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Hifz is a great responsibility to preserve and retain verses of the Quran in the Heart and mind forever. Those who embark on this sacred journey are blessed with accountable rewards and those who intend to hifz Quran but do not have any solid base of Arabic reading will get a double reward for their hard work. There is no age limit to hifz Quran, you can start whenever you want to. Beginners, who know nothing about the Arabic language can start Quran memorization online by learning the basics of Tajweed initially.

We at Quran Spirit have skillfully designed a course for beginners where they will be exposed to Arabic reading and will start memorizing the short Surahs. Our qualified Huffaz instructors will lead you through the easy stages of hifz. 

Well-Structured Hifz Curriculum For All the Beginners 

We have structured the curriculum in a way that you can easily track your progress, appear in tests, work on the errors, and review the learned portion in the revision sessions easily. We aim at beginning the course with the easy tajweed drills to bring beginners on board for hifz. After learning the basics of reading, they will start memorizing the short surahs and review them again and again. 

The predefined structure of the course helps the teachers and the students to keep checking their pace, capacity, and progress.

Learning Objectives Of Hifz Course 

Certain objectives are mandatory for beginner hifz classes such as:

  • Working on the Articulation points and Tajweed of beginners in the initial classes.
  • Making them proficient in reading Quranic verses on their own.
  • Helping them memorize short surah with Tajweed easily.
  • Devising and altering strategies if stuck.
  • Making the beginners confident in reciting verses.
  • Understanding the meaning of verses and the theme of each surah.
  • Enabling and boosting them to memorize more portions if they are exceptional in hifz.
  • Achieving the targets of hifz through easy and short stages.
  • Making students’ hifz lesson accurate with back-to-back revisions.

3 Easy Stages Of Hifz For Beginners 

You can memorize Quran easily and happily, no matter if you can’t read a single Arabic word. We are here to help you through the stages we have designed exceptionally for you.

Stage 1: The reading and get-set-go stage.

As beginners are going to start from scratch, the primary stage is exposure to the Arabic language, its words, the joining of letters, and a smooth transition from learning rules to their application. Gradually they will be capable of reading verses and then they will be promoted to the next stage where they will start memorizing.

Stage 2: The short Surah Hifz stage 

Upon reaching this stage the real target will start and Juz Amma hifz will begin. You will read the Ayaat with the teacher more than 3 times and then repeat them several times to get it perfected. The more focused and committed you will be, the better your hifz will be. You will memorize all the surahs that have 3-10 Ayaat. A test will be held to check your hifz, tajweed, and recitation. If passed, you will move on to the next stage.

Stage 3: Whole Juz Amma Hifz Stage 

Now that you are no more a beginner, and know very well how to learn and follow the sequence of hifz. Here, you will learn the whole Juz and even more if you are passionate enough to keep going on without mistakes. Again, a test will be taken with dodging and mixing to check your accuracy. Then, you can opt for any juz or Surah to move forward to stage 4.

Stage 4: The plan for any Juz or Surah 

You will either carry on with the hifz of the whole Quran or any specific Surah you like. You will appear in the grand test both with an internal and external examiner to check your aptitude in hifz.

Personalized Memorization Plan For Beginners 

Beginners can get a personalized hifz plan that is devised by considering many factors such as,

  • The portion of the Quran they want to learn.
  • Their grip on Tajweed rules.
  • The Duration of the classes they like to attend  (30, 45, or 60 minutes) 
  • The number of classes per week, including weekend classes.
  • Their capacity and ability to retain verses 

If the tutor thinks you should only get a single surah plan, that is most feasible for you to follow. You can keep deciding on a plan until you are a pro at hifz and can move on to the whole Quran memorization. 


Amazing Features Of Our Lessons

All-time Access 

You can access our online hifz classes anytime from any country. The time barrier is not an issue at all. We have a customer service desk available and active 24/7 to answer your queries. You can schedule your classes at your convenient time. Our team of qualified teachers will cater to you.

One-on-One and Group Classes 

Not only solo but group classes are also actively supported by our tutors. Students of the same age groups or the same Quran hifz lessons are grouped to motivate each other. The number of students in each group is kept at 4 so that the teacher can give full attention to each one of them.

Quizzes and Questionings 

We let our students participate in quizzes and competitions where question/answer, riddles, and puzzles are asked to solve and get perfect in hifz. Such activities really help students get involved and engaged throughout without getting tired.

Hifz Certificate 

At the end of the course, you will be certified and all the details will be mentioned on your certificate. Your credit hours, percentage, course content, etc. The certificate will be signed too.

Affordable pricing 

Our hifz and other courses are very economical to enroll in as we have kept the rates low. All this is done to facilitate as many Muslims as we can. Enrol now and enjoy discounts on family packages.

Amazing Hifz Techniques 

The hifz techniques we use are very engaging and super easy because we want all the students, kids, and adults to love to read and learn Quran. These techniques make their hifz strong and long-lasting.

Final Thoughts 

Quran hifz course for beginners is an initiative to engage and welcome starters to start the memorization with easy steps and reach the goal gradually with understanding. You will not only hifz but learn Tajweed and the meaning of the verses too. So feel free to get join Quran Spirit to get best online Quran classes at home with free trail periods. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it compulsory to learn Tajweed before hifz?

Yes, because after hifz it will become difficult to unlearn the verses you have learned without tajweed. It is better to memorize with Tajweed to avoid any mistakes.

2- Can my kids take this beginners’ course?

Yes, this course has no age limit and we have given the option of personalize the plan according to your need and age bracket.

3- How long does it take to memorize the whole Quran?

It depends on the student’s capacity, education, and time they give to their hifz. You can complete it in minimum 6 months and a maximum of 3-4 years.

4- Do you offer weekend classes for beginners?

Yes, we are available all the time. You can schedule your classes on weekends as well.

5- Do you offer group classes for Hifz?

Yes, we have groups of the same ages, gender, age brackets in which students enjoy memorizing the Quran together.



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