As parents, we strive to give our children a strong faith and spirituality foundation. One of the most essential aspects of Islamic education is reading and understanding the Quran. However, motivating children to read the Quran can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world of distractions and competing priorities.

But in the end, Motivating your child to read the Quran is not just about completing a task or ticking a box; it is about nurturing their spiritual growth, instilling values, and guiding them toward a deeper understanding of their faith. In Online Quran classes for kids, children’s can learn and understand the Quran perfectly. 

For this reason, in this article, you’ll explore practical strategies to inspire and encourage your child to develop a deep love for the Quran. By fostering a positive and engaging environment, we can help our children establish a lifelong connection with the divine words of Allah.

Eight Ways to Motivate Your Child to Read the Quran

With a lot of dedication and inspiration, you can encourage your little child to recite the holy book by applying the strategies below. Remember, each child is unique, and what works with one might not have the same effect with another, so understanding your child’s inner personality and applying what works best for him will immensely pay off 

1. Start Learning Your Child’s Quran from a Young Age

Teaching your child the Quran early can motivate him to build this habit even without full awareness of it. It’s believed that humans are creatures of habit, and that’s why most parents start teaching their kids the Noble book at six years old or even younger because they know that children’s memories are still clear and capable of storing a lot of information effortlessly and recall it more accessible, so they make use of this advantage. The more your child is accustomed to this habit of reading the Quran, the more he will do it unconsciously. By this kids can learn quran by heart easily.  

2. Encourage  Him with Unique Gifts for Each Progress

Physical gifts are powerful to motivate your children to read the Quran. You can buy them some colourful pencils, a specific kind of candy, or anything they wish. It doesn’t have to be something big, so you can gift them regularly with each progress they make. It might be after memorising a surah or a combination of surahs. Promise your children with those gifts, and they’ll be fueled to complete the task.

Remember, the most important aspect of gifting is to choose items that align with your child’s interests, age, and learning style. The goal is to make the Quranic learning experience enjoyable, engaging, and meaningful for them.

3. Speak About Him with Allah and His Mercy Upon Us

Speak about your child about allah, count his blessings over them, and for this reason, we worship him. Convince them that by committing to allah and reading and memorizing his book, they seek his pleasure and become nearer to paradise (the big gift allah promised for those who do good and be close to him. Nothing can build a robust and genuine relationship between your child for a lifetime and the Quran that instils faith in allah in his little heart.

4. Be an Actual Role Model for Him

Be a source of inspiration for your child. If you want your kid to achieve some goal, you should have proven to him that you could achieve it too. Children love to imitate their parents, and they do it unconsciously. 

Let your child see you value and prioritize your time with the Quran. Set aside a regular time for your recitation and reflection, and make it visible to your child., Also, try to make the Quran real for them, not just some words written in a book. When faced with challenges or dilemmas, refer to the Quran for guidance and discuss it with your child.

5. Try Funny and Interactive Methods

Motivating your child to read the Quran can be fun and interactive by integrating some lighthearted and engaging methods; for example, you can ask your child questions about the Quran. You can include multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, or true/false statements. Offer small rewards or points for correct answers.

You can also turn Quranic memorization into a friendly challenge by creating a chart or a progress board. Set achievable goals for your child to memorize specific verses or Surahs. Offer small rewards or incentives as they reach each milestone. This method adds a sense of achievement and motivation to their Quranic memorization journey.

6. Recount Prophet’s Stories

Telling the prophet’s stories to your stories can fuel their imagination and intrigue them to read the holy book. It’s in our nature to enjoy listening to stories because they are easy to understand and enjoyable compared to verses with no stories. 

Each night, gather your children and recount a story of one prophet with reference to its Quranic verses. You’ll notice that you’ve managed to hold their imagination, and they will be eager to listen to the continuation of this story in the upcoming day. 

7. Make the Quran an Integral Part of Their Day

Create a routine of reciting the Quran together as a family. Set aside a specific time each day to gather and recite together. Encourage your child to take turns leading the recitation, even if it’s just a few verses.

 It’s better to set up a clear environment for this purpose.  For example, you can designate a particular area in your home as a Quranic reading corner. Fill it with comfortable seating, soft lighting, and a collection of Quranic books. Make it an inviting and peaceful space where you and your child can spend quality time reading and reflecting on the Quran. Hire an online Quran tutor and learn Quran online at home with their guidance. 

8. Celebrate His Success

Celebrate and acknowledge your child’s Quranic milestones, such as completing a Surah or memorizing verses. Plan small celebrations or rewards to recognize their efforts and achievements. For example, you can go together on a picnic or tour the place he likes.  You can also have a party in your house and invite your close friends so they can have a good time with a lot of fun and thrill. This positive reinforcement will motivate them to continue their Quranic journey and feel accomplished.