The holy Quran consists of 30 juz and  Juz amma is the last of them. It starts with Surah Naba and ends with Surah Nas It’.

Juz amma is one of the easiest juz to memorize because it includes several short surahs that are easy to recite during prayer, making it a good choice for memorization for new convertors to Islam and children alike.

In this article, you’ll know the surahs composing this juz, besides some tips and intriguing facts about juz amma. So, keep reading.

Facts About Juz Amma

  1. Juz Amma is the 30th and last section of the Quran. It starts with Surah An-Naba’ (Chapter 78) and ends with Surah An-Nas (Chapter 114).
  2. Juz Amma is relatively shorter in length compared to other sections of the Quran. It consists of 37 surahs (chapters) in total, and most of these surahs are shorter in length.
  3. Juz Amma contains several well-known surahs, including Surah Al-Ikhlas (The Sincerity), Surah Al-Falaq (The Daybreak), and Surah An-Nas (Mankind). These surahs are frequently recited in daily prayers.
  4. Juz Amma covers various themes and topics, including the oneness of Allah, the Day of Judgment, the consequences of actions, seeking refuge in Allah from evil, and the importance of faith and righteousness.
  5. Juz Amma is considered accessible and easy to understand for both children and new learners of the Quran due to its simpler language and shorter surahs. It serves as a great starting point for beginners in their journey of Quranic study and memorization.

Why is it called Juz Amma?

The reason it’s called juz amma is that the first surah in this juz (surah Al- Naba)  opens ‘Amma Yatasaa-aloon (what they’re asking about). It’s the first verse in this surah and after which this juz is called.

Juz Amma Surah List


Name Classification Number of verses


Al-Naba Makkah 40
79 Al-Nazaat Makkah



Abasa Makkah 42
81 At-Takwir Makkah



AL-Infitar Makkah 19
83 Al-Mutaffifin Makkah



Al-Inshiqaq Makkah 25
85 Al-Burooj Makkah



At-Tariq Makkah 17
87 Al-Ala Makkah



Al-Ghashiya  Makkah 26
89 Al-Fajr Makkah



Al-Balad Makkah 20
91 Ash-Shams Makkah



Al-Lail Makkah 21
93 Ad-Dhuha Makkah



Al-sharh Makkah 5
95 At-Tin Makkah 



Al-Alaq Makkah 19
97 Al-Qadr Madina


98 Al-Bayyina Madina



Al-Zalzala Makkah 8
100 Al-Adiyat Makkah



Al-Qaria Makkah 11
102 At-Takathur Makkah



Al-Asr Makkah 3
104 Al-Humaza Makkah


105 Al-Fil Makkah



Quraish Makkah 4
107 Al-Maun Makkah


108 Al-Kauther Makkah



Al-Kafiroon Makkah 6


An-Nasr Madina 3


Al-Masadd Makkah


112 Al-Ikhlas Makkah


113 Al-Falaq Makkah


114 An-Nas Makkah


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Memorization Plan for Juz Amma

Here’s a ready-and-tried plan you can apply to memorize juz amma in 30 days  (juz amma memorization schedule)and below are some tips to help you through.

Day  You memorization 
1 The first 20 verses of surah Naba 
2 The second 20 verses of surah Naba
3 Al-Nazaat from 1 – 23 
4 Al-Nazaat from 24- 46
5 Abassa 1- 20 
6 Abassa 20- 42 
7 At-Takwir 1- 20 
8 At-Takwir 20: to the end of surah + surah Al Infitar
9 Al-Mutaffifin 1- 20
10 Al-Mutaffifin 21- 36
11 Al-Burooj Al-Ala 
12 At-Tariq
13 Al-Ala
14 Al-Ghashiya
15 Al-Fajr 1: 20
16 Al-Fajr 20: 30 Al-Balad 1: 10
17 Al-Balad 10: 20 + Ash-Shams 
18 Al Lil
19 Ad-Dhuha + Al-sharh+ At-Tin
20 Al-Alaq
21 Al-Qadr + Al-Bayyina 
22 Al-Zalzala +  Al-Adiyat
23 Al-Qaria +  At-Takathur
24 Al-Asr + Al-Humaza
25 Al-Fi+ Quraishl
26 Al-Maun + Al-Kauther
27 Al-Kafiroon+ An-Nasr
28 Al-Masadd
29 Al-Ikhlas + Al-Falaq
30 An-Nas

Tips to Memorize Juz Amma

1.Determine your desired timeline for memorizing Juz Amma. It could be a few months, a year, or any timeframe that suits your schedule and learning pace.

  1. Divide Juz Amma into smaller sections for easier online quran memorization. You can divide it into four equal parts, or choose a different breakdown that works for you. For example, divide it into surahs or groups of surahs.
  2. Allocate a specific time each day for reciting and memorizing. Consistency is key, so aim to practice daily, even if it’s for a short period.
  3. Regularly revise and review the previously memorized sections to maintain retention. Incorporate daily revision sessions to reinforce what you have memorized.
  4. Alongside memorization, strive to understand the meaning and context of the surahs. This will deepen your connection with the Quran and enhance your recitation.
  5. If possible, seek the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher or mentor who can provide support, correct your recitation, and offer tips for effective memorization.
  6. Explore different Quran memorization techniques, such as repetition, visualization, and reciting aloud. Find the method that works best for you and incorporate it into your practice.
  7. Celebrate milestones along the way to keep yourself motivated. For example, celebrate when you memorize a certain number of surahs or complete a specific section.
  8. Memorizing the Quran requires patience and perseverance. Stay consistent, be patient with yourself, and trust in your ability to achieve your goal.

Final Thought

Juz Amma, also known as the 30th Juz, is the last section of the Quran. It consists of the 37th chapter (Surah) through the 114th chapter. Juz Amma is frequently recited and studied by Muslims due to its shorter chapters and its inclusion of many fundamental teachings of Islam

It covers a wide range of topics, including faith, morality, guidance, and the consequences of one’s actions. Juz Amma is often memorized and recited in daily prayers and is considered an essential part of a Muslim’s Quranic study.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the First Surah in Juz Amma?

The first surah in Juz Amma is Surah An-Naba’ (Chapter 78) of the Quran. ” Surah An-Naba’ is a Makkan surah, meaning it was revealed in the early years of Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood in Makkah. It consists of 40 verses and covers a range of themes, including the Day of Judgment, the consequences of people’s actions, and the rewards and punishments that await infidels in the hereafter.

When Were the Surahs of Juz Amma Revealed?

The surahs (chapters) of Juz Amma were revealed at different times throughout the prophethood of Muhammad. it includes surahs that were revealed both in Makkah and Madinah with most of them being revealed in Mecca when the muslim community was fearful and tiny in number. For this reason, it includes many surahs that warn pagans from fire and torture await them on the day of judgment.

What Percentage of the Quran Is Juz Amma?

Juz Amma, the 30th and last section of the Quran, comprises approximately 37 out of 604 pages of the standard printed Quran. Therefore, Juz Amma makes up roughly 6.12% of the entire Quran. This percentage is an approximation and may vary slightly depending on the size and formatting of the Quran edition used.

How many ayat in Juz amma?

Juz Amma consists of 37 surahs, from Surah An-Naba’ (Chapter 78) to Surah An-Nas (Chapter 114). The total number of verses (ayat) in Juz Amma is 564

How many pages in juz amma?

Juz Amma consists of approximately 37 pages in the standard printed Quran.

What Is the Juz’s Main Theme?

The main theme of Juz Amma is the importance of faith, righteousness, and the consequences of one’s actions. It emphasizes the belief in the oneness of Allah, the Day of Judgment, and the importance of following the teachings of Islam. Juz Amma also highlights the rewards and punishments that await individuals in the afterlife based on their deeds in this world. Additionally, it contains reminders, guidance, and moral lessons to encourage believers to lead righteous and ethical life.

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