Memorising the Quran is a cherished goal for many Muslim families, as it allows children to cultivate a deep connection with the divine words and carry them in their hearts throughout their lives.

However, memorization can sometimes be challenging and daunting, leading to frustration and disinterest. As parents, we need to create an environment that nurtures and encourages our children’s Quranic memorization journey.

 This article will explore effective strategies and practical tips to help you make Quran memorization an enjoyable and rewarding experience for your child. You can transform the process into a joyful and meaningful adventure by embracing these approaches in your hifz classes for kids.

 Tips to Make Your Kids Love Memorizing the Quran

The practical advice by the Quran Spirit given below will drive your kids to learn and memorize the holy book and enjoy it. So, let’s begin.

1. Start by Yourself

Usually, kids tend to mirror their parents’ behaviors without questioning them as they hold them in high regard. So, if you want them to study and memorize the Quran, you should start by yourself and make them notice that you do this, but not in a studious or rigid way because it could bore them. 

Instead, they trigger their curiosity by telling them the rewards Allah promised for the one who memorized the holy book in paradise. The bottom line is when you improve your relation with the Quran and imprint it in your heart, your kids will follow you obediently.

2. Turn on Quran Recitation on TV or Radio

Make it a daily routine to turn on the TV or radio and make the house resonate with Allah’s verses, especially in the morning. Even without awareness, your kids will get used to listening to the Quran, and some verses will find their way easily into their minds; that is what makes memorisation easier because the more you listen to the verse, the more its structure is formed and fixed in your memory. 

It’s better to make them listen to short surahs because it will be easier for them to memorize. Also, as much as possible, don’t try to change the reciter, especially if you notice that your kids are comfortable with his voice or feel somehow attached to him.

3. Make it a Routine

When you make Quran memorization a daily ritual of each day, your kids will stick to it effortlessly. To achieve this routine, you’ve to pick out a specific time of the day and dedicate it for online Quran memorization sessions where you gather your kids together in a specific corner of the house.

start by revising the previous part of the last day before moving into the new part. Don’t make those sessions too long so they don’t get bored, and try to integrate some playful games and activities into the learning process to make it more interactive and fun. 

4. Gift them with Great Rewards

Tangible gifts can act as an excellent incentive for children to progress further.  So ensure you reward your kid with something whenever he accomplishes some milestone. Presents shouldn’t be something big; you can give them some little, delicious candies, colorful pens, a paper sheet or a bicycle (in case he memorises an entire chapter).

Also, don’t suffice with those little physical gifts but also show your kids the great rewards that await them for paradise and refer to some hadith of prophet Mohammed concerning this regard.

The Prophet said: “It will be said to the companion of the Qur’an: Recite and rise in status, recite as you used to recite in the world, for your status will be at the last verse that you recite.” (Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi).

5. Embrace their Failures

Children are prone to make many mistakes, especially when it comes to pronouncing some words mistakenly, forgetting the passage or omitting some words from the verses. That can make them a little stressed, especially if they have a sensitive nature and seek to be perfectionists.

 If you notice that pattern in your kid, connect with him, motivate him, and let him make mistakes is at the core of learning anything new, and he has to embrace it without eschewing his heart for it.

6. Share Quranic Stories 

Stories are among the tools that can be employed to build your child’s affection toward the holy book. And there is no greater achievement than making children memorize the Quran out of love, not out of ritual. Other than being interesting enough to kindle their imagination, a lot of those stories have big morals and lessons that, if instilled in your child’s minds, they will be grateful for it for a lifetime. 

Each night, gather your child around and pick some of those stories and recount them with them. You can also add some catchy, animated videos about prophets’ stories if they love to learn visually better.

7. Have Playful Games

Learning becomes an effortless process when it’s mixed with fun. To make Quran memorization techniques enjoyable activity, add some playful games like testing your children’s knowledge and making some quizzes. For example, you can pick some verse and ask them where surah holds it or ask them about the names of the prophets and their nations.  

You can also use fill-in-the-plank sentences to measure their knowledge of the Quran or lead them to make designs or drawings for Quranic verses and pin them up on the walls.

8. Praise any Small Achievement 

Encourage your children for each small accomplishment with lovely words like bravo or well done. Be happy for their progress and feel pride for them. Kids will do anything just to make their parents proud. 

You can also reward them by allowing them to practise their other interests, like playing video games, playing outdoor games, going to the club to refresh their minds, or even staying at home making their favorite plate to eat.

Whatever activity they choose, make sure they have an excellent time to recharge their energy and have a little fun.

9. Ask the Help of a Quran Tutor

The Quan tutor can make the learning process more structured, monitored, and interactive. Blending expertise and modern technology, a good Quran tutor can easily convey information to your child and ensure they have the most engaging and perfect learning environment. 

Look for tutors. You can find several of them online, verify their knowledge, and read the reviews and ratings about them. Have a free trial to ensure the hifz course content suits your child. You can choose a female or male teacher for what is best for our children.

 In Quran spirit, we’ve both, and they have all the expertise and knowledge required to guide your children to master Quran memorization.