al fatha    أَ which is pronounced as a short vowel A

2-Al Damah أُ and is pronounced as a short vowel O

3-Al Kasrah  إِ which is pronounced as a short vowel I

  • And also there are three forms of each letter according to the position of the letter in the word and we will use the letter ب as an example for the position of the letter:

1-In the beginning of the word as the word بارد

2-in the middle of the word as the word كبير

3-in the end of the word باب and يحب

Also, we can use audio to illustrate the way of pronouncing each letter. You can get Online Arabic course for best tutors for better understanding.

How to Learn Arabic Alphabet Online?

The Arabic language is not just important for Arabs, but for all Muslims, Muslims can’t pray without reading the Quran in Arabic,  so learning Arabic alphabet is mandatory for all Muslims. And fortunately,  learn the arabic alphabet ways became variable, interesting, and fun, and even the traditional techniques of the Arabic language alphabet were improved to be easier and more useful. Many ways were created to make the Arabic language, besides its great palace for Muslims, easy and exciting. Learning Arabic alphabet became easy and interesting, no matter where you are, what is your mother language, and even how your budget even, you will find your way to learn the Arabic alphabet.

There are many ways that you can learn the Arabic alphabet, and Quran Spirit will mention some of them, and we will mention whether each technique could be taught online or not:

1-Auditory Memorizing Technique:

It’s more effective with children, where we can use songs and movies, via this method the child will memorize letters and it’s one of the most effective ways to keep memorizing for a very long time. As those songs are worldwide available via websites and youtube they could be learned online and for free.

2-Memorizing Flashcards

Here, we will learn each letter individually and take our time with each letter, the flash card is separated or connected as two peace pizzles for each letter, one of them is the letter and the other part is a picture of illustrative pictures of a word that begins with the letter. These flashcards are interactive cards, and there are some online games depending on the idea of the flashcards.


The traditional method of learning the worksheets contains practices on each letter, many words, and pictures, these worksheets are usually present online in printable form.

4-Online Games and Applications

An interesting way to learn and enjoy, here we can use flashcard and worksheets to create the games, the child will ask to play and of course, he will learn, here these games will use songs games which depends on the memory and interaction of the child, and it contains levels to estimate the level of your child, also to use the competitive spirit of your child in learning. These games could be for free.

5-Using Objects in Writing

This method is mainly for writing and strengthening the small muscles of hands and fingers, and that’s why it’s an interactive method that can’t be online According to this method, we can use sand, here we will put sand in a plate or pot and then ask the child to write the letter with his finger on the sand. Playdough is another object that we can use as we ask the child to make the shape of the letter with the play dough. Rocks could be used and any other objects can be used for the same purpose.

6-Online Courses for Learning Arabic Alphabet

It’s suitable for all ages, you and your family could learn together according to your level, here you could choose from the Arabic learning schools online qualified, and affordable schools and there are many free online courses for learning. This method will facilitate learning as you can learn at home and according to your availability. The online course sessions are interactive, and the teachers will use different techniques to help you in studying and memorizing.


The Arabic language is the language of the Quran and every Muslim should learn it because the Quran must be read in Arabic, so learning arabic alphabet is a mandatory thing for every Muslim. The arabic language alphabet is the fundamental unit for the Arabic language, so you must learn it in an accurate way that’s because it’s essential in writing and reading. The modern ways of learning arabic alphabet became more interactive and interesting, and songs, movies, and games will be in your plan to teach your child. And also the online applications and courses made in arabic alphabets is easy way and suitable for all ages. So, if you want to learn Arabic alphabet, you will find many ways to begin.