Talking about Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids. you should know that there are many steps that you must go through in order to be able to obtain the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah.

And although there are many types of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online that actually, the way through which you can actually obtain and learn Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids is one.

And Among the most important steps that you must go through in order to be able to obtain Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids are the following:

  • Memorization is a very important step in obtaining an Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah, in addition to that, you must be proficient in memorizing the Holy Qur’an completely.
  • A board study in tajweed: you must already have studied at least one type of text and you can acquire any of them in order to pass this step.
  • Get aboard Shatbya: one of the most important elements that you must do in order to be able to learn Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids is to actually obtain a complete study of one of the Shatibi texts.

And through this, you can have a lot of information that helps you to read correctly when you reach the final step or reading The Holy Qur’an was completely recited by a sheikh without any error.

Definition of Ijazah

The idea of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah arose as a derivation from the narration system on which the transmission of the Islamic religion relied, as the narration was transmitted to the people of the honorable hadith, the Sunnah of the beloved Mustafa.

And to the owners of jurisprudence, their schools and doctrines, as well as to the owners of the interpretation, the reasons for the revelation, the abrogated and the abrogated.

And the narrated effects of the companions and followers in the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an, and it was transmitted to the nation a book Lord.

Moreover, the meaning of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids: that so-and-so has been certified with some knowledge, whether this knowledge is supported or not, I mean, whether it was transmitted from another scholar.

Or from the insides of books, or from a university, school, or course, or from the structures of the thoughts of the researcher or the scientist himself, and the certification may be in sciences The machine or in the main forensic sciences.

Importance of Ijazah in Islamic Education

Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online is of great importance, which is reflected in the Muslim’s understanding of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an in a great way. as we could summarize this importance within the following points:

  • Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah involves isolating a particular phrase or part of a verse from its immediate context and analyzing it in relation to other verses that have similar meanings.
  • By doing Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online, scholars are able to better understand the meaning of a particular verse, as well as its place in the broader context of Islamic teachings.
  • Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids method is particularly useful for interpreting verses that are not straightforward or easy to understand due to their abstract nature.
  • In addition, the Qur’anic ijaza can be used to explore how different aspects of the Qur’an interact with each other and how they relate to one another.
  • Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah is an invaluable tool for scholars seeking to fully understand the Qur’an and its teachings and is an integral part of understanding Islam.

Overview of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah

Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah means that Ijazah that is said to be brief and general for all recitations, and frequent readings. This Ijazah undoubtedly does not focus on one type of reading.

But you can obtain it with any type of frequent readings, and this type of text or Ijazah has become the first stage that You must pass to be able to access the other stages.

Also, many books were written and literature that talks about this type of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids, such as the kitab tajwid al jazariyah.

The curriculum of Al-Jazariyah for Kids

An Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah is one of the most important types of Ijazah that every Muslim man and woman seeks to obtain.

As this Ijazah is obtained if the Holy Qur’an is read by one of the scholars who hold this Ijazah, and it is already one session through which you can obtain this Ijazah.

And you should know that this type of reading, which is the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah from the mutawatir texts that were transmitted and obtained by the companions passing.

Through the followers, until the matter came to us, which is the matter that has a clear meaning, and it is the matter that indicates that you are indeed this type of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah is easiest of all types.

Importance of learning Al-Jazariyah for Kids

The Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids is of great importance, as this importance can be summarized in the following points:

  • It is important to teach Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah of the Qur’an to children because it provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the text and its meaning.
  • The Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah is an educational system developed by the 13th-century Islamic scholar, Al-Jazari.
  • Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids aims to help learners gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts in the Qur’an by dividing the verses into different components such as linguistics, syntax, and rhetoric.
  • Through kitab tajwid al jazariyah, children can gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the basic principles found in its pages. Moreover, this method can also help instill in children a sense of respect for the sacred text and its teachings.
  • By teaching children Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online of the Qur’an, we can ensure that they receive a comprehensive education that will help them develop a deep knowledge of Islam’s holiest texts.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah 

It is worth noting that there are some steps that the student goes through during his journey in Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids, and these steps are represented in the following points:

Memorizing the Noble Qur’an completely and meticulously

This is because of the asanid of narrators through which the Great Qur’an has come down to us, each of its narrators recited to his sheik by heart from his memory, starting with our sheikhs and ending with the Messenger of Allah.

And whoever reads to his teacher by sight from the Mushaf with full intonation, then asks for authorization, there is no objection to him being given testimony of what he read, in which the reality that happened is described.

And it shows that So-and-so read all or part of the Qur’an by sight from the Mus-haf with full intonation and perfect accuracy. 

I suggest that it be called: « Certificate of Proficiency in Recitation of the Qur’an » This is to distinguish it from the Qur’anic Ijazah, which the reciters are familiar with.

Memorizing the “Jazari Introduction” system in tajweed, and understanding its explanation

This is because the transmission of the Great Qur’an takes place within certain controls and restrictions, in terms of the exits of the letters and their attributes individually and collectively.

The readers used to memorize the “Al-Muqaddimah Al-Jazari” system in intonation, by the imam of the readers Ibn Al-Jazari – may Allah have mercy on him – because it contained most of the provisions of intonation.

Then it was necessary for them to know its meanings and understand its explanation. 

To be a reference for them to memorize their recitation from the melody, for the narration to transmit it, and for the know-how to adjust it.

Reciting the entire Holy Qur’an, letter by letter, by Sheikh Al-Mujeez

And that is from the beginning of Al-Fatihah to the last of the people, taking into account all the rules of intonation in terms of exits and attributes. And other than that is known.

Some of them do, such as having one of the students read to him something from the Qur’an, then he gives him a vague approval, under the illusion that he has read the entire Qur’an.

Is not valid and is not permissible, unless the authorizer states that so-and-so has read from such-and-such to such-and-such, and I authorize him to do so.

As for the student reciting some of the Qur’an to his teacher, then he approves of all of it, this is used by some reciters if he knows and is certain that this student has read the entire Qur’an to someone other than this professor, mastered it and approved it.

However, if this student is new to reading and his teacher does not know anything about his reading the rest of the Qur’an, then it is not permissible for him to permit it. 

Because in the Qur’an there are words that occur only once, and their exactingness requires attention and vigilance.

Since some of the words are not repeated in the Qur’an, how does the sheik testify to the student that his performance of these words is correct when he did not hear them from him and did not set them right for him? Allah Almighty says:

سَتُـكْتَبُ شَهَادَتُهُمْ وَيُسْأَلُونَ 

Training the mujiz of the metaphor to read

How many of those who are good at reading and not good at reading his students, so the shikh should train his student to read, by bringing a new student in the recitation.

And ordering the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah to correct his recitation for him in front of him in the manner that he received from his authorizer. 

Hecan, and his teacher permit him to read-only, and the authorizer has no right to authorize him to read until he becomes qualified to do so.

Otherwise, we will see a deviation in the performance of the Qur’an and tajweed, caused by the ineligibility to read.

The mujiz should also train the student to recite some parts of the Qur’an before completing the license, which must be free of errors.

The first is to train the student on the three levels of recitation, and it is okay for him to recite the first third of the Qur’an in the rank of investigation, the second third in the rank of tadweer, and the last third in hurd, so that he has mastered all the ranks.

And we have seen some of those who mastered reading by checking or rotating, but they did not master it with declension; 

Because their sheikh did not train them for this rank, and it is necessary in revision, study, Tarawih prayer, and qiyamulil.

Teaching Methods for Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids

If you want to teach the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids, you can do these steps:

1- Introducing the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah: Explain to the children what the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah is and how it can be used to learn the Qur’an. 

Emphasize that this method is fun and interactive, and will help them understand the words of the Qur’an better.

2- Introduce some simple words: Start by introducing a few simple words from the Qur’an and explain their meaning to the children. 

Ask them to repeat each word after you, and make sure they understand what each word means. As this is a very necessary step to learn Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids.

3- Pretend using flashcards: Get some flashcards with Arabic letters on them, and explain how they can be linked together in an island-like shape. 

Show them how each letter is connected to form a word, then explain its meaning.

4- Divide the children into teams: Divide the children into small teams and give each team a set of flashcards with different words from the Qur’an written on them.

Encourage them to work together to succeed in Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online.

5- Increase the level of difficulty: As the children become more comfortable with the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah, increase the level of difficulty by introducing more complex words or sentences from the Qur’an for them.

6- Comprehension test: To test their understanding of what they have learned, ask them questions about each word or sentence of the Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah, such as its definition or the context of its use in the Qur’an.

Benefits of obtaining Ijazah of Al-Jazariyah for Kids

Undoubtedly, seeking Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah to read the Noble Qur’an, a correct reading, with a continuous chain of transmission to the Messenger of Allah.

May Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, as a praiseworthy matter in Shari’a. The journey in order to master the recitation of the Qur’an is a priority, and its owner will be rewarded.

The importance of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids is highlighted by the fact that it is not right for anyone to recite the Noble Qur’an until he takes it completely from the mouths of well-versed sheikhs and is authorized to recite it. 

If he is not permitted to recite the Qur’an, he should not recite the Qur’an even if he recites the Qur’an many times, because hearing and memorization are not sufficient for the validity of reciting the Qur’an after the time of the prevalence of melody.

 Rather, with them, there must be an ijazah to read and recite, because the student may read the entire Qur’an to his sheik over and over again and is not perfect at reciting.

So the sheik does not permit him, and from that what Imam Ibn Al-Jazari mentioned – may Allah Almighty have mercy on him.

On the authority of Imam Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Hashemi (d. 646). e) That Abu Jaafar bin Al-Zubayr read to him the narration of Warsh several seals, he said: He did not permit me, and some of my peers read it to him and permitted him.

Hence, some of the predecessors, may Allah have mercy on them, used to ask some of their students to re-read the Qur’an many times until they were sure of their mastery.

It is from that that Mujahid bin Jabr Al-Makki recited thirty seals on Ibn Abbas.


And from that, Imam Abu Jaafar presented the Qur’an to his master Abdullah bin Ayyash, to Abdullah bin Abbas, and to Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with them both.

And from that, Imam Nafeh bin Abi Naim said: I read about seventy followers.

And from that, Hisham bin Ammar Al-Salami took the reading casually on the authority of Ayoub bin Tamim, Irak bin Khaled, Al-Walid bin Muslim, Sadaqah bin Khaled, and others.

The benefits of Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids online can also be summarized in the following points:

  • Memorizing the Holy Quran is a great virtue for children.
  • Learn Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids helps them develop an understanding of the teachings of Islam and strengthens their bond with Allah.
  • As they learn the verses and memorize them, they can recite them with more clarity and accuracy, which strengthens their faith and their connection to Allah more through Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids.
  • In addition, by memorizing the Qur’an, children build on their knowledge of the Arabic language, increasing their language abilities while also learning more about the language of divine revelation.
  • Ultimately, memorizing the Holy Quran is a noble deed that brings immense spiritual benefit to children.


In the end, learning the Holy Qur’an has many benefits, especially for children, in addition, to learn Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids, and connection with this importance, we presented methods for Ijazah Of Al-Jazariyah for kids, as you can read in kitab tajwid al jazariyah