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Online Arabic Grammar Course

If you already know how to read the basic Arabic Language but struggle with the composition of phrases and sentences, then you need to improve your Arabic Grammar Skills.

Grammar is the foundation of every Language. In easier words, grammar is the structure of every Language. It helps the writer or speaker to compose a sentence that can be understandable and useful for all.

At Quran Spirit, we offer an amazing Online Arabic Grammar Course that is useful for anyone who wants to learn Arabic Grammar.

Why Arabic Grammar is Important?

Arabic is different from all other languages; it is not only the national and official Language of many Gulf countries, but it is also a language of The Holy Book of Muslims, the Quran. Muslims have been working to develop the rules of the Arabic Language to make it easier for non-Arab Muslims, and since then, they have produced hundreds and thousands of books and booklets.

Every Muslim must learn Arabic if he wants to dive deep to explore the meanings of the Quran and Arabic Culture. The Arabic Culture is very rich; it is important to learn the Arabic Language to understand the roots of their culture and present-day developments and to deal with them on a social and economical level.

How Arabic Grammar is Unique?


Arabic Grammar is very different from the grammar of other languages. It has separate sciences for words and sentences. As-Sarf covers the origin and different derivatives of words, while An-Nahw covers and talks about the formation of sentences and how every word must be pronounced in a certain context.

Arabic Grammar is unique in that it changes the pronunciation of letter according to the context, unlike other languages, which changes the meanings too. That’s why it is necessary to learn the sciences related to Arabic Grammar As-Sarf and An-Nahw.

Advantages of Learning Arabic Grammar

There are multiple advantages and benefits of learning the Arabic Language. 

  • Shaping Your Mind. Learning any language sharpens your mind and intellect because it opens the door to a different world and thoughts.
  • Exploration of Divine Message. It connects you with the message and words of Allah; you can uncover the deep meanings of the Quran only when you know the Arabic Language. It enables you to explore the most magnificent stories and message that makes you a good human being and spiritually healthy. It brings you the joy of pleasing your Lord and making Him happy, ultimately resulting in eternal success and heaven.
  • Discovering New Culture. By learning a new language, you do not stop at the mere learning; you get exposure to an entirely new culture and world, a new nation, a different history, and a different world. The Arabs have a very rich history of spirituality and world developments. The Arab Muslims once conquered the superpowers of their time and became the fastest emerging Super Power, so the history of Arabs and Arabic Culture is very interesting and unique.


Why Choose Quran Paradise?

At Quran Paradise, learning Arabic Grammar is not only a study but its an experience to remember. We not only teach but also take our classes to the next level of engagement by adding these features to the course.

Our Classes are Smart Classes

Using our experience of years, we use unique tactics to teach and explain the Arabic Grammar; we ensure to keep students engaged with the course outline and not lose interest. We utilize our time in the best possible way to understand Arabic Grammar rules better.

Personalized Classes

Since Arabic Grammar is a technical subject and requires focus, we provide the opportunity of personalized classes to keep the understanding better and focus on every concept to grasp it accurately. Our one-on-one sessions have been most successful and generated 100% results.

Free Trial

At Quran Paradise, we give the opportunity of demo classes to get the idea about online classes; only if one gets satisfied, he should enroll since learning is only suitable when both teacher and students feel satisfied with the environment. So here is the best opportunity to book your free trial and make a decision.




How to Learn Arabic Grammar?

There are right steps to achieve everything if one rightly follows those steps.

Learn from Basics

It doesn’t matter which language you are trying to learn; you must start with the basics. If you are struggling with grasping the basics of Arabic Grammar, you must contact an expert instructor.

Use Arabic Dictionary

Dictionaries are the biographies of words and letters; it tells you all the necessary details required to understand the meaning and usage of the word. But Arabic dictionaries are different and not so easy to use unless you learn them from an expert, but once you learn it, it’s a fun and enjoyable process.

Keep Studying and Practicing

Practice and exercise are necessary to keep memorizing anything; a single lesson is not enough to enable you to master the skill; it’s your exercise that makes you an expert, as it is said:
Practice makes you perfect.


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