For non-Arabs, Quran reading is difficult due to the native language difference and slight variations in the pronunciation of several letters. Relying on this fact, many Muslims strive to learn and practice Arabic to recite Quran flawlessly. 

If you can’t read the Quran fluently it’s not an issue anymore as Quran Spirit is here to guide you on how to be a fluent Quran reader. Follow these tips sincerely and dedicate a good amount of time daily to reading the Quran like native Arabs.

Tips to Improve Quran Recitation with Fluency

Let’s dig deep to know how you can easily read the Quran with fluency.

1. Start from the Basics

The Arabic language is not difficult to learn as it has very easy rules but they need practice more than other languages. You need to start from scratch and learn the basics first. Remember, this is the language chosen by Allah to communicate with His Prophets, so learn the basics with pure intention and sincerity. We have made it easy through our Noorani Qaida Course which aims at teaching all the basics to the new learner.

2. Hire A Quran Tutor

Now the question arises, how can you learn the basics? As a beginner, you might get confused or misled by the number of platforms available online. So, the next tip to be a fluent reader is to hire a qualified tutor and get online quran recitation course or join a physical Quran class nearby. We offer a variety of male and female tutors with their profiles available on our website to give you the option to choose from.

An online native Arab tutor knows very well how to teach the basics that are required for Quran reading. They are teaching for years and have many strategies to kick start the learning journey efficiently.

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3. Focus on The Translation

If you know the meaning of the verses you are reciting, it will bring a drastic change in your recitation. You will recite slowly, nicely, with due pauses and your fluency will get better. Be mindful that Arabic isn’t like English in that you have to speak at a speed to show your fluency. In Arabic, your fluency means your Tajweed and pronunciation are accurate. So, pay attention to the phrases, words, and meaning the verses are conveying.

4. Begin From The Easy Portions

To become fluent in Quran reading, it is suggested to start your recitation from easier chapters that are manageable and you can apply all tajweed rules effortlessly. For further help, we can suggest the easiest Juz, to begin with (Juz Amma (The 30th Chapter). You can start from Surah Al-Fatiha because it will be repeated several times in every prayer and your fluency will increase. Then start reading the last 15 Surahs of Juz Amma and try to memorize them.

5. Listen to Famous Qaris

To get fluent, you can also spend some time listening to the recitations of famous Qaris to see and practice how they utter the verses, where they pause, how they intonate and elongate, etc. Fix a time of the day when you can listen to a specific surah and imitate it at least thrice.

6. Review Your Lessons Daily

The more you practice, the better will be your fluency. It is said that practice makes a man perfect. So, revise the verses, be they less or more, and be consistent to review. Allocate special time for the review sessions because Quran is removed from memory very quickly. The devil is always there to terminate it. Revise less portion but revise daily for some time and do not leave until perfected.

7. Recite To someone

It is also a very helpful tip to read Quran fluently. Whatever you learn, recite it to someone daily. It will assist you in knowing your errors and getting flawless in recitation. 

Pick up a portion that you think you have learned excellently, and recite it to someone who is already fluent in Quran reading. Be it your teacher, friend, parents, or siblings. Make sure the listener knows the Quran better than you.


Quran reading is not difficult if you understand the meaning and all the Tajweed rules. We at Quran Spirit help all Muslims by giving them online quran classes to get them perfect in their Quran reading through various courses that are skillfully designed for beginners. Let’s learn this beautiful book and get enlisted among those who strive hard to read this Book. Free free to join Quran Spirit and Learn Quran online form home with 2 free trial classes.

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