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Do you desire to learn the Quran from its original language? Without translation or interpretation.

Learning Quranic Arabic will help you sense the beauty of the sacred book of Islam and understand its meaning, which will reflect on your close connection with Allah.

There‘s a verse in Surah Nahl verse 103 that says:

“ And We certainly know that they say, “It is only a human being who teaches the Prophet.” The tongue of the one they refer to is foreign, and this Qur’an is [in] a clear Arabic language.

Quranic Arabic for Beginners course is designed to meet the needs of students at all learning levels by offering them an enjoyable and engaging environment to learn the noble book and ponder in its depths.

Using a variety of professional strategies and customized study plans, you’ll be able to understand the Quran by strengthening your vocabulary, and grammar and learning the context of each verse’s revelation. 

Best Online Quranic Arabic Course For Beginners

This course is ideal for those starting from scratch with little to no background in Arabic. It provides a structured and gradual introduction to Quranic Arabic, making it accessible to beginners.

The content introduced in this course is designed to suit a wide range of students who are already engaged in studying the Quran, whether because they are passionate about knowing the Islamic religion or have recently embraced Islam and want to explore the concepts of this new faith or those pursuing Islamic studies or related fields, or involved in teaching or leading religious activities.

What You’ll Learn in Online Quranic Arabic Beginners Classes 

By the end of this course, the student will be able to

  •  Read and Understand the Quran by building the skills to recognize and understand the meanings of words in the Quran in its original Arabic language. 
  • Develop a list of Quranic vocabulary and understand commonly used words in the Quran.
  • Grasp the basics of Grammar for analyzing the structure of Quranic verses.  
  • Apply Tajweed Rules in Recitation to read  Quranic verses accurately and with proper pronunciation.
  •  Understand the interpretation (Tafsir) of Quranic verses.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the linguistic and contextual aspects of the Quran. 
  • Feel such a deeper appreciation of the beauty, eloquence, and depth of the Quranic language.
  •  Lay the Foundation for Further Study- since this course serves as a solid foundation for further study and exploration of Quranic Arabic.

Why Learn Quranic Arabic?

Allah has urged Muslims to learn Quran in surah Mohammed verse 25 when he said

Do they not then reflect on the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?

And in fact, there are many hadith that exhort Muslims to study the noble book.

One of the hadith attributed to the messenger of Islam noted:

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.” [Al-Bukhari].

So, Online Quranic Arabic Course is important for you to learn and decipher the meanings lurking in the book of Islam because you can’t reach the deep intention of any word in the Quran unless you study its Arabic root. That’s why translations of the holy book often fail to convey the proper meaning, no matter how immense efforts translators made.

Learning Quranic Arabic For Beginners

The Quranic Arabic for Beginners course is designed to introduce students with little to no prior knowledge of Arabic to the basics of the Quranic Arabic language and grammar. This course aims to provide students with the foundational skills needed to understand and appreciate the Quran in its original language.

Throughout the course, the Quran teachers will do their best to make you understand the holy book by using a combination of instructional materials,  virtual classrooms, audio recordings of Quranic verses, and many exercises.

Here are the five key levels introduced by the Quran spirit.  

  1. Beginner Level

This is the introductory level for learners with little or no prior knowledge of Arabic. The focus is on learning the Arabic alphabet, basic vocabulary, and grammar rules.  At this level, Students begin to develop reading and comprehension skills for simple Quranic verses.

  1. Intermediate Level

 At this level, learners build upon the foundational knowledge acquired at the beginner level. They expand their vocabulary, enhance their understanding of grammar rules, and delve deeper into sentence structure and syntax. Students work on reading and comprehending more complex Quranic verses.

  1. Advanced Level

At the advanced level, learners further refine their understanding of Quranic Arabic. They study advanced grammar concepts, explore the nuances of Quranic vocabulary, and engage in a detailed analysis of Quranic verses. The focus is on developing a deeper comprehension of the linguistic and contextual aspects of the Quran.

  1. Tafsir and Interpretation Level

This level is typically for more advanced learners with a strong grasp of Quranic Arabic. Students delve into the study of tafsir (interpretation) of the Quran, exploring the meanings and context of specific verses. They analyze the linguistic, historical, and theological aspects of the Quranic text.

  1. Specialized Topics Level

At this level, the students deal with the rhetoric, eloquence, or stylistic features of the Quran. It tackles the specific areas of study to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Quranic Arabic.

Quran Spirit Quranic Arabic Curriculum

A comprehensive Quranic Arabic curriculum typically covers various aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, morphology, and syntax. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll study in this course

  1. Introduction to Arabic Script:

 Learn the Arabic alphabet and basic pronunciation rules. Practice writing and reading Arabic letters and words.

  1. Quranic Vocabulary

 Build a foundational vocabulary of commonly used words in the Quran. Learn the meanings and usage of these words in the Quranic context.

  1. Grammar and morphology 

 Understand the basic grammar rules and sentence structure in Quranic Arabic, including Types of Words Masculine & Feminine Singular, Dual & Plural Prepositions Adverb Detached Pronouns Relative Pronouns Demonstrative Pronouns Interrogative Nouns Negation & Response. l use 

You will learn arabic grammar to understand the meaning of the verses by deconstructing their structure.

  1. Tafsir and Understanding Quranic Verses

 Explore the interpretation and understanding of selected Quranic verses. Learn how to analyze the linguistic and contextual aspects of the verses. You’ll also Study the morphology of Arabic words, including word roots, patterns, and verb conjugation. Explore the various forms and tenses of verbs and their usage in the Quran.

  1. Tajweed and Proper Recitation

Learn the rules of Tajweed, the proper pronunciation, and the recitation of the Quran. Practice reciting verses with the correct Tajweed. 


Quranic Arabic Course Features

Here are some perks you will find when enrolling in Quranic Arabic for Beginners Course with Quran spirit 

Qualified, native  Instructors

 This course is typically taught by qualified instructors who have expertise in the Arabic language and Quranic studies. They provide guidance, answer questions, and offer personalized feedback to support you in the learning journey.

Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises

This course includes grammar and vocabulary exercises that help you reinforce learning and practice applying the language rules. These exercises may include fill-in-the-blank exercises, sentence construction, and translation tasks.

Quranic Text Analysis

You’ll gain much understanding of the Quran.  Being involved in the analysis and interpretation of selected Quranic verses, you’ll learn how to analyze the linguistic and contextual aspects of the verses and understand the deeper meanings and messages conveyed.

Requirement for Enrolling 

While no prior knowledge of Arabic is required, it is beneficial to have basic reading and writing skills in any language. Being able to recognize and write the Arabic alphabet will make it easier to progress in the course.

Also, you should have access to a solid Internet connection and be willing to allocate sufficient time and effort to attend classes, complete assignments, and engage in independent study. So enrolled in our online Arabic course and learn Quranic Arabic with native Arab tutors. 


Frequently Asked Questions

 Q&A and Discussion Sessions

You will acquire the opportunity to interact with the instructor and fellow students in live Q&A and discussion sessions. Clarify any questions or doubts you may have and engage in meaningful conversations about Quranic Arabic.

Why Take Quranic Arabic Lessons

The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, and learning Quranic Arabic allows individuals to directly understand the message of the Quran in its original language. By studying Quranic Arabic, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the verses, their meanings, and the context in which they were revealed.

 Moreover, studying Quranic Arabic is a way to deepen their spiritual connection with the Quran. It allows them to engage with the words of Allah directly and develop a more profound appreciation for the sacred text.

Is studying Quranic Arabic hard?

Studying Quranic Arabic can be challenging, but it is not necessarily “hard” in the sense that it is impossible to learn.  Some students may find it hard due to its Different Alphabet, complex Arabic grammar and sentence structure, and eccentric vocabulary. Besides,  Quranic Arabic is considered a form of Classical Arabic, which can differ from modern spoken Arabic dialects. This distinction can add a layer of complexity when studying the language.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Quranic Arabic?

The time it takes to learn Quranic Arabic can vary greatly depending on several factors, including  whether you have prior Knowledge, the amount of time and effort you dedicate to studying Quranic Arabic, The learning methods and resources you use, The learning methods and resources you use

Considering these factors, it is challenging to provide a specific timeline for learning Quranic Arabic. However, with consistent effort and dedication, one can expect to start understanding basic Quranic Arabic within a few months of focused study. Developing a solid foundation and acquiring advanced proficiency can take several years of consistent learning and practice.



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